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New Volkswagen Mk6 GTI OTS Maps- Stock MAF Housing Intake Support


Our newest update for the 2010-2014 Volkswagen GTI (Mk6) brings tuning support for additional intake variants.  Since releasing the Volkswagen Mk6 GTI Accessport, we have taken note of users’ desire to install alternative intakes and still be able to utilize COBB Off The Shelf Maps.  We are excited to now offer Accessport users that ability with the following map files!

  • Stage1+ Stock MAF 91 v103.ptm
  • Stage1+ Stock MAF 93 v103.ptm
  • Stage2 Stock MAF 91 v103.ptm
  • Stage2 Stock MAF 93 v103.ptm

These maps are immediately available for all supported 2010-2014 (Mk6) GTIs.  They are intended to be used with aftermarket intakes that retain the factory MAF housing.  We have performed on-car testing with the following intakes and have confirmed fuel trims are within appropriate levels.  One important note is that all listed compatible intakes retain the complete factory MAF housing, not just mimic it’s diameter.  Even a similarly sized tube can cause drastic airflow differences compared to the factory housing.

  • Integrated Engineering High-flow Cold Air Intake
  • CTS Turbo Air Intake System
  • Arma Hyperflow Carbon Intake System
  • APR Carbon Fiber Intake System (Stage 1 and Stage 2)

Users will currently be required to download these maps from the COBB website and load them to an Accessport using Accessport Manager.  This process involves zero fees and can be easily done right at home!  The map files will also be available in future Accessport firmware updates.

Accessport Manager –

COBB Tuning OTS Maps –



Graham Condon on December 16, 2016 says:

Awesome! You don’t hear much about aftermarket companies taking time to accommodate competitors hardware into their product. You guys are truly on top of your stuff. Now I just need to get the wife onboard so I can pull the trigger in TBE and AccPrt!

Logan Massey on January 4, 2017 says:

So they Cobb brand housing still using the original stage 2 v103 correct?

Tim Langenohl on January 29, 2017 says:

I was wondering how much it would cost to make a custom Stage 1 tune for my MK6 GTI with an Injen intake? Thanks.

    Marshall on January 30, 2017 says:

    Hi Tim! Custom tuning will vary depending on the Protuner you choose. In general, dyno tuning sessions run from $400-600 and e-tuning is a bit cheaper at $200-400.


Max Heflin on March 29, 2017 says:

I have Integrated Engineering intake, charge pipe and TOP, and 3″downpipe. I want to put a stage 1+ high boost tune on the Gti. Will the OTS maps support this?

I know i woulf get the most from a protune down the road, and i will when i upgrade clutch (mt) for stage 2 or more. Just making sure its all good to run that for a while?

    Marshall on March 29, 2017 says:

    You should be good to use one of the Stage2+StockMAF maps for your setup. Yes, a Protune would definitely be beneficial down the road, especially if you plan on any other performance modifications (intercooler upgrade for example).