DSC Sport Controller for Ford F-150 Raptor 2019-2020

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This part is not an emissions-related part and therefore can be used on Emission Controlled Vehicles.


Transform the handling of your Ford Raptor with the DSC Sport controller! The DSC Sport controller is a Plug-N-Play active suspension controller that replaces the OEM suspension module and comes fully pre-programmed ready to use. If you're looking to quickly and easily increase the on and off road capabilities of your Raptor, this is the product for you! The DSC Sport controller can be utilized in all Gen 2 raptors factory equipped with Fox Live Valve Shocks. No additional wiring or harnesses needed, install takes only 5 minutes to swap out the factory module for the new DSC controller and you are ready to go!

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For the first time, the DSC Sport controller will feature a G-Out, or O.S. Button (short for oh sh*t). This will utilize the factory OK button on the steering wheel, pressing the OK button while airborne will enter the suspension into a G-Out mode. This G-Out mode will alter the shock compression to be used ahead of a high impact event. This is a feature utilized throughout many off-road racing disciplines and is very beneficial to high speed off road driving. With our revolutionary tuning strategy, DSC Sport provides your Ford Raptor comfort and performance without compromise! By expanding the dynamic range and rate of response of your OEM controller, DSC Sport is able to utilize more sensory input data and provide real time damping solutions. Replacing the factory suspension module places the DSC Controller on the high speed CAN data of the car, allowing the DSC to monitor all sensors up to 1000 times per second. By gathering g-force, wheel speed, throttle position, and brake pressure; DSC Sport is fully-active and adjusts each individual damper in real time to provide the most optimum damper performance both on and off road. All in-car dash displays and controls will remain the same as stock, but each factory suspension mode will have a new DSC Sport calibration. Tuning Tables Include: • G Force • Brake Pressure • Steering Angle • Speed • Acceleration • Shock Calibration • Velocity • Performance Traction Management (PTM)

DSC Sport Controller for Ford F-150 Raptor 2019-2020
  • Custom suspension calibrations for all factory modes
  • Completely Plug-N-Play, only a 5 minute install
  • Direct Replacement for OEM Suspension Module
  • Retains factory dash display and controls
  • All New G-Out Function, OS button on steering wheel



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