COBB Tuning AccessPORT Racer Spotlight: Brian Lock, GOTO:Racing GT-R

AccessPORT Racer Spotlight

The GOTO:Racing GT-R is tuned on an AccessPORT and makes over 800hp with modified turbos!

Brian Lock, 3rd Unlimited AWD Class, 1:38.677

Driver: Brian Lock, GOTO:Racing

Event: Redline Time Attack Round 8, California Speedway

Vehicle: Nissan GT-R

Engine: AMS Performance Turbos w/ upgraded wastegate actuators, DeatschWerks 800cc injectors, Harman Motive: Cold Air intakes, Downpipes and Midpipes, Brooks Engineering oil, transmission and rear diff coolers, SSP clutch packs

Suspension: JRZ triple adjustable coilovers, Hypercoil springs, Brookes Engineering adjustable swaybars

Brakes, Wheels and Tires: Performance Friction pads and rotors, Hoosier R100 slicks, Jongbloed wheels

Exterior: Custom GT:R front canards, Rear APR GTC-500 wing

Interior: GT:R Fabrication custom Rollcage, Racetech 4009HR seats and 6-point harnesses,

The Unlimited Class is the pinnacle of Time Attack competition. Big power, big budgets and high of speed combine to make this class the most exciting racing in the Redline Time Attack series. The GT-R is a natural choice for this, the highest level of competition and the GOTO:Racing team decided if they were to go racing with Nissan’s Supercar, this was the place to be. Starting with a bone-stock 2009 GT-R, the team stripped the car down to a bare chassis, and then built it back up to be a hugely powerful racing machine that is still run on the stock ECU and tuned with the COBB Tuning AccessPORT.

the GOTO:Racing GT-R driven by Brian Lock shows the tuning world that even with huge amounts of horsepower, just under 800whp in this case, the COBB Tuning AccessPORT is the best way to make reliable power lap after lap. With larger turbos and injectors and a turboback exhaust system, the GOTO:Racing GT-R was able to make 787whp on the HBSpeed dyno with COBB Tuning Surgeline’s Tim Bailey and HBSpeed’s Jon Drenas, doing the tuning. The Unlimited Class is the top level of Time Attack with the rules allowing unrestricted engine and chassis modifications, slick racing tires and aerodynamic aids. Brian drove the COBB Tuning-sponsored GT-R to a third place position in the Unlimited AWD class, as well as a second place position in the Grande Finale wheel to wheel race.

The AccessPORT continues to show itself as a race-proven product that has the ability to power competitors to the top of the podium. COBB Tuning is committed to excellence and performance for both racecars and street cars. Visit COBB Tuning today and see what the AccessPORT can do for your car!

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