AccessPORT and AccessTUNER Updates for Mitsubishi

COBB Tuning is excited to release updates for the Mitsubishi AccessPORT platform that will clear the way for exciting feature enhancements going forward. AccessPORT support for the 2011 and 2012 USDM Mitsubishi EVO X and Ralliart is now official and both are supported in AccessTUNER Pro and Race as well. AccessTUNER software has undergone a significant behind-the-scenes overhaul and currently offers some new features, with the ability to rapidly integrate and deploy new features going forward. In addition, there are new Stage1 and Stage2 Off-The-Shelf BETA maps that use the new AccessTUNER table enhancements and a new tuning strategy, that are now available for download. Read on to learn more about these updates and how they set the Mitsubishi AccessPORT up for an exciting 2012!

New Vehicle Support
Several new vehicles are now supported in AccessPORT firmware and AccessTUNER software. Please see the full list of newly supported vehicles:

  • USDM 2011-2012 Evolution X GSR & MR
  • ADM 2008-2010 Evolution X GSR & MR
  • EDM 2008-2010 Evolution X GSR & MR
  • USDM 2011-2012 Lancer Ralliart

All AP-MIT-002 AccessPORTs are shipping with support for the above vehicles. All older AP-MIT-002 AccessPORTs can support these vehicles by performing a firmware update to version Simply follow this Step-By-Step Firmware Update Tutorial to get the latest firmware for your AccessPORT.

The newly supported vehicles above will have only Stage0 (stock performance) maps at included in the firmware at this time. BETA maps for these vehicles are available for download, evaluation and feedback by visiting the Mitsubishi AccessPORT Map Database and following the links for BETA maps.

Please note, the following vehicles can update to the latest AccessPORT firmware, but are not supported in the latest AccessTUNER at this time. To custom tune these cars, please use AccessTUNER version These vehicles will be supported in the next release of AccessTUNER.

  • JDM 2008-2010 Mitsubishi Evolution GSR
  • JDM 2008-2010 Mitsubishi Evolution SST
  • JDM 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution RS

AccessTUNER Enhancements
AccessTUNER has gone through extensive behind-the-scenes changes and is now poised to rapidly deploy new features in the very near future. In this release we have implemented some needed clean-up items to prepare for these exciting upcoming enhancements.

  • SST Table Additions – This set of new tables, such as Torque Limiter Tables and Torque Ramp Rate Tables allow fine tuning of how the throttle tables interact with engine torque requested output.
  • Table and Monitor Parity – Tables and monitors across global markets and model years have been standardized to USDM levels and provides feature, table and monitor parity across them all. Now professional tuners and enthusiast tuners will have the same features, tables and monitors, which will make it easier to tune across different regions as well as make it easier for enthusiasts to communicate across regions.
  • Added DTC Defeats (Torque Limiters) – These are new toggles that turn off annoying torque limiter triggered DTC codes that can be triggered with even slight gains over stock power levels.
  • Increased Data Precision – Data monitor and table data values were increased to 2 decimal places (hundreths) where required to improve table input and data monitor output precision.
  • v2.00 Tuning Guide – The updated Tuning Guide has been cleaned up, incorporates the new tables and has improved descriptions to better assist in tuning the Mitsubishi platforms.

v2.00 BETA Maps
New BETA Off-The-Shelf Stage1 and Stage2 maps are available for download, evaluation and feedback for all supported vehicles (does not include JDM region at this time). These BETA maps were created using the new tuning software and incorporate the latest tables, toggles and tuning strategies. Once these maps are moved from BETA to General Release, we will begin developing intake OTS maps.

Please note that these are BETA maps and may or may not perform as intended across all vehicles. This BETA release is intended to gather feedback from early adopters and incorporate this feedback into the maps prior to final release. If you are unwilling to experience potential performance inconsistencies or provide constructive feedback on these BETA maps, please continue to use the General Release maps until the v2.00 maps are finalized and come out of beta.

To learn more about the AccessPORT for Mitsubishi, or to get answers to any questions you may have regarding COBB Tuning products, please contact our Customer Support Team at 866-922-3059 or


Ke on June 9, 2012 says:

How are you doing? Does the accessport have support for the ETS intake kit for the Evo X? If not, which base tune would you recommend with the ETS intake and full turbo back exhaust?

    Ian on June 20, 2012 says:

    We do not currently have ETS intake support, but we hope to add it in the future! I would suggest a custom tune or potentially even trying the SF maps to use as a starting point in AccessTUNER Race.

Mansour on August 1, 2012 says:

Will we have live tuning for the AccessTUNER in the near future?

    Ian on August 10, 2012 says:

    We hope to have some really cool Mitsubishi updates in the near future, so keep an eye out on our blog, Facebook, and twitter for news!


rayne hulce on December 19, 2012 says:

How are you doing i have recently installed your AP and have been experiencing rev-hang. i have read a little bit about it and it says it may be caused by the car running to rich. is there a map for my 2011 evo x that will get rid of this? i have a tomei cat back exhaust and a ams intake on it.

alex on February 27, 2014 says:

Hey guys I have a short ram injen intake with the uicp as well..i have the cobb ap. Question. Is there any map for this set up.. cause I was reading on some forums that is one…but I cant find it..can you help me out please. ..

Israel on March 28, 2015 says:

I have an AMS intank, ams upper intercooler pipe, ams intercooler , Grimm speed 3 port electronic boost controller, ams cat back exaust and the cobb v3 acces port and my car runs like shit…. It’s currently on a stage 3 map but I feel like it’s not rung to its potential.. Help!!!

    Marshall on March 30, 2015 says:

    Hey Israel, it sounds like you just need to have the car custom tuned by a COBB Protuner. Our OTS maps will not be sufficient for the Grimmspeed 3-port solenoid and will need different MAF calibrations to work properly with the AMS Intake.


md ali on May 25, 2018 says:

i have stage 3 stuff from cobb for my evo x mr do need cobb intake for that? that is the only thing aem. if is required for stage 3 can i use cobb drop in air filter?

    Adam Hill
    Adam Hill on May 29, 2018 says:


    We do not have any pre-made OTS maps for the AEM intake, but we do have the MAF scaling data. If you have Accesstuner, you can convert the map for the COBB intake to work with the AEM intake by copying the scaling data and resaving. Follow the link below and download the excel file for “Intake MAF Scaling Spreadsheet.xlsx”.

    If you do not have Accesstuner and do not want to get the software. Then I would recommend using the COBB intake or having a professional make a custom tune.
    – Adam@COBB