Carbon Fiber Radiator Shrouds for Ford F-150 & Raptors Now Available!

Ford Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud

More Carbon Fiber, More Happiness

Today we’re happy to announce the immediate availability of our Redline Carbon Fiber Radiator Shrouds for Ford F-150 & Raptor models to complete the look perfectly with our already Redline Carbon Fiber Coolant Cover, Air Scoop, and Intakes. These new radiator shrouds take our aluminum shrouds up to the next level by introducing a new design, integrated mesh grates, high-quality carbon fiber in a 2×2 twill weave pattern, with a riveted COBB badge to tie it all together.

Carbon Fiber Shroud

This COBB radiator shroud will not only dress up your F-150 engine bay but also help performance by reducing intake pressure drop pre-filter. This is accomplished by allowing more airflow up through the cutouts and into the snorkel when the hood is shut. In conjunction with our Intake Scoop Bracket, the Redline Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud for your Ford F-150 or Ford Raptor significantly reduces collapse of the intake ducting when under significant load/vacuum while adding to the overall look and styling of the truck. Due to the shaping of the front bumpers and headlight area that differs between the two separate generations of trucks, we have two part numbers depending on your use-case:

4F2660: 2017-2020 “Gen2” Ford Raptor
4F3660: 2021-2023 Ford F-150 & “Gen3” Ford Raptor

Gen2 Ford Raptor Engine
2021+ F150 Raptor Engine

These Redline Carbon Fiber radiator covers propel the normally cluttered engine bay to pure automotive nirvana and give the truck the accolades it deserves. So if you’re ready to take your truck to the next level, follow the item listings below:

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