2022-2023 Macan S and GTS Tuning Support

We are excited to announce that our Accessport is now available for the 2022-2023 (95B.3) Porsche Macan S and GTS!  Increase power and torque output by up to 15% with a simple flash tune!  No need to remove the vehicle’s ECU, simply connect the Accessport to the car’s OBDII port to perform the flash! Support is available for the following models.

  • 2022-2023 Porsche Macan S USDM
  • 2022-2023 Porsche Macan GTS USDM

Accessport for the Porsche Macan

All supported vehicles receive Stage 1 off the shelf (OTS) maps that are intended for an otherwise stock configuration.  Maps are available for 91 octane and 93 octane fuel.  All OTS maps have an executive order number for CARB approval and are legal in all 50 states.  Additional information regarding OTS Maps along with 91 octane dyno charts can be found on the Map Notes page.  Custom tuning is available via Accesstuner Pro through authorized Protuners.  The power gains for these vehicles are significant.  See dyno graphs below for power gains on each trim or the map notes which include results for 91 octane.


2022-2023 USDM Porsche Macan S Power Gains

Stage 1 93 Peak Gains : +15.33% HP, +13.9% TQ

Average HP : Stock: 279.9 hp;  Tuned 320.6 hp

Average TQ : Stock 347.76 ft-lb;  Tuned 395.48 ft-lb

2022-2023 USDM Porsche Macan GTS Power Gains

Stage 1 93 Peak Gains : +2.04% HP, +14.53% TQ

Average HP : Stock: 302.56 hp;  Tuned 324.54 hp

Average TQ : Stock 371.93 ft-lb;  Tuned 401.70 ft-lb



23 responses to “2022-2023 Macan S and GTS Tuning Support”

  1. On cars equipped with the sport chrono feature, how will this affect the behavior between “normal”, “sport”, “sport+“ or when the 20 second “max” button is pressed?Is the same map used on all the different modes and that changing the mode only changes the shift points and air suspension setting? Also, since both GTS and S run on the same engine and basically the same transmission, how come the GTS have a higher peak TQ/HP? Shouldn’t the resulting curves be almost identical?

    • Hey there!

      The main difference between Normal/Sport/Sport+ comes down to more aggressive throttle mapping. You will notice a difference in torque applied while using the same amount of throttle input. This is factory logic and still functions the same with our tune applied. The “max” button also retains it’s factory functionality with our tune installed. The difference in Stage 1 numbers comes from slight changes in conditions (weather, etc.) between the projects.


    • Yep, you are correct – simple mistake while y brain was lost in the matrix of our vehicle support, haha. Fixed my other reply. Difference in power is minimal and comes down to environmental conditions (temp, density, etc.) between the runs.


  2. These are disapointing numbers..wow..not confidence inducing. Sorry..i know you guys can tune. I had a e92 335 which allowed for great cobb tunes but the macan tune has no ability to produce any significant power over stock. Are you sure the stock numbers are correct?.if so that’s terrible..i dont feel confident about my 2023 gts build with those hp/TQ numbers.

    • I can see how you may feel that way if you focus purely on peak horsepower gains for the GTS, but the gains in the mid-range are substantial.


    • We have not yet been able to test and confirm compatibility on the MY2023 Macans. There is a chance that they are a straight carry-over from 2022 and the Accessport may already identify and install correctly.


  3. Please let us know on the ’23 S compatibility asap–my wife’s new S is a disappointing slug in factory form from 1000-3000 rpm. Part of it is the accelerator signal is like molasses down low as well. My Raptor Cobb ‘port allows for signal enhancement for a livelier pedal on top of the tune–is that feature available on Macan tunes or will I still have to buy a pedal commander or similar to get that ? thanks and thanks for your awesome tunes–I have one on my Porsche turbo and its wicked.

    • Hey John! We just need to get our hands on a 2023 MY to confirm everything is a carry-over from the 2022s. One of the biggest improvements in our calibrations is the low end response, I suspect you’ll be happy with it and would not need to add another device on top of the tune to address that feel.
      The actual throttle stays full open on these cars and the shape of the torque curve is really created by the motor’s load and boost control. Throttle response in these cars really is a function of “driver requested torque”. So, the driver requests a power level depending upon the accelerator pedal. We have refined this relationship such that the car will feel more responsive.


  4. I have a 2022 Macan GTS and am unimpressed with the graph numbers. Torque increase looks minimal. I’m happy to spend the $1425 if I get much more low end performance. What’s your guarantee of my satisfaction?

  5. Ed, these are just cobb’s ots tunes. You can always get another ots tune and make more power or get a custom tune.
    034 Motorsports ots tune makes 60whp/60wtq peak power gains on 93 alone on an RS5 with the same engine (those make 370whp/405wtq stock) and I haven’t mentioned under the curve.
    The Cobb ap is well worth it imo and I don’t anything other than a jb4 being worth your time, but a jb4 doesn’t offer as much and isn’t quite as good as an actual tune.

  6. Hello, I’m GTS from Asia, I’m curious about your adjustments. Before buying again, I have a logical question. I want to ask you. The 20-second mode can be used unlimitedly without coverage. At which part did they increase? Ignition or turbo? Do you have doubts about using your product after purchasing it? Because the map has been fully improved. If the 20-second mode is used, will the engine be overloaded and cause damage? Because my idea is that the original factory uses the basic map in Sport+ and switches to the original modified map when the 20-second mode is started, but these are all under the premise of safety and can be used unlimitedly, but if I adjust the map, I worry about 20 Will the second mode not be safe enough? Thanks

    • Hey there! The “Boost” button does still function with our tunes installed. That said, peak boost is not impacted during that 20-seconds after pressing the button. The same boost level is achieved during Wide Open Throttle (WOT).


  7. Hi, noticed that your tunes are for USDM models only. Mine is not a USDM model. Would it be possible to buy the Accessport, load a USDM map but have it custom-tuned by a Pro-tuned by an authorised dealer locally?

    • Hey there! Our Macan support is exclusive to USDM at the moment as we have not yet confirmed compatibility on vehicles equipped with GPF emissions components.


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