Volkswagen Mk6 GTI Launch Control, Flat Foot Shifting, Burnout Mode

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The COBB Volkswagen team is very excited to announce new updates for supported 2010-2014 Volkswagen GTIs.  All of the updates below are now available for Mk6 Accessport users via a free firmware update.  CLICK HERE for instructions on updating your Accessport firmware with Accessport Manager.

COBB Custom Features for Volkswagen Mk6 GTI

The first round of COBB Custom Features for Mk6 GTI Accessport users includes a core group of features that we have successfully implemented on other platforms in the COBB lineup.  These features include Launch Control, Flat Foot Shifting for 6MT cars, and Burnout Mode.  An increase to the Boost Limit also provides Protuners with the ability to increase power on vehicles with upgraded turbochargers where they were previously limited.

Launch Control

lc_slot lc_rev_limit_slot_min screenshot13 screenshot14

Launch Control RPM is now adjustable by the user through the Accessport!  Both Manual and DSG cars are able to select one of 6 Launch Control slots which will have pre-determined RPM limits.  RPM Limits in COBB Off The Shelf Maps will be listed in the Map Notes Document.  You may need to experiment with different slots based upon your vehicle configuration.  Factors such as tires, suspension, and how much torque the car makes all come into play when trying to get off the line most efficiently.

lc_load_offset lc_load_offset_adj

Launch Control also features a Load Offset for use when a bit more power may be necessary off the line.  For example, when using a drag radial on a prepped surface a car may be more prone to bogging during a launch.  Increasing the Load Offset allows some adjustment for dialing in power on tap.  The adjustment range for this feature is between 0% and 100%.

Burnout Mode

This sub-feature of Launch Control allows users to easily and safely warm up tires at the track.  With conditions met, Burnout Mode allows the car to rev beyond the Launch Control Rev Limiter.  The Map Notes Page will indicate Burnout Mode RPM Limit.  For v 1.04 Off The Shelf Maps, the limit is set to 5000 RPM.

Flat Foot Shifting

ffs_menu ffs_min_limit ffs_increment ffs_max

Flat Foot Shifting, also referred to as “No Lift Shift”, enables drivers of manual transmission cars to keep the accelerator pedal planted during shifts when every MPH or tenth of a second is important.  This feature helps to minimize shift times and keeps boost from falling off between gears.  After the appropriate Flat Foot Shift RPM Limit has been dialed in, the ECU will help to hold RPMs at that level when the clutch is depressed.

For additional information on how to use these features, see the COBB Custom Features How-To Guide.

Boost Cap Limit

Supported UDSM Mk6 GTIs were previously limited to controlling around 21psi of boost pressure.  This obviously limited cars with built motors and upgraded turbochargers.  With new custom code, Accesstuner Pro can now accurately measure and control boost up to 42psi.

Updated OTS Maps

COBB Off The Shelf Maps have been updated to include the previously mentioned COBB Custom Features.  All OTS maps v1.04 and newer will have Launch Control, Flat Foot Shifting, and Burnout Mode enabled by default.


Launch Control Rev Limits for v1.04 OTS maps can be seen in the table above.  As you can see, the Rev Limit is dynamic based upon vehicle speed.  This prevents a car from blowing the tires off immediately after launch and not being able to recover.  Once vehicle speed has exceeded this table, the normal Rev Limiter will take over.


Burnout mode is set to 5000 RPM.  In testing, this has proven to be adequate for cars using stock tires and most popular street radials.

For more information about COBB OTS Maps, visit the Map Notes Page.


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  1. Definitely excited to see a Volkswagen update but I’ll admit I was a bit bummed to not see anything about TCU/DSG tuning.

    • Hey Cameron, were you able to get Launch Control working yesterday? If not, give us a call at 1-866-922-3059 so that one of our Customer Service reps can help you troubleshoot what may be going on.

      [email protected]

  2. I did the update and installed the new map on my car and nothjng us working it just over revs the car to 7k also tried switching from stage 2 to 1 and nothing

  3. Whenever I launch the GTI with your stage 2 ots maps I just hit the rev limiter on my dsg for like a gear or two before it finally catches, how can I control the torque with launch control?

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