BMW N54 AccessPORT Race & E-30 Maps

COBB Tuning is proud to announce the immediate availability of Beta Race Fuel Maps and E-30 Blend Fuel Maps for Stage2+ AccessPORT equipped BMW N54 vehicles! Gains of 50% more power over a stock N54, and +40HP / +45lb-ft torque over our Stage2+ Aggressive maps are just a flash and a fill-up away. These Race and E-30 maps provide the ultimate in plug-and-play performance for the driver looking for the most from their BMW. If your vehicle meets the hardware requirements for this map, and you have access to 100 octane race fuel, or E-85 fuel, acquiring this level of performance has never been easier. Simply download one of our free Beta Race or E-30 maps, reflash your DME with the AccessPORT, fill-up with the appropriate fuel and experience the rush of high-octane power gains.

These new Beta Race and E-30 Fuel Maps include adjusted boost levels, fuel delivery, ignition timing and base programming logic to improve performance and reduce DME intervention that conflicts with driver input. In addition, the speed limiter and rev limits have been raised. In simple terms, with the torque and load limiters moved out of the way, fuel mixtures and timing adjusted for race fuel, and driver nannies pushed aside, we have enabled the N54 to deliver big power gains and consistent power delivery with simple bolt-ons and a diet of race gas or an E-30 blend.

In order to use these maps the following conditions must be met:

  • Access to high quality race fuel with a minimum octane rating of 100 AKI (105 Ron) or greater for Race maps, or access to “E-85” and 93 octane (98 Ron) or greater to achieve a blend of 30% ethanol for E-30 maps
  • Requires upgraded intake system (DCI, panel filter or similar)
  • Requires upgraded front-mount intercooler and piping (FMIC)
  • Requires upgraded downpipes
  • Highly recommend upgraded cat-back exhaust system

With great power comes even greater responsibility, and these maps are no exception. Data logging vehicle performance is an absolute requirement when using these maps to ensure that the mechanical systems of your BMW and the quality of fuel are up to the task of supporting these Beta Race and E-30 maps. Instructions on how to data log, which parameters to log, and how to evaluate engine performance are explained in this BMW Race and E-30 Fuel Data Logging Instructions document.

It doesn’t get much easier than this. There are no firmware updates required and there is no need to perform an AccessPORT Uninstall and Install. Just download the appropriate map, transfer to your AccessPORT, flash your DME, fill up with the proper fuel and go. For assistance with the map download and transfer process, just follow this Step-By-Step Map Download and Install Tutorial.

If you are ready to experience huge power gains and refined power delivery with simple supporting mods and race gas or E-30, head on over to our BMW AccessPORT Off-The-Shelf Map Database, click on the Race Maps link, and download your free Beta Race or E-30 Map to get your adventure rolling!

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  1. I wouldnt recommend cramming a corn cobb into the tank. It clogged up my engine and made my exhaust smell like pop corn. I had to fight off six women that wanted my corn! jk

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