EFI University and COBB Team Up For EFI 101 and EFI Advanced Classes!

COBB is partnering with EFI University and will be offering classes at all COBB Locations throughout 2016!  Each of our COBB Retail Stores as well as COBB HQ will be offering both EFI 101 and EFI Advanced classes.  Attending an EFI University seminar is a way for you to learn about how to build and use aftermarket fuel injection systems from industry experts.  Previously, the only way someone could learn this information was basically trial and error, which could be very expensive in terms of damaged parts and could also take years to learn.  These classes are perfect for anyone simply interested in the inner-workings of their vehicle or those looking to make a career in automotive performance!

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EFI 101

This class is very well suited to anyone who is interested in learning about electronic fuel injection from the ground up. The class will give you all the information and basic skills to start on your way to building and safely tuning your own EFI systems. Learn More Here.

EFI Advanced

The Advanced EFI Tuning Workshop is designed to help novice and moderately experienced tuners gain the essential knowledge and hands-on experience to move to the next level of tuning.  Learn More Here.

To view the full calendar and to sign up, visit this page : https://www.efi101.com/locations/



6 responses to “EFI University and COBB Team Up For EFI 101 and EFI Advanced Classes!”

  1. Will I need to purchase the course for every accessport I own, in order to use ATR, or does it cover all present and future accessport purchases?

    • If you need an updated version of Accesstuner for a new vehicle we can definitely work with you. When the time comes, simply reach out to our Customer Service Team ([email protected]) with proof of ownership and we’ll get you taken care of!


  2. Ok thank you for the reply, how do I go about accessing Accesstuner race ? Is there a link . Or if classes are still mandatory when will they be offered ?

    • We are not currently distributing new copies of end user Accesstuner. We hope to make that software available to customers again in the future and it will almost certainly still require completing a training course to acquire. Unfortunately, we do not currently have a timeline for it to be made available. Your best bet is to continue monitoring our website and social channels, as we will announce when it is available.


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