BMW N54 ECU: IJE0S Stage 1 + FMIC Map

Accessport Serial Number Required

You are purchasing a locked Map that requires your Accessport serial number. If you do not provide your correct Accessport serial number, your Map will not work on your Accessport.

Don’t know where to find your Accessport serial number? CLICK HERE and we’ll help.

(10 alphanumeric characters required)


Please refer to the MAP NOTES for further map and fuel details, HP and TQ information, modification requirements and suggestions, warnings, feature descriptions, revision notes and more.

Related Modifications
Engine Management: COBB Accessport
Intake: Stock Airbox , Stock Air Filter , Aftermarket Panel Filter , COBB High Flow Filter
Cat-back: Stock Exhaust , COBB 1-Series Cat-back Exhaust , COBB 3-Series Cat-back Exhaust
Intercooler: COBB FMIC