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Are you a new auto enthusiast looking to broaden your vehicular knowledge?  If so, you’re in the right place!

This 19 episode video series will walk you through the workings of current automotive technology from bumper to bumper. We will cover a wide variety of topics from how to clean an air filter all of the way through setting up a vehicle’s suspension and reviewing engine data logs. Our goal is to provide you with the basic understanding of how all of these systems work together so you can make educated decisions about how to modify your vehicle to make it your own.

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    • Hi Greg,

      There are of course some similarities across VW and Audi platforms that make Audi support possible in the future. But for now, we don’t have the additional time and resources available to properly add support. But it’s certainly something we are aware of and understand the customer interest for.


  1. Has your design/engineer dept considered adding a rotation function on the V3 it would be nice to have it lay down and still be able to use the gauge monitors. It would also then fit nicely right on top of the steering column.

    • Hi Ruben,

      There isn’t currently a way for the Accessport to “know” how it’s oriented. This would require some redesign effort which is unlikely for the current model Accessport. However, this is something that could be implemented with next generation Accessports.


  2. Hello,

    I’ve been running a custom tune for about a month now, runs pretty good, I get some knock after a while during highway driving, but today for the first time my DAM dropped to .812. Just wondering what would be my possible issues.

    thanks in advance

    Jeff C

    • Hey Jeff,

      It’s tough to say. If you have a 15+ WRX, this would be pretty normal. Even on other vehicles, as long as it returned to 1 fairly quickly I wouldn’t be too concerned. I’d recommend sharing some logs with your tuner and they can help determine whether there is an issue with the tune.


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