Intake Scoop Bracket for Ford F-150 / Raptor 2021-2023

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This part is not an emissions-related part and therefore can be used on Emission Controlled Vehicles.


Introducing the COBB Intake Bracket, known internally as the "Torq-Snork". This brace uses two pieces to sandwich the soft plastic snorkel to the core support, replacing the fragile plastic clips with hardware and preventing all deformation under load. All you need is a flathead screwdriver to pop the old clips out and the provided Allen key to secure the hardware.


We can frequently achieve reliable power and torque gains over the stock calibration without installing any physical modifications, but when developing our performance calibrations for the Gen3 Raptor, we noticed some interesting issues with the intake system after only adding a small amount of power.
The leading edge of the snorkel that rises from the lower airbox to overtop of the radiator core support is constructed of very soft, very thin rubber. Making things worse, a significant portion of the cross sectional area of this piece seals against the hood of the truck, making the actual airflow path pretty thin. This system works okay in factory form, but when turning up the boost we've seen it turn into a big problem and collapse under vacuum.

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Intake Scoop Bracket for Ford F-150 / Raptor 2021-2023
  • Reinforces Factory Intake Scoop
  • Prevent Intake Scoop Collapse
  • Black Anodized Aluminum w/ COBB Logo
  • Required for COBB Off The Shelf Maps
  • Included w/ COBB Accessport for Gen3 Raptor