Accesstuner Updates : Where did ATR Go!?



We recognize that the Accesstuner Race software has been a big part of what makes COBB Accessport tuning solutions so powerful and user friendly for the communities we support.  Many have come to rely on this software to help them make small changes to COBB Off The Shelf map files to customize features like launch control, flat foot shifting, or to adjust MAF scaling.  Our goal is to continue to offer this type of customization software to our end user community.

After evaluating key industry trends and changes in the regulatory environment, we identified the need to update the software and provide expanded training for its use.  So, in May of this year we removed the ability to download new copies of Accesstuner Race from our web site, indicated that changes were being made to the software, and it would be available again by the end of June. With that time now here, we want to provide you with an update on the progress of this project.


An updated version of Accesstuner will return in the near future, be fully featured, and will continue to be offered for free to COBB Accessport customers. Because this is a powerful piece of software, we have decided that in order to fulfill our mission of delivering responsible and safe tuning solutions, we will require that end users attend a paid online training course and pass an evaluation through a third party educator in order to have access to download this free software (Accesstuner). As you can imagine, implementing these changes and setting up the online training and evaluation process takes time and involves lots of different groups both internal and external to COBB. We’ve been hard at work updating this software while creating a curriculum and bank of test questions to ensure that those who complete the course are able to safely and responsibly utilize this software. Because of the size and complexity of this project, it is taking us longer than we originally projected to complete the launch of Accesstuner and our training program.

Our current timeline is for the Accesstuner software and training program to be ready for launch in the third quarter of this year. Once we are a little closer to an actual release date we will provide you with more information about the training process required for an end-user to acquire and use our Accesstuner software. We apologize that this launch has taken longer than we expected, but please know that we are very focused on getting this project completed. In the meantime, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. We appreciate your support and your patience while we make these changes.


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  1. Hi Cobb,

    Just read the update on where ATR went. Just to clarify, is the training already paid for or is it something we pay on top of the AP in order to get the ATR software. The reason I ask is because I already have ATR on my laptop, however, I have since purchased a new laptop and would like to add ATR on that as well.

    Appreciate your time.

    Thank you,

    • If you still have the install file for your current version of Accesstuner Race you would be able to transfer that (via USB drive for example) to the new laptop and install the software. All new instances of the software will require for the training to be completed before a download file is available.


      • Marshall i’ve sold my Access Port (Mazdaspeed3) off to someone else and given them the ATR installation file and this would of been OK if they had the same Mazdaspeed3 as me but they don’t they have a Mazdaspeed6 and the ATR is unable to open the base file at all.

        As a once off could you actually please re-send me the Mazdaspeed6 ATR Setup File for the Cobb Access Port so I can promise the custom tune to the customer I sold it on to.


        • Since each instance of Accesstuner Race is for a specific vehicle ECU type (ROM version), a software build that is compatible with a Speed3 would not be compatible with a Speed6. In this case, the new owner will need to request a new version of Accesstuner when it is made available.


  2. So.. see if i got this right. I buy the ap then have to pay again to get the software that the average joe blogs doesnt even know is available??? When is the release date for cost and time frames etc. mazdaedit is looking better and better by the day 🙁

    • That is correct. If you do not already have Accesstuner Race, moving forward you would need to complete the training before being given access to the software. The new software will be released before September is over.


  3. again to make sure since you didn’t answer this, is the training already paid for or is it something we pay on top of the AP in order to get the ATR software. i just recently bought my car.

    • Hey John, the training would require an additional fee for new requests of the Accesstuner software.


  4. I too would like to know if the training is an additional cost.

    I have purchased recently only to discover that the solution that was available six months or so ago is no longer available, and this may seriously impede my ability to access the product in the manner it was purchased for.

    I have an APv3. Registered but not installed to the vehicle yet.

    Intended modset is : 2XS one piece inlet, CPE TMIC, 2XS manifold, 2XS twin DP, HPFP.

    For example to apply appropriate – and cobb supported – 2XS MAF calibration, do i need ATR? I was under the impression I will.

    How does the non availability of ATR affect my tuning options?

    • Hey James,

      You are correct in noting that adjusting MAF scaling would require the use of Accesstuner. The training will come at an additional cost for new requests of the Accesstuner software.


      • Thanks Marshall,

        In that case I’d appreciate an indication of expected training costs.

        I’m not especially thrilled by this decision. I purchased with the intention of using a fairly generic stage 2 tune and applying the 2XS MAF calibration. I’m not especially interested in performing custom tuning myself without expert input.

        I don’t see why I should perform a training regime in order to apply a MAF scaling to a generic tune. That doesn’t seem to be something that warrants me needing to learn to be an expert tuner.

        It seem to me that in order to apply the tune I had intended to I will now need to attend an online training course at a still undisclosed and presumable significant cost in order to tune my vehicle with a generic tune plus a MAF scale and nothing more.

        Do you consider flashing a vehicle with a generic supported tune and a inlet specific MAF scaling already supported by Cobb as needing expert tuning knowledge?

        At this stage I am considering requesting a refund.

        Please outline my tuning options to achieve my desired outcome in the absence of ATR availability. I live in south east queensland, Australia.

        • We are expecting costs to be in the $100-150 USD range. An alternative for your situation would be to reach out to one of our Protuners to request them create the map you’re needing. Many Protuners offer eTuning services and would likely charge a nominal fee for adding the proper MAF scaling to an existing OTS map file. We’ve also worked with other manufacturers in the past who’ve supported their products with appropriate mapping.


          • No offence but this seems to be a misguided attempt to facilitate your “dealers” to increase their profit margins. Let me guess who will vet the dealers to be authorized to conduct this now paid for training. So Cobb makes the trainer pay to be an authorized trainer of end users and the dealers recoup their cost of the training and make a profit by passing on the training to the end user. Hummm. Also you say “Many Protuners offer eTuning services and would likely charge a nominal fee for adding the proper MAF scaling to an existing OTS map file” yeah that may be a little perception based if $250 for an e-tune is considered a “nominal fee.” I’m sorry but I feel short of the people that can make a buck off this idea you will greatly isolate your customer base and suffocate the free flow of ideas and self advancement, a feeling that many of your customers had come to respect cobb for helping to once foster, for the sake of the almighty dollar.

          • This has nothing to do with our Dealer Network and is in no way tied to it. The course and evaluation will be administered by a third party educator. If appropriate MAF scaling is readily available from the product manufacturer, that data can be transferred into a map rather quickly and not require a full tune.


  5. Can you clarify the following: “will continue to be offered for free to COBB Accessport customers” and “we will require that end users attend a paid online training course and pass an evaluation through a third party educator in order to have access to download this free software” Is there a difference between “Accessport customers” and “end users”? The free software statement and paid training required to download seems contradictory. Can you clarify?

    • We are not charging money to request or download the Accesstuner software. A third party educator will charge a fee to complete their training course and testing.


  6. Will the accessport now cost less? considering the software is now ‘free’ with purchase of training courses and certification, and no longer ‘free’ with the purchase of an accessport?

    Also, will individuals be able to download ATR for multiple accessports that they own, while only going through training once? or will we have to pay to play each time we buy a new unit and want software?

    Additionally, will ‘trained’ individuals be able to download access codes to write maps for Accessports that they do not own themselves (say, a family member, close friend, whatever) or will only the original owner have the option through the training route alone?

    Once trained, what other benefits does cobb intend to offer with the program, or will it simply allow for a software download?

    what will the approximate cost of training be? will there be any prerequisite conditions that must be met before one may be allowed or able to perform the training? (Age, experience, location, etc.)

    finally…will i ever get my free cobb t-shirt..? 🙂


    • We do not currently plan to reduce Accessport pricing. Individuals that own multiple Accessports would only need to complete the required training/evaluation once. We are more than willing to work with those people to provide Accesstuner for all vehicles they own. There may be additional benefits to completing the training in the future, we’re currently simply trying to implement the new program. Once up and running, we’ll be able to expand upon that foundation.

      I can absolutely send you a free t-shirt, just email me your mailing address and t-shirt size ([email protected]).


      • thanks for the responses Marshall.

        one thing that wasn’t quite clear- once trained and certified, will i be able to work with accessports for which i am not the registered owner? or will this continue to be limited to the pro software?

        the free t-shirt was supposed to ship with order #100070540. still need my address and such or is that fine?

        once again, thanks for responding. Sorry it took me so long to realize that you had commented back.

        • Once certified, a user will be able to download additional versions of Accesstuner for vehicles that they own. We understand that some customers do own multiple vehicles utilizing Accessports, they would not need to complete the course/training for each version of software.


  7. Won’t this hurt protuners business since new customers won’t be able to use ATR when they are downloading their map? Otherwise they couldn’t get the map onto APM

    • I think that’s a simple misunderstanding. When receiving a custom map file from your Protuner, you can transfer it directly to the Accessport using Accessport Manager.


  8. What about customers that already have the old version of the ATR software? Will we have to pay for the training in order to receive the update? Or the update will show up on the old software menu?

    Thank you.

    • Current versions of ATR will continue to function as they do today, we will not remotely disable them or anything like that. It is possible that old versions of the software may be able to be updated but that process is not yet in place.


  9. I think this is a great idea! Ill take any training I can get. I also plan on attending a few of your in house courses as soon as ATR comes back, and we get compatability for the 2017 STI’s – any word on that?

    • 2017 WRX/STI support is the current top priority for the Subaru group. Both should be available in the next couple of months.


  10. Hello, I am a Chinese Fawkes ST owner. I’m using V3 . But I can only use the official release of the MAP, so I can not use the map contains the latest features, such as the launch control, traction control. How can I activate these features? And then if I had to replace a larger turbo, need to customize the MAP, what should I do?

    • Hi there! In the meantime, you can contact any of our Authorized Protuners to create a custom tune for your car. This could be for anything from activating custom features to tuning for an upgraded turbocharger. Once the software is available again you’ll be able to access the same tuning capabilities.


  11. Bummer that I can’t download ATR this summer but I think I understand their decision. I would rather get some awesome training on the software and better fully utilize my Focus ST without damaging it then just winging it on my own. Plus I believe ATR used to cost $150.00 USD? So basically we are paying the same price for the software and training. COBB FTW! (Free T!)

  12. Just got off the phone with support. If you get a tune using the AP, make sure the tuner doesn’t lock your map. Pretty easy to get a pretty COBB banner printed.
    I’m thinking that until new software is released, your only option is to sit on your shiny new AP. Seems like a poor marketing solution. I’m sitting on a blown engine “tuned” by CBRD. Bad surge never fixed and a locked map. So far I’m having a tough time finding a tuner who has mastered 3 port tuning on mitsu’s. They prefer MBC. And no clear methods from COBB to tune with 3 port. Can anyone say ebay? Why are they all saying Tactrix and open source? I like COBB, but please step it up! The course will be a canned one. That AP will cost you $800 actual. A bit bummed right now folks.

    • Hey Alan,

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had problems with your Evo X. Have you reached out to CBRD to try and address the issues? Protuners are able to lock their custom tunes in order to protect their intellectual property. That is one of the many perks to having the Accesstuner Pro software suite. We do have many Protuners that are perfectly capable of tuning an EvoX utilizing a 3-Port EBCS and even have OTS maps that support our COBB 3-Port EBCS.


  13. Generelly i understand the descision COBB made regarding AP but one thing i struggel with…

    I payed AP V3 including the idea, that i can tune and adjust ECU parameters by my own. So that was one oft he main reasons to go for AP and not go to a local tuner. I did not downloaded ATR yet, cause of some time/private issues. Now i am struggling with the fact, that only cause i wasn´t just in time i had to pay for a training again, in ordert to get & use ATR…

    So i would have suggested following workflow:

    1. Give everybody who can proof a purchase of AP, BEFORE ATR was taken off the hompage for download, ATR for free.

    2. Change selling text for AP on Cobb Homepage and retailers Homepage, in order to inform people about the additional fee for training, when they plan to use ATR.

    3. Maybe lower the price of AP, of the amount the training costs – that´s optional 🙂

    Besides that i want to thank COBB for their great quality products and tuning support!!

    • Hey Peter! Thank you for the feedback and kind words. We do understand that this situation is not ideal for many of our existing and future customers – and to be frank it isn’t something that is terribly exciting to have to do. We are indeed taking everyone’s feedback into account and are hoping to offer a solution that works for everyone.


  14. Not sure whether responses are intentionally ambiguous or it simply hasn’t yet been decided so please clarify for me:

    Will historical owners of ATR be grandfathered and allowed to update ATR without paying to take a third-party test?

  15. so is this training just going to teach us basic calibrating such as maf calibration ect or will it also teach us to increase boost, and add alternative fuel such as e85? also I would like a free shirt haha please 🙂

    • The training and assessment will ensure that users understand the basics of tuning, emissions equipment, and how tuning changes can affect emissions output.


  16. Marshall,

    I’ve got an older copy of ATR for my Focus ST. I’ve since sold my car and AP, but upgraded to an RS which I received an AP3 for today.

    Will I have to request this training since I’m a previous user, just switching between Ford platforms?

    Also, I’m interested in the classes regardless. Would you be able to contact me with timing/pricing/scheduling on them?


    • Hey Cameron! Our intent is to provide users who previously purchased Accesstuner Race an access code that allows them to take the course at no charge and then download the updated version of Accesstuner. Once the new system is in place and we release Accesstuner for the Focus RS you should be good to go!


  17. I suggest you change the pages for Accessport sales as soon as possible to reflect that there will be additional cost of $100-150 USD if you want to self-tune using ATR – and ensure that all vendors of new Accessports also concurrently reflect the same information on their sites. Furthermore I suggest you provide the training free to all AP owners having purchased before that website update is made, because they had planned on the cost of the AP as shown currently being their total cost to own and use the product in its entirety including all advertised features. The guys who own an AP already and have no interest in self-tuning will, for the most part, simply not take the training. Those who already own it and do self-tune, or want to, won’t feel like they got screwed. And those who are new will be fully apprised of the situation.

    This move may reduce your business amongst the self-tuning crowd, because effectively price will have gone up, making other products look more attractive as has been aptly noted by othere commenters. Seriously your best move ever, if it were possible, would be to reduce the cost of the training so it would fit into your cost structure to offer it free. Even if you could just offer a basic version of ATR that only lets you MAF cal and a basic training, for free and offer the full functionality after extra-cost training might be a good business model and face-saving move.

    Obviously there will be many customers who are neutral toward this, in that they were going to use a pro-tuner and get locked maps anyway. Therefore they just need to be able to switch maps, monitor, etc and don’t have a serious use for ATR. There may also be those in between, who use a pro tuner but still have enough interest to want to know the capability is there and maybe study enough to use it effectively themselves someday. It’s these ‘tweeners and the hardcore self-tuners (especially those who already know way more than your draining is going to teach them) that are going to be hurt by this situation. It would be interesting to know if you have some idea how much of your market those hurt groups really are… perhaps you already know it’s not a large percentage of your business which is why you have so flippantly left them in the lurch with this transition.

    One final point, if the training has a mandatory section for the emissions stuff, but also has optional sections discussing how to tune for various goals, how to tune safely, and whatever other topics one might need to maximize one’s skills it might reduce the pain of paying for it to a more tolerable level.

    At least this blog post seems like a good start on making good with the community/ies. Good luck on fixing this and remaining a preferred tuning solution.

    • Hey Dan, this is going to be a new class so the same material wouldn’t necessarily have been covered in other EFI courses. In cases like this we can definitely work with those who have the knowledge and may not need to go through the entire course.


  18. So, does the fact that you require training also mean Cobb will provide technical support for ATR? If we have to pay extra for the privilege to use it then seems like some level of support would be warranted. Even if the old forums were resurrected that would be useful.

    • The training material that is utilized for the course will be available to all who take that course in the future. We can absolutely provide additional support when necessary. We do not currently have plans to bring the COBB Forums back online however it is something we’ve discussed more recently.


  19. Hi,

    my turbo is dead. For this moment i want to upgrade my turbo to BNR s4 but without ATR, new maps i can;t drive a car. When will be ATR available as you wrote earlier that it will be back to the end of June. As we know we have August and it;s still not available.

    • Hey there, Accesstuner will be released in the near future. We are on target to release this month (August). In the meantime, if you need help with a map to get your car on the road please email us([email protected]) and we can provide a safe map file for you to use.


  20. Any more news on ATR release date, must have more of an idea roughly what day it is due for release?


    • We’re getting there! The course and evaluation content is ready and we’re working on integrating everything within our website to make it as quick and painless as possible. Hoping to be able to commit to a date here in the next week or two.


  21. Just bought my AP for my 2010 Speed3 and need to have the MAF calibrated, do i just take it to any Cobb certified protuner in my area? And by chance how much would that cost for them to do so?

    • Hey Nick,

      There are a couple of options depending on the intake you have on the car. If it’s an intake that we have the data for our Customer Service team would be able to provide you a map to use (as long as the rest of your modifications fit within one of our OTS maps). If that is not possible, visiting a Protuner for a custom tune would indeed be your next best solution.


  22. Marshall, I last updated ATR in March 2015. Now when checking updates for ATR I see “Update Now” and “Ignore”. If I update now do I risk losing any functionality or data loss when the new ATR “update” comes out? Should I wait a few more weeks and update then? If I update now will I be required to update to the new ATR when it is released?

    As a present ATR user will I be required to take the “certification” computer course? If not required to take this course can I assume I can continue to use the latest ATR when it comes out to its full functionality? Will I be able to take the “certification” course at no charge or major discount from the standard charge?

    • Hey Jack,

      You do not risk losing any functionality when updating your current copy of ATR. We will never provide an update to disable existing instances of the software. When you choose to update, there simply will not be any additional updates available.

      The to-be-released Accesstuner software will be a completely new program, old versions of ATR will not be able to update to the new program. The course and certification will be required in order to receive the new Accesstuner software – without exception. We may be able to work with people on individual cases to provide a discount or coupon to use towards the course. There will be more information on that front in our next official update.


  23. Marshall,

    I have an AP2 for my 2013 WRX and Accesstuner software for the same. And now have a 2016 STI and in the first part of June purchased the AP3-SUB-004 for it. Had I known that COBB would be pulling the software I might have made the purchase and subsequent download prior to that happening. With the fact that I own the Accesstuner software for my AP2 and have upgraded to the AP3 for my 2016, would I be considered for the discounted cost of training? And would this correspondence be all that is necessary to be considered?

    Oh, and an X Large COBB T shirt would be the Cats Meow if you would be so kind!

    Thanks in advance,


  24. Marshall, I wonder is the release date for ATR is fixed already or still waving in rumors. Because i happily got a AP for my Evo X hoping to get a slightly better tune from local tuner via ATR but ended up i only can put the AP on my dash for blink blink effect.I get it around beginning of july. I am not from any place in US, so i hoping can get an exact date for the online assessment and for my ATR,. Do not ask me to get contact to any of your so called pro tuner in my country as I get “poured by cold water” when consulting them, themself cannot do anything for me and just ignore my request.Even the seller i get the AP from is the same as well,they are pro seller not protuner. Furthermore the nearest protuner is about 1000km away from me. I fed up waiting and waiting or requesting from your “Pro” tuner or dealer. Kindly check where is Malaysia and check again the distance between Sarawak and Kuala Lumpur to feel my frustration, Thank you and i hope you can give me a good help instead for me waiting the reply of cobb support email weekly.

    • Peter,

      I do apologize for the lack of response from our Dealers. Have you reached out to any other Protuners to have the car tuned? Conveniently, many of our US based Protuners offer E-Tuning services through which they are able to remote tune your car without having to see it in person. We do not yet have a release date set for the Evo X Accesstuner software, it will be available a short time after the Subaru software is launched.


  25. Thank you marshall for swift reply, as i said the nearest protuner is 1000km away from me and they all focus in on 1 city, to let them tune either i ship my car via sea or ship their tuner to me via air(both not an option)

    my car is with aftermarket turbo as well as other upgrades, i feel pathetic cause i only get OTS map from the web as well as dealer here. I did email cobb direct but they only manage to sent me OTS map with altered MAF scaling twice which of course not solving my problem. It gets me having bouncing idling problem as well. I put high hope on cobb to fine tune my car via ATR during my purchase of AP on july but ended up frustrated. Etune is not an option for me cause i have no time and not willing to hook up wideband and knock sensor to have multiple run to have the problem and check light pop up and sent the datalog to the Etuner and wait days or week for him to get back a map to me to try and repeat the process to get another datalog for him to sort out again. Repeat and repeat. As a car enthusiast, for me it hurt my car and my feeling as well, i rather put in on a hand of trusted tuner with the ATR here. At least i can tune and solve the problem directly here.

    So back to my questions
    1.) as you said the ATR will be for subaru first then followed by Evo X after a short time, may i know when will subaru ATR release date so i have a figure in my mind how long will i need to wait.

    2.) can i attend or go through the online assessment or class earlier for the ATR? cause i do not want to find time or make slot for the assessment only when the ATR come out, i hope can go through earlier so when ATR released i am qualify to get it directly.

    • Peter,

      Unfortunately we do not have the option for users to go through the Accesstuner training course/evaluation before it has been released. The current hope is to have Subaru Accesstuner available in the next week or two followed by additional platforms every 2-3 weeks. I apologize for any difficulties this is causing you!


  26. Hi Marshall,

    I originally downloaded a copy of ATR for the mazdaspeed 6 last year. Unfortunately for me, the computer it was installed/saved on died and I lost everything. Can I get a replacement copy of ATR or do I now need to take a class? Thanks for your time.

    • Hi David,

      We’re getting close enough to the re-release of Accesstuner that we are no longer providing previous versions of the software. When it becomes available, you will need to go through the new process for acquiring Accesstuner. I apologize for any troubles that may cause.


  27. Is this coming out anytime soon? I hate that I already payed for AccessTuner and I can’t even use it. I honestly wouldn’t have bought the car if I knew this would have been pulled out from under me.

    • We’re getting very close and should have a meaningful update in the next week. If you’ve paid for the original version of ATR, do you no longer have the install file?


      • Now you state Ford Accesstuner isn’t going to be released until Dec?

        This is very frustrating that I have to wait this long for something I have already purchased.

        So glad I don’t use it on my Mitsubishi.

        At this point I’m just going to cut my loses, sell my AP and enjoy the car stock.

        This was really handled horribly.

    • We’re getting there, I promise! I’m hoping to have some solid feedback (hopefully with a target date) from our development team in the next day or so.


  28. Really!? I had a V1 for my 02 wrx and used ATR for years. Now I just bought a new(er) 06 wrx and bought the new accessport v3 not realizing ATR was no longer available when I bought the car knowing I would need to delete the secondary air valves and air pump codes for an easy fix to get my new car registered. Come to find out when I get it today and hop on here to download ATR for the new accessport you guys are no longer offering it and its going to be months until I can even get to start the training course to then get the program once thats completed….. poor experience. Wish I would have known they took away ATR to public thats the whole reason to buy an accessport in the first place. Is there really no way for me to get a copy?

    • Hey Spencer, I do apologize for any inconveniences. Luckily, we are very close to re-releasing Accesstuner for the Subaru platform. In fact, it -should- be available in the next week or two.


      • @Marshall,

        Is there a email distribution list for the Subaru Accestuner release updates? Id like to know when its out asap! Is it going to be Free like ATR? Thanks so much.

        Kind regards,


        • Hey Connor,

          If you have signed up to receive our Newsletter you will definitely receive an email notification once the new version of Accesstuner is available. The actual product will be free. Prior to downloading, users will be required to complete an Accesstuner-specific course through EFI University which I believe will cost $150.


  29. Hi, so you keep saying “in the next few months” and they go by and then you say “in the next few weeks” and they go by and then you say “in the n next few days” and they go by and now every other day you keep saying it’s going to be in a day. Is there ever a deadline that’s actually going to be met? Just traded in ’15 sti for a ’16 sti and at the mercy of lies and promises, it’s getting real old. Please, would you actually give us a specific date/deadline that is real?

    • Vlad,

      I do apologize for the continued delays. We obviously did a horrendous job of scoping this project initially. I’ve been pushing off updates until we had something more meaningful other than “it’s going to take a bit longer”. The new Accesstuner software is due to go into testing this week and we are wrapping up integration of our systems with EFI University’s. I am hopeful that we will have a substantial update to post this week.


  30. So quick question I bought ATR a couple of years ago before it was free and I paid $150 for it. I just changed laptops and found that I do not have the file to install it. So, if i want to get the file and install it once more I have to pay $150 again?

  31. I bought a V3 earlier this year for a jdm sst evo. The only map available for the car was a stage 0. Are there any plans for doing at least a stage 1 map for jdm sst. I have made upgrades almost to stage 2 and the professional tuners in my area cannot access the cobb map as it is locked and I dont have the ATR neither them.

    • Hey Peter, we do not currently have plans to expand our OTS offering for the JDM Evo X. Alternatively, we do have many Protuners here in the United States that offer remote E-Tuning services.


  32. Is there any more updates on the ATR i am on my third Subaru sold my 09wrx w/V2, had my 15sti totaled sold V3ap, bought another 15 sti came w/AP. I have used ATR for the longest on my own cars a few friends plus i already bought a whole thing of how to tune thru in 2009. I have had to buy a 2 AP’s 1 cause V2 wouldn’t work with 15+ sti. I’d rather not spend more money towards more training that may be less in depth than what i already got. i need the ATR cause my wife has the car but i’m deployed so the issue she has will not safely allow her to drive to the 2hr away tuner to fix nor e-tune when i can do it myself. Will i also have to pay extra for the access to a program i have used since 09 and pay for redundant training? Thanks for even having it, but better choice (to me) would be to allow the program till replacement was ready kinda like how they are changing the retirement program in military.

    • Hey Travis, first off – thank you for being a loyal customer over the years. Moving forward, the only want to gain access to the end-user version of Accesstuner will include completing the associated course/evaluation through EFI University. We should be re-releasing Accesstuner this week. If you have an issue that needs to be handled before then, please email our Customer Service team at [email protected] as it may be something we can help with. Moving forward, please shoot me an email ([email protected]) once Accesstuner is available as I may be able to help expedite the process for you.


  33. Hi, is there any update on when the new Accesstuner update will be available for the Mitsubishi? I had a PC crash and lost the installer and now I can longer download this package, which is annoying as I have been using it for nearly 5 years on 2 different vehicles and now I have to sit a course to download it again….

    I have a number of parts waiting for me to install, and I can’t because I am still waiting for this software release so I can tune my vehicle …

    Also please don’t suggest I go to a protuner, if I wanted to use a pro tuner, I would not have purchased the AP in the first place.

    • Hi Andreas,

      I understand the frustration and am sorry that the software is so delayed. We don’t have an exact ETA for Mitsubishi Accesstuner. We’re announcing some more details this week and should have a bit more information regarding timelines in that blog post.


  34. Hi Marshall,
    on 19th of September you wrote that ATR should be released this week. We started new week and still no ATR available. Im driving my car like old guy without boost.
    Give us a date – final date.

  35. Any update on atr release date were almost into oct and still no release date and price on the class…can you guys give us a specific date on release and how much the class will be?

  36. Hello, what about Subaru ATR? It was already specified to release last week, and still nothing. Can you please provide some factual information? Thanks

  37. Ok not going to lie I’m pretty mixed about this…I’m pissed that I missed my chance and now have to pay additional fees on top of my $800 for my stage 1 kit but at the same time I get it. Let’s be honest I haven’t done the research or put the time in to begin making adjustments to my car with ATR so I guess I’ll just wait patiently. However I would just request one thing and that is COBB please make the classes worth while! I even like the idea of a class but if all of my forum searching ends up being more informative than your 3rd party class, that’s pretty messed up. I’m in desperate need to make some fine tuning adjustments to my 04 sti and really wanted to start….only to be halted before the first step. LOL. Keep us posted!!!

    • Hey Trenton!

      If you haven’t yet taken the course – I’d just like to let you know that it is indeed very informative. It’s broken into a couple of sections, one of which specifically covers tuning Subarus.


  38. I bought an Accessport v3 about a month for my Mazdaspeed6, thinking I could do my own tuning, but apparently Accesstuner Race is no longer available. I am just finishing up some major engine work on the car, and it will need a tune immediately afterward. I have a lot of experience performing custom tunes on various vehicles, and had intended on doing all my own tuning.

    Do you have any idea when the new Accesstuner software will be available for Mazdaspeed vehicles? I’m not happy about having to pay an additional fee to go through your training, but I’m willing to if it will be available soon. If it’s not available within the next week or so, I’ll be selling the AP and switching to another tuning solution that provides the support I want. To me, the cost is inconsequential, it’s the nebulous time frame that is pushing me away.

    To be clear, I have no interest in seeing a protuner and the fact that it is an option makes no difference to me at all.

    Coming from the perspective of a professional software developer, the way you have gone about this transition is exceedingly unprofessional and careless for your customers. You should not have removed the personal tuning software until an alternative was available, especially when there was no concrete release date for said alternative. At this point, you have left all your customers hanging in the wind for about four months, which is at best unprofessional and for most people, unacceptable. I know the Subaru version was just released, but that was almost three months from the timeframe you provided, and the only response for other platforms is basically “we’ll get to it when we get to it”.

    I’m having serious doubts as to whether I want to support a company that operates in this manner at all, but I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt if you have a concrete release date for non-Subaru platforms.

    • Hey Brian, I definitely understand your frustrations and apologize for the way this has all been handled. Now that the Subaru Accesstuner program is live, we’ll be working towards a release of the Mazdaspeed version. The goal is to have that finished and available to end users by the end of this month.


  39. Marshall,after 4 months of waiting,from it will be coming back soon,until i been informed that subaru ATR will come out first then mitsubishi ATR will follow up, that is my first disappointment, but anyhow i understand that Mitsubishi no longer come out with EVO X, maybe this is the cause COBB did not look important in releasing the ATR for mitsubishi, this i still can understand ( marketing, which one company can earn money, of course it will focus on it). But putting release of ATR for mitsubishi at beginning of 2017 is ridiculous and frustrating,this is not what mean by followed by the release of subaru ATR,it is about half year away, and what frustrating is i get the cobb just a little late after cobb pulled out the ATR and now i waited around half year and now still waiting, somehow beginning of 2017, again not an exact date. I dont understand why cobb cant release ATR for all car manufacturer together instead of 1 by 1, 1 per month again somehow. Can you answer me marshall? really frustrated.

    • Hey Peter,

      I completely understand your frustrations and I have to apologize for the way we’ve handled this. Unfortunately, the scope of the Accesstuner project changed quite dramatically from our initial investigations. I do remember telling you that Mitsubishi Accesstuner would be available much sooner than the currently projected time frame, unfortunately that was based on my original knowledge of the project. I am hopeful that we can beat the proposed timeline and have the additional software packages earlier than anticipated.


  40. At the time of purchase I paid over $800 for my Cobb Accessport V3 and the Accesstuner software was FREE! Now I have to pay an additional “fee” for training to be able to utilize the native functions of the $800+ device to make custom adjustment to how MY car runs? This is BS!!! I guess it is time to hawk this thing on eBay and get a JB4!

    • Hey Travis, sorry to hear about your frustrations. Accesstuner Race was never labeled as more than a ‘beta’ tuning solution. The new Accesstuner software will be treated as a full release quality software and will receive updates along side its professional counterpart.


  41. I have a Ford Fiesta ST (2016). I was wondering when Accesstuner will be provided for Ford’s ? I am willing to go through the process, but I wanted to verify if this is something that will still be available. It looks like the Subaru version is already there. Is there anything I can do to take the EFI University class so I can gain access when this becomes available ?


    • Hey Joseph,

      We do not have an exact date set for Ford Accesstuner to be made available however we are hoping for it to be ready by mid-December. Since the training courses are specific to each platform you would need to wait until the Ford training is made available.


  42. What does this mean for users of the older platforms? Will we have access to the older versions of the ATR? I own a 2004 RX8, and I want to get another used cobb, how do I get a copy of the software? As per one of my support tickets, there is no intention to bring the RX8 platform forward, meaning there will be no changes to the software, if it’s even available. If I get the training, would I get access to the older versions? Will there be a way to challenge the training at a reduced cost?

    • Hey Bryce,

      We do not currently have plans to re-release Accesstuner for the RX8 platform. It has been brought up in conversation more than a few times in the past couple of weeks, so that may change in the future. IF it were to come back, it would definitely be after the other planned platforms are released. Keep bugging us, as the more demand we see for the product the more likely it is to return.


    • We do not currently have plans to offer Accesstuner for Mac OS. Many of our Protuners are able to use Accesstuner on their Macbooks using Boot Camp and a copy of Windows.


    • We do not currently have plans to add real-time features to the BMW platform. Sorry for the bad news!


  43. Ok i have had ATR for my Evo X for a long time since map v108. Now I have sold my Evo X and now own an Evo FE so am I going to have to pay for this training? I still have the ATR software and I was about to buy another Accessport V3 until I read this. I have been tuning my car with ATR for a long time.

    • Sean,

      The short answer is – Yes. The version of ATR you have would only be compatible with your original Accessport so it would unfortunately not work with a new V3. Training must be completed before any new version of Accesstuner is sent out. I recognize your name and know you’ve been working with Evos for a while, so shoot me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll see what I can do to help out.


  44. Hey guys, I think the training is welcomed, the price could have been $100 dollars rather than $150, but as long as the material is appropriate and informative it is a small price to pay for the knowledge and confidence. So are you guys giving out Cobb T-shirts with this? I would really like one in Medium.

    • Hey Cesar, thanks for the feedback. We can definitely send you a t-shirt! Once you’ve completed the course just shoot me an email ([email protected]) and we’ll get you taken care of.


  45. I’m done.

    I PAID for my AccessTuner Race software (despite COBB now maintaining that it is “still free”) in addition to my AccessPort for my 2013 Focus ST and used it without incident just as I have been using other manufacturers’ tuning products for a dozen years.

    I see that COBB now claims ATR was always labeled as “beta” product which is a bald-faced lie! I’ve been an IT professional for 25 years and I would never buy a beta product OR use it on something as serious as a car I put my wife & child in.

    I was dismayed to find this May that COBB is now expecting me to shell out another $150 to continue using a product I already bought and I have waited until now for COBB to see the error of their ways — to no avail.

    Unless I hear something from COBB TODAY that changes my mind, I’ll be reverting the ECU back to stock later today and I am debating whether to run the AccessPort over with the car or use it for target practice. In either case, I will never purchase another COBB product on principle, I will make future performance car buys contingent upon someone else offering a tuning product, and I will advise others to steer away from COBB, too.

    • Hey Brian! Sorry we didn’t get back to you yesterday. We definitely have options available to customers that previously purchased our Accesstuner Race software. I encourage you to reach out to our Customer Service department (1-866-922-3059 or [email protected]) to discuss options for acquiring the new Ford Accesstuner software once it is available.


        • I’ve just been informed that we will not be making our initial goal which was to release the Ford Accesstuner software this month. We should, however, be able to get it out the door in January.


  46. In giving all the benefits of the doubt, I’ll assume the mandatory training course is due to concern about liability, etc and not just an after sales cash grab. Whatever the intention, imo it’s executed in poor taste as many have purchased accessports for the purpose of complete control of their ecu tuning. However intended, you’re taking away the very reason many would purchase an accessport.

    For the people out there who would prefer to purchase a ready made tune, the option is there. For those looking to get into diy tuning, offering a course is a great idea (if it were not mandatory). There are just as many people out there with years of tuning experience using other solutions, from standalone ecus, tunerpro to other vehicle specific solutions such as ecmlink or jackal / werewolf in the case of the dsm, for whom the course is just extra money unnecessarily spent.

    May I propose that you add an option allowing those who view themselves as experienced diy tuners to sign a waiver / disclaimer, allowing them to skip the course at their own risk. This would help keep that segment of your market from choosing or changing over to competing solutions which don’t require a costly jump through hoops. It’s likely a majority of people new into tuning, or those looking to learn more would gladly purchase an easy to access course. However it would help avoid alienating those who are already experienced who prefer to proceed at their own risk.

    • Hey Miles, we do greatly appreciate the feedback. This approach is not only new to us, but for the market as a whole. The premise behind this change is to promote responsible tuning that is not only beneficial to the life of the user’s vehicle but also keeps the impact on our environment in mind. We understand that this change may not be well accepted at first but we hope proves to be beneficial to enthusiasts and their vehicles moving forward.


  47. If I pay $150 to take the training and fail the completion exam, would I have to pay another $150 to retake the course? Also, if there are parts of the training I have specific questions about, will this online University have any resources for answers? Once I have completed the training, will I receive a completion certificate, or something along those lines that will green light me to download any future releases, or will another training course need to be taken (assuming more laws/regulations in the future are inevitable)?

    • You do not have to pay to re-take the evaluation. We do have platform-specific Tuning Guides available online for anyone to read through. Once you have completed the course and exam, there is some background communication between EFI University and COBB that will mark your account as allowed to download the software. With the software successfully installed, any future updates will simply be pushed and not require additional verification.


  48. Honestly, this is bull shit. You can’t just pull the software and force everyone to pay $250 for a tuner to makes the simple intake changes. You are completely out of touch with your market. Almost everyone is dropping Cobb to go Open Source. You need to be focusing on win those users back.

    The issue isn’t just that people don’t know how to use the Accesstuner, it’s that they are fouced to use it because Pro tuners expensive and are few and far between and the maps are locked to Accesstuner Race so you can’t just go out and get an eTune from someone that knows what they are doing.

    If you were really evaluating key industry trends you know this, and you would be working to better align yourself with Open Source eTuners. I would gladly pay $500 for a device that monitors my engine and has all the guages but ISN’T married to my car and so locked down I have to drive 4 hours away to get a ProTune that cost more then parts im putting on my car.

    • We are actually very aware of the market and how it is trending. I assure you; your assumptions are incorrect. While it wasn’t in any way a driving force behind the changes to Accesstuner software, a convenient side-effect was eliminating the very “ATR e-Tuners” you’re referring to. The ‘tuners’ that have zero liability or insurance for when something goes wrong while tuning a customer’s vehicle. This is a prime example of ‘you get what you pay for’. If someone is more interested in shopping tuners based on price, they simply are not our target customer.


  49. Personally I think it’s a great idea – modern ecus are too complicated to muddle through without support and my current car doesn’t really have that. As an old ms3 ATR hand, I’ve dreaded trying to figure out a new ecu with no support, especially when you just want to make a few fine tuning changes.

    Anyhow – Marshall, are there plans to have ATR for the Mk7 GTI?

    • Appreciate the feedback! We do plan to offer Accesstuner for the VW platform however it will likely not be available until Mid-2017. With the VW software being relatively new, we would like to have a certain amount of soak-time in the hands of our Protuners before making it available to the masses.


    • Mitsubishi Accesstuner is next up in the release schedule, hoping to have an accurate ETA very soon!


  50. Hey guys,

    Which EFI class do I have to completed to gain access to ATR? I want to get a jump on it for the release. Also, we’re getting pretty close to the end of January, do you think ATR will still be released for the Ford platform?

    • Ford Accesstuner is likely getting pushed to a February release date. The course is not yet available as it’s specific to tuning Ford vehicles using COBB Accesstuner. This is material that we are actively generating and is the cause of the delayed release.


    • Hey Bryan,

      If you’re referring to Ford Accesstuner – yes. We’re currently targeting mid-February.


        • Yes! Training material is being finalized and submitted to EFI University in the next couple of days. Once hosted, we will be able to go live.


          • So much for a couple days. It’s March now and we are still waiting. I see you’ve updated all the ATR related posts to remove any expected dates other than to say 2017. The comments still reveal all the delays though, I think Ford promised dates have been Sept, Nov, Dec, Feb, and now it’s March and still nothing!!!!!!

          • I feel your pain, you are not the only ones frustrated by the continued delays. I have been given expected dates many times and each date has obviously come and gone. I’m told we’re actually close now but won’t hold my breath until I see deliverables.


          • Hi Marshall, it’s been over a month since I last asked. Is this still on track ?

          • Yes! Software is ready to go and training material has been generated and handed off to EFI U to build everything out. I’ve seen it, it’s real. It’s happening.


  51. Eight more days left in February…..

    So much for mid month release, it’s going to slip yet another month isn’t it?

  52. This is definitely about squeezing any dime and nickle they can out of every dick joe and hairy and taking advantage of loyal customers. I dont care how you word it, it cost money for the software, period, its simple, there is no grey area, educational videos or training it is going to cost for the software which SHOULD have been made aware to the buyer in bold print what is needed by the customer to take full advantage of the cobb ap or I would have chosen a different computer which there are many out there that will do the job. I can not have a map made for my car by authorized tuners without having to pay for this software. Im very un happy with this and regret purchasing the cobb ap now that I know I have to pay for additional fees for the software to even take advantage of it, then I have to pay for a map to be made for my car, which I did anticipate. I may be selling my unit once I decide on what other computer to go with. This unit is pointless if I can not use it to its full intent, I already paid $500, i should not have to pay more for software that should have been givin with the unit. Im very very unhappy I wasted $500… Thank you cobb!!!

    • Hi Jason!

      You do not need to acquire Accesstuner in order to have your car custom tuned by one of our Protuners. In that case, the Protuner would use our Accesstuner Pro software, which they own, to create the custom file for your Accessport/vehicle. I hope that clears up any confusion!


  53. How close are we to getting Ford ATR released? I see you guys releasing new updates for other makes all the time, but Ford ATR seems to have been lost at the bottom of the pile. Going to close in on a year soon…

    • We’re wrapping up BMW Accesstuner right now, releasing next week. Mitsubishi Accesstuner is next on the list!


    • Completing the training course helps to ensure that those tuning their own cars are in complete understanding of the effects, in both reliability and emissions, caused by tuning changes.


    • Our Mitsubishi team is working on some quick updates to the software side and will then be able to generate the required training content.


  54. Almost a month after bmw release, update on mitsubishi ATR Please, when can we get it and go in for the course to get it??

    • Hey Peter, Mitsubishi Accesstuner material should be wrapping up this week. We are hoping to have it out very soon!


  55. The reason why it took a year for Evo X atr is because we are getting cobb flex fuel correct? ETA for evo x atr please.

    • Hey Marc, we are adding some new stuff to the EvoX software. Unfortunately, Flex Fuel is not part of the current scope. All of the training material is ready to go, we’re simply wrapping up testing on the software which includes the new features before release. I would anticipate seeing that available in early December.


  56. I bought a COBB for my M6MPS, unfortunately I didn’t search information about ATR in time, I’d never buy the COBB APV3 for paying extra 150 bucks for a course to get a “Free software”, this is mandatory to get access to the donwload ?

    • Taking the course is indeed mandatory for receiving the software. I’ll reiterate, we (COBB) do not receive ANY of the payment for taking the class. The kind folks at EFI University host the material and tests so you are paying them for their resources.


    • Hey Tony,

      The Accesstuner software will allow the creation of your own map files or modification of COBB Off The Shelf Maps. Custom tunes created by Authorized COBB Protuners are locked and can not be viewed/edited except by that Protuner.


  57. As a previous tuner, I just want to tune my own car, locked to my AP. I’ve read and been told that the VW MK7 R AP tuner would be out by now, can i just get a code to take the test please? I have documentation showing i have taken the efi uni course and work experience with customer database using cobb, aem, haltec, motec, eurodyne maestro and autronic. As well as 10 years of constant tuning and useage without any problems or failures on my personal race car and previous dailys, etc. Deliver please!! Mahalo!

    • Hello,

      The consumer version of AccessTuner does not currently exist for any VW vehicles. We will be releasing WM Golf R support soon for Accessport OTS maps and updating authorized Pro-Tuners to custom tune via the professional use version of Accessstuner only.


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