2015 – 2017 EcoBoost Mustang Map Updates

Mustang Dyno Crop

What did we update?

Our Reverse Engineering team dove into the “Ford Matrix” and uncovered some issues within some of the factory ECU logic. The problem actually exists even within the stock calibration but becomes more prevalent when trying to increase power on all of the EcoBoost Mustangs.

We discovered a weakness in the OEM control strategy that reduced HPFP capacity at high fuel demand. After some code revisions and testing, we were able to sprinkle in some custom COBB magic and resolve the problem. This fix will allow the EcoBoost Mustang to maintain higher fuel rail pressure and deliver more fuel resulting in more available and reliable power on the stock fuel system.

Mustang Fuel Pressure
The graph above shows two 3rd gear pulls of a 2015 Mustang AT with our Stage3 kit. The difference is obvious but the experience behind the wheel will vary from car to car based on a few factors. The blue data points represent fuel pressure behavior prior to the latest updates. Despite the big drop in fuel pressure, with quality 93 octane and the relatively low elevation here in Austin, the car would often still continue to accelerate without any immediately tangible signs of a problem based purely on feel. But of course, just because you can’t always feel something wrong from behind the wheel, doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue. Which is why data like this is so important. Identical testing in other areas with higher elevation and lower fuel quality would produce misfires and general problems making consistent and safe power. The red data points show massive improvements that will be beneficial for all cars even if you have not personally experienced any issues to this point and is absolutely vital for those looking to push the car beyond the very basic bolt-on modifications.

How do you get it?

Please update your Accessport via Accessport Manager and then take the Accessport to the car and flash the latest version of the appropriate OTS v503 map to your car. If you already have a custom Pro-Tune, contact your tuner to see if your map needs to be resaved in the latest version of AccessTuner to make sure the update is applied.

CLICK HERE for the latest Map Notes.

David Watkins on June 13, 2018 says:

I was wondering, so this update will probably give me a little more headroom in fueling my ecoboost mustang. I tune with accesstuner, just trying to get clarification. Thank you

    Marshall on June 14, 2018 says:

    It will correct an issue with the factory fueling strategy that should make for more reliable fuel delivery. Opening an existing map in a current version of Accesstuner and re-saving it should apply the necessary changes behind the scenes. Once that map is flashed to the car you should notice fewer issues with throttle closures during WOT pulls.


      Clifford Lenfers on September 7, 2018 says:

      Is it possible that the dip in fuel pressure with load on the engine may have been responsible for some of the ecobooms via LSPI?

        Adam Hill
        Adam Hill on September 7, 2018 says:

        It’s certainly possible but we’ve been lucky enough to avoid major failures on all of our EcoBoost cars. So it’s hard to speculate on what may or may not have caused failures on other cars. But we can confidently say that this update should give people a lot more confidence going forward.