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BMW N54 Power Gains

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When you hear someone mention “Sick Gainz” it’s typically in the neighborhood of at least one “Do you even lift, bro?”s.  But, there’s something even more deserving of the sick gain description.  The gains I’m talking are on your N54 powered BMW and the only supplement required is the Accessport.

Every 135, 335, and 535 (also included is any z4, x5 and x6 with a 35i insignia, and the 1m) from 2007ish to 2010ish (different models switch to and from different powerplants at different model years.  Click the link above and expand the compatibility section by clicking the “+” symbol below the product picture to see if your vehicle is compatible) is equipped with the N54 power plant.  ALL of these vehicles can benefit from tuning and basic bolt-on modifications from COBB Tuning.


There are Stage1 maps designed for a completely stock vehicle.  No changing of parts.  Easy installation.  Instant gains.


Above we see a 2009 335i in completely stock form.  It puts a respectable 240hp and 273tq to the wheels.  That’s by no means the worst our dyno has seen and is plenty to make for a fun car.  But, the real fun is had after flashing the Accessport to the BMW.  This is the same car, on the same day, in the same conditions and it picks up 73hp and 105tq to the wheels over stock!  Only an ECU flash!  And it’s only $650!  This is the same map (of several) that will come on your Accessport to be used with 93 octane fuel.  Additional maps include those for different octane fuels and basic aftermarket bolt-ons.


There’s plenty of room for improvement if the the hundred extra torque at the wheels becomes too ordinary.  This improvement comes by way of aftermarket parts that improve on the factory designs with a performance mindset.  The first step in the upgrade path offering the best bang for your buck would be an upgraded COBB front mount intercooler.

graph (1)

Here is a 2007 N54 equipped 335i.  The upgraded COBB Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) and associated Stage1+FMIC map that comes on the Accessport provides gains of 30hp and 23tq to the wheels over the Stage1 map.  That’s a total of 90hp and 120tq over stock!


Still not enough?  Add on the COBB Downpipes and pick up an additional 50hp and about 50 more torque to the wheels over the Stage1 map.  That’s 120hp and 150tq to the wheels over stock!

graph (2)

This twin turbo inline 6 cylinder N54 makes good power from the factory.  It’s even more incredible after only an ECU flash from the Accessport.  For only $650 you have a 3 series that makes a few less horsepower and much more torque than its M3 counterpart.  Add on the COBB FMIC and COBB Downpipes and few vehicles you encounter will compete.

J Kufeld on May 14, 2016 says:

Which 335i N54has 240 HP on Stock? Shouldn’t it be 303 HP?
Are there any updated Maps for the N54 of 2007 available?

    Marshall on May 16, 2016 says:

    Hey there, the numbers represented in the graphs are measured at the wheels. Manufacturers advertise power numbers at the crank (without drivetrain loss). You can find the most up-to-date maps in the Maps Section of our website.


clifford parker on June 10, 2016 says:

2011 335is–no mods–Flashed the ECU with the Stage 1 aggressive map –blew the stock charge pipe apart on first pass–Charge pipe is a must for ECU upgrades–Stock wont handle—

Roland Feldmeier on July 11, 2016 says:

Thanks for the details for the Stage 1, Stage 1+ and Stage 2+. Do you have any similar representations for a 2007 – 2010 335i with Stage 3 upgrades?

    Kyle on July 11, 2016 says:

    Hi Roland,

    The car does not make any additional power with the Charge Pipe added.


dustin byrd on July 13, 2016 says:

What type of dyno is being used to achieve these numbers ?

    Marshall on July 14, 2016 says:

    Hey Dustin, we were using a Mustang Dyno for the power numbers displayed in this post.


John Malushi on February 1, 2017 says:

any idea on stage 1 2012 BMW 335IS power gains?

    Marshall on February 6, 2017 says:

    Hey John! All COBB supported N54 cars should display that same power gains.