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About COBB

COBB Tuning is an automotive engineering company founded in Rockwall TX by Trey COBB in 1999. We are dedicated to developing solutions that improve vehicle performance and the driving experience. COBB Tuning approaches design by taking the entire vehicle-platform into account as a complete system. Our ultra-high-quality products and services are professionally engineered, thoroughly tested and backed by industry leading customer service to ensure that they meet our objectives and exceed customer expectations.

From our initial Subaru focus, COBB Tuning has expanded its product offerings to BMW, Ford, Mazda, Porsche , Mitsubishi, Nissan and Volkswagen specializing in engine management electronics, intake tract components, turbocharged exhaust systems, turbo kits, drivetrain components and suspension components.

We are a one-stop firm with an enviable set of qualified skills and the exceptional ability to design, engineer, manufacture, test and service our own products under one roof. Whether it’s our state-of-the-art Accessport ECU programmer, our exceptional bolt-on performance products, COBB Tuning has the experience, skill and attitude to meet your specific needs.

COBB Tuning is Engineered Performance.


COBB prides itself on maintaining the best customer support and quality products in the industry. Our reputation is upheld by our devoted customer following and exceptional reviews. The COBB CSR team is a group of insightful enthusiasts that share a passion for automotive performance. Their expert product knowledge and comprehensive experience provide the support for any potential issues or product questions you may have. We are available through email, by phone, in person at events. If you’ve got questions, they’ve got the answers! Click here for Customer Support


The COBB Accessport V3

THE COBB WAY STEP 2: ACCESSPORT. The COBB Tuning Accessport is the first and easiest modification you can make to your car to see instant results. The Accessport is the world's best selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your Subaru. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. Follow our staged upgrade path with pre-loaded Off-The-Shelf (OTS) maps or use custom mapping for any modification level. It's the last engine management solution you'll ever need. Learn more about the The COBB Way here



THE COBB WAY STEP 2: STAGE POWER PACKAGE. Our engineers rigorously test Hard Parts to find the right order and combination for the best incremental power gains. Maps are created and tested to tune the ECU so that it supports and takes advantage of each part. With these results, COBB is able to create the Upgrade Path of Staged Packages that have all the necessary parts to upgrade your car. Learn more about the The COBB Way here



THE COBB WAY STEP 3: CUSTOM TUNING. So what is custom tuning? Custom tuning means fine tuning an existing COBB Off the Shelf Map or creating a new map from scratch, to gain the maximum performance for your set up. Learn more about the The COBB Way here