COBB U Grand Finale

Over the last several months COBB U has walked emerging automotive enthusiasts through the basics of various automotive systems.  We covered how modifications and tuning work hand-in-hand to help you achieve your car’s goals.  We’ve gone through the entire vehicle from the engine cycle, suspension components, cooling systems, fueling, and more!  And now, here it is, the icing on the cake! Now that we have covered all of the basics of modifying a turbocharged car, we are going to walk the walk. In the Series Finale of COBB U we take a 2012 STI from zero to hero, giving you a front-row seat while transforming the car from stock to our Stage 3 Power Package + Flex Fuel.  For a more in depth look into these different modifications and how they work to improve your vehicle be sure to check out the full playlist of all previous COBB U Episodes!

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