COBB Tuning AccessPORT Update Features Boost Tuning, Faster Datalogging and LC/FFS for MAZDASPEED Vehicles

COBB Tuning is happy to announce new features and calibration updates for all MAZDASPEED vehicles. This update includes Boost Tuning for 1st Gen (2007-2009) MAZDASPEED3s, Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting enabled for 2nd Gen (2010-2011) MAZDASPEED3 and Fast Data Logging for all MAZDASPEED3s and MAZDASPEED6s. Boost Tuning logic for the MAZDASPEED6 is still in development and will be released at a later date.

These features are available through a combination firmware updates and new maps. The updated maps for the MAZDASPEED3 are available for Stage1 and Stage2 cars with the stock intake, the COBB SF intake and several other intakes as well as calibrations for turbo inlet pipes, intercoolers and other go-fast, bolt-on parts. Now every model year of the MAZDASPEED3 line-up has over 110 Off-The-Shelf maps to choose from, making the AccessPORT the leader in plug-and-play ECU tuning!

Boost Tuning

COBB Tuning is the leading innovator in MAZDASPEED3  aftermarket performance ECU Tuning. Our proprietary industry-leading Boost Tuning logic has performed extremely well on the 2010-2011 MAZDASPEED3 vehicles. Over the past several months we have offered Boost Tuning calibrations and tuning software in BETA format for the 2007-2009 MAZDASPEED3 with very positive results. These calibrations are now available in final release form, giving 2007-2009 MAZDASPEED3 owners the superior performance of Boost Tuning and over 110 maps to choose from!  In addition, current non-boost tuning calibrations can be converted via AccessTUNER for better boost control.

The stock ECU logic uses load targets to determine power output and dynamically adjusts boost pressure to meet those targets. Early on, COBB Tuning recognized that this was a cumbersome way of controlling boost and could result in erratic boost control and sub-optimal performance. To rectify this, COBB Tuning developed new logic instructing the ECU to target boost instead of load.

This “Boost Tuning” strategy allows for much more consistent boost control for a more linear and consistent boost curve which means improved power delivery for your MAZDASPEED vehicle. Boost Tuning on the OEM ECU is ONLY available on the COBB Tuning AccessPORT.

Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting

COBB Tuning is pleased to announce the availability of Launch Control and Flat-Foot Shifting for 2nd Gen (2010-2011) MAZDASPEED3s. Launch Control limits engine RPM to a user-set value when launching to build boost and increase launch consistency. Flat-Foot Shift allows the user to maintain wide-open-throttle during gear changes, keeping partial boost between shifts and improving acceleration post-shift.

This firmware release enables Launch Control and Flat Foot shifting on 2nd Gen MAZDASPEED3’s and sets the limits at the factory rev limiter. The latest release of AccessTUNER software allows the Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting limiters to be adjusted and saved in the map. Click this link to learn more about the latest MAZDASPEED AccessTUNER release.

Fast Data Logging

This update also includes Fast Data Logging for all MAZDASPEED AccessPORTs. Faster datalogging means more resolution in data logs, allowing users to see how the engine is behaving during high-speed and high-load conditions in greater detail. The Fast Data Logging feature is built into the latest maps for the MAZDASPEED3 and MAZDASPEED6 are available now for download. This feature applies to both v2 and v2b AccessPORTs.

Compatibility Update

An incompatibility exists between previous versions of our maps and the latest AccessPORT firmware release for the MAZDASPEED vehicles, which will lead to improper readings through the AccessPORT’s Live Data and/or Data Log features. In order to resolve this issue, please be sure to follow the steps below for the scenario that most closely matches your situation. To use these latest calibrations your AccessPORT must be updated to Firmware Version or later.

If you are using calibrations made with older versions of AccessTUNER or wish to use an older Off The Shelf calibration please update your calibrations using the following steps. Please be sure to download and install the latest version of AccessPORT Manager 2.0 before following any of the steps listed. Maps must be open and saved with AccessTUNER version or later to resolve compatibility issues.

* Updating when utilizing the latest Off-The-Shelf (OTS) calibrations

  1. Update your AccessPORT firmware
  2. Download the latest OTS maps
  3. Transfer new maps to AccessPORT
  4. Reflash vehicle with a newly downloaded map

* Updating when utilizing an AccessTUNER Race custom tune or old revision OTS calibration

  1. Update your AccessPORT firmware
  2. Request and download the latest version of AccessTUNER Race (if necessary)
  3. Open and resave your custom/old revision calibration through AccessTUNER Race version or later
  4. Transfer resaved map to AccessPORT
  5. Reflash vehicle with resaved map

* Updating when utilizing an AccessTUNER Pro custom tune

  1. Contact your professional tuner to request that your map be resaved
  2. Update your AccessPORT firmware
  3. Transfer newly saved map to AccessPORT
  4. Reflash vehicle with newly saved map

We would like to stress that if you are using an old version of one of our OTS calibrations or an AccessTUNER Race custom tune with a new AccessPORT firmware revision, you can resolve this Data Log/Live Data issue by re-saving your map through the latest version of AccessTUNER Race, then flashing the newly saved map to your vehicle.

Download Calibrations

For a complete list of available calibrations, visit our Online Map Database for your MAZDASPEED3 or MAZDASPEED6.


More information regarding all of these updates can be found in the MAZDASPEED AccessPORT Firmware Release Notes and the MAZDASPEED AccessTUNER Software Release Notes.

For more information on how the AccessPORT can improve your MAZDASPEED experience, please visit our Product Information Page, visit the COBB Tuning Forums or call us at 866-922-3059. To join in on the COBB Tuning conversation, head over to our COBB Tuning Facebook page and click the LIKE button to stay plugged in, or follow us on Twitter.

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