AccessTUNER Pro Now Available for BMW N54

COBB Tuning is proud to announce the release of AccessTUNER Pro tuning software for AccessPORT equipped BMW N54-powered vehicles. The AccessPORT is the only hand-held OEM ECU flashing, managing and monitoring device available for N54 equipped BMWs, and when combined with AccessTUNER Pro software, the result is a groundbreaking, dyno-tunable engine management system with all of the sophistication and drivability inherent in the factory BMW ECU. A significant amount of time has been spent creating a simple, straight-forward interface that takes the mystery out of BMW’s complex load-based tuning system. Intuitive changes produce predictable results and let you get down to the task of tuning.

AccessTUNER provides control of vital engine parameters to the user, such as; VANOS (both requested and actual), ignition timing, wastegate duty cycle, fuel tables, torque limiters, throttle control, rev limiters, speed limiters and many more. Over 70 tables in the DME have been exposed and are editable through AccessTUNER, giving unprecedented control of the factory BMW engine management system. Customizable data monitors let the tuner choose which DME channels are monitored to see how tuning changes impact the behavior of the engine. The built-in data logging capability can capture data from over 70 channels from the DME, including; individual knock voltage for each cylinder, timing correction for each cylinder, VANOS requested and actual, wastegate duty cycle for each bank, 9 different boost related monitors and many more. Data can be recorded simultaneously from multiple monitors across the entire rev-range, allowing detailed data analysis after a dynamometer test. 3-D graphical mapping gives the user a comprehensive view of across three axis to evaluate where performance can be maximized. An integral dashboard shows user-chosen gauges to be displayed during the tuning process. The BMW AccessTUNER Tuning Guide is a great reference to learn more about how the BMW N54 DME operates and how changes to tables will impact engine performance.

Data Logging Fuel Table
Load Target Table Ignition Timing Table

The COBB Tuning Off-The-Shelf calibrations work as a great starting point for custom tunes, so tuning from scratch is not necessary. Tuners can modify OTS calibrations and create multiple maps to accommodate different bolt-on parts, turbo-upgrades, fuel types, throttle response, environments, fuel economy, etc. Once tuning is complete, all of the custom maps can be loaded onto the AccessPORT and prepare the driver for any situation.

Professional tuners interested in purchasing AccessTUNER Pro should contact COBB Sales at 866-922-3059 or [email protected] for software licensing information. With the unmatched features and convenience of the AccessPORT, COBB Tuning’s exceptional customer support, and the addition of true DME control with our powerful new AccessTUNER Pro custom-tuning software, BMW N54 engine tuning just got real!

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