Accessport Adds Service Reset Options for Porsche Vehicles

Oil & Service Reset for Porsche

DIY Service For The Hands-on Crowd

For some of us, standard vehicle maintenance is the short time where we can usually escape our better half and either get some quiet time or con our kids to hold a flashlight and turn it into bonding time. In the age of modern cars, that practice has become somewhat archaic with oil change and service reminders becoming digital and delivered through a high-tech cluster, forcing you to go to the dealership to get the reminder reset using their proprietary tools. Those days are quickly sunsetting, and for some of you, that day is today!

We are happy to announce that we’ve now added the ability to perform both your own Oil Service Reset and Inspection/Main Service Reset, all from your existing COBB Accessport and at the comfort of your own home or garage/shop of choice without any additional costs or fees!

Porsche Oil Service Cluster

Clean and Simple

To use these functions, simply update your Accessport’s firmware and head over to the troubleshooting menu, there you’ll find a new option of “Reset Service Due Dates”. There, you’ll be presented with options for resetting the standard Oil Service interval as well as the more in-depth Inspection/Main Service reset.

Porsche Service Reset Intro

Choosing one of those options allows you to enter in the Date/Month that the service was performed and push out the next vehicle service reminder to the next standard interval of mileage or time for your specific vehicle:

  • If Oil Service Reset is performed, this will set your next service date 1 year and 10,000/12,000 miles (dependent on vehicle) from the date you entered
  • If Inspection Service Reset is performed, this will set your next service date 2 years and 20,000/12,000 miles (dependent on vehicle) from the date you entered

Porsche Service Reset 2

Supported Vehicles

This free firmware update and features is available for the following Accessport model numbers and vehicles:

  • AP3-POR-013 / AP3-POR-013-PDK
    • 991.1 GT3
    • 991.1 GT3 RS
    • 991.2 GT3
    • 991.2 GT3 RS
  • AP3-POR-018
    • 992 Turbo
    • 992 Turbo S
    • 992 Turbo Cabriolet
    • 992 Turbo S Cabriolet
  • AP3-POR-019
    • 992 Carrera / 4
    • 992 Carrera S/4S
    • 992 Carrera GTS / 4 GTS
    • 992 Targa 4
    • 992 Targe 4S
    • 992 Targa 4 GTS

To take advantage of the new found features, simply update the firmware on your COBB Accessport to firmware version easily by using our Accessport Manager software and if you need a refresher how, here’s a video showing just that!

In the clear, no matter where you live

The COBB Accessport, our performance calibrations and even these functions come with coverage via an executive order from CARB (Full List Here). This means you don’t need to duck and dodge the fuzz or even uninstall before going in for any smog checks. We’ve got you completely covered so you can spend more time doing what you love both on and off the track, driving!

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17 responses to “Accessport Adds Service Reset Options for Porsche Vehicles”

  1. Will the update for the AP3-POR-009 be coming soon as well so I can reset the maintenance cycles on my 2015 Macan S? Otherwise, great addition and looking forward to it.

    • We are working on adding this to POR-009 right now and should have it available for the Macans very soon!


    • Hey Larry! We have it on the list, need to get a car in the shop to test that it works correctly.


    • We do! Our team is working on adding this to POR-009 right now and should have it available for the Macans very soon!


    • I don’t have a timeline for being added to POR-007, we’re looking to bring in a local car to confirm functionality.


  2. For 2017 Macan Turbo, Can you add the battery reset when replacing a battery and the brake caliper open/close for pads and rotor replacement? Thanks

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