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The initial release of COBB Tuning support for the Audi brand was a huge success when we announced Audi S3 tuning a few weeks ago! The resulting excitement from our outstanding family of customers and Protuners motivated us to keep the ball rolling. Our engineering and calibration team busted their collective “hintern” to quickly turn around the next major MQB release. Meaning… Audi A3 (8V) Accessport support is now live!

Supported Vehicles


Audi A3 Sedan USDM 6-speed Quattro


Audi A3 Sedan USDM 7-Speed Quattro


Audi A3 Sedan USDM 7-Speed FWD


Audi A3 Cabriolet USDM 6-speed Quattro


Audi A3 Cabriolet USDM 7-Speed FWD


Audi A3 Cabriolet USDM 7-Speed Quattro space


The Accessport

The objective of COBB Tuning is to always provide the most complete tuning solution for every vehicle we support and the key to unlock that solution is the Accessport!

accessport_v3_audi_a3 The Accessport is the world’s best handheld OBDII engine management device.
Combining easy DIY use, advanced performance features, live data monitors,
with off-the-shelf and custom tuning options mean that the Accessport is designed to
accompany you and your car along every step of your Audi modification journey.

Audi A3 Accessport
ECU Tuning Only: $675

Off-The-Shelf Maps

Nothing beats big results with little effort. In a matter of minutes, an Accessport can be installed to an Audi A3 in your very own driveway to make instant grin-inducing power gains! Straight out of the box, the Accessport will include our expertly crafted “Staged” OTS maps and several other useful non-performance maps.

Make sure you are using the correct map option for your vehicle configuration and fuel type. We have detailed Map Notes that breakdown the exact features and parts configurations required for each specific stage.

Map Notes for Audi A3 (8v) 2019-2020

Map Notes for Audi A3 (8V) 2015-2018


Power Gains

A3 2019 – 2020 A3 2015 – 2020
image2020-3-23_15-3-40 whiteness image2019-2-14_15-9-55
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image2020-3-23_15-5-19 image2019-2-26_16-1-23
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A3 2015 – 2018 IS38

The Stage1 map produces huge gains in low-end torque and consistent horsepower throughout the entire powerband. Flashing this map to your A3 is the best bang for your buck modification you will ever make to your car. The Stage2 and Stage3 maps continue to unlock untapped power from the A3 with the correct supporting modifications that overcome limitations found in the factory components.

Non-Performance Maps

Anti-Theft Mode – This map will essentially disable the car until the map is changed back to a normal performance or stock tune. Perfect for leaving the car somewhere for an extended period of time. Just remember to have your Accessport handy when you go back to get it.

Valet Mode – It’s well known that nobody abuses a car more than when it doesn’t belong to them. So you can easily flash this Valet mode map if you need to leave your car somewhere that you might not trust. It will still drive but a strict speed limiter is applied, meaning even the naughtiest valet driver can’t hoon your ride.

 S tronic Transmission Tuning Coming Soon!

The S tronic transmission in their A3 is excellent and the ultimate Audi tuning experience isn’t complete without tuning that as well. The initial Accessport release only includes ECU tuning but we are already deep into S-Tronic development. Transmission support with Off-the-Shelf maps will be released very soon!

BUT …don’t let that stop you from getting your Accessport now. Once full S tronic support is complete it can be retroactively applied with a simple firmware update after the upgrade is purchased. So you can enjoy all the benefits of ECU tuning now and easily apply the transmission maps later on with the same Accessport you already have.

**Custom S tronic tuning is available now! See more details below in the “Custom Tuning” section. **

Hard Parts and Packages

We offer a lot more than just software. Click Here to find all of our available parts for the Audi A3…more to come in the future!

VLK0020010_main (1) AMS21090001-1_main 5V2212_main
3V1100_main 8V1650_main COBBWT44496-1-2_main

Custom Tuning

When we say “complete tuning solution”, that’s exactly what we mean. Some will be more than happy to enjoy the great improvements found in OTS maps and gradually modify their car as more parts and maps become available, but we also know that some can’t wait. So while all of you are happily purchasing new Accessports, our awesome network of authorized COBB Protuners are applying updates to their Accesstuner Pro custom tuning software to be ready for whatever modifications you want to make to your A3.

Use our handy Dealer Locator to find an authorized COBB ProTuner.


Note: S tronic transmission tuning is available now for custom tuning only until the full release of OTS maps is live. If you have an S tronic car and plan to get a Protune soon. Please inform your tuner so that they can assist in the process of applying an upgrade to your Accessport to enable transmission tuning. You will have to pay for that additional feature support, the price is $400.

Please contact our support team with any questions

Phone: 866-922-3059

Michael Smith on June 25, 2020 says:

Great tuning stuff for Audi 3. After we finished installing the parts from 4Wheelonline onto the truck, we’ll start the build for the 2017 Audi project.

    Adam Hill
    Adam Hill on June 25, 2020 says:

    Sounds great, thanks for the support!