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Welcome to Ask COBB, answering your frequently asked questions on camera. We take you step-by-step through topics that you want to know about.

For specific technical questions you have, please email Tech@COBBTuning.com for the quickest solution to your issue.

Episode 2 - BMW Misfire Diagnosis and Repair

The N54 powered BMWs respond amazingly well to tuning, but the increased power has caused some owners to experience misfire issues. Trouble shooting and repairing a BMW can seem like a daunting task with things like an advanced electrical system, specialized tools, and intimidating engine covers. But, diagnosing and repairing the typical misfire is fairly straight forward, and COBB Tuning can show you how!

Episode 1 - Subaru Data Logging Tutorial

Welcome to the first episode of Ask COBB! This episode covers the ins-and-outs of Subaru Accessport Data Logging and analysis to determine the health of your car and your tune.

Be sure to select 1080p resolution and watch in full screen!

Remember that Off-The-Shelf Maps, including High Wastegate and Low Wastegate alternate maps can be downloaded from our Accessport Map Database at http://www.cobbtuning.com/subaruotsmaps. The Map Notes are downloadable from the same location and will give you a good understanding of map requirements, power output and target boost levels.

Let us know what you think!