Introducing the COBB Studio and COBB University

For the past few months we’ve been hard at work building the all new COBB Studio.  This will serve as a dedicated space where we will be producing a wide variety of videos, from instructional to entertainment. The visual design is focused on a clean look fitting the COBB brand while featuring a fully functional lift/work area.

When it came time to furnish the space, we reached out to SONIC Tools USA.  Like us, the crew at SONIC Tools puts the customer first.  SONIC Tools offers precision-crafted tools perfect for commercial and consumer use. Backed by a lifetime warranty, SONIC Tools hand tools and toolboxes are utilized by incredibly reputable organizations like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Porsche, Michelin and more.  Their tools have also been proven through their partnerships with Scuderia Ferrari, C.J. Wilson Racing, and Prestige Performance.




COBB University

Our kick-off project for the COBB Studio will be COBB University, or COBB U for short.

COBB U is a video series which will walk emerging automotive enthusiasts through the basics of various automotive systems.  We will also cover how modifications and car tuning work hand-in-hand to help you achieve your car’s goals.  Each video will take the viewer step by step through the entire vehicle from the engine cycle, suspension components, cooling systems, fueling, and more!  The end goal is to provide the viewer with the basic knowledge of how all these systems work so they can make educated decisions about how and what to modify on their vehicles. These videos will be available for free to everyone via and the COBB YouTube Channel.

Below are a few examples of video topics:

  • Basic overview from intake to exhaust.
  • ECU/Tuning Explained
  • Intake Explained
  • Boost Explained
  • Intercooler Explained
  • Fuel Explained
  • Combustion Cycle Explained
  • Suspension Explained
  • Braking Explained
  • Data Logging Explained


15 responses to “Introducing the COBB Studio and COBB University”

  1. Hi,
    I saw in your blog that it is possible to download software to modify my tune after I have done an online course. Can you please send me a link to this course so I can complete it and download the software needed?

  2. Hi, I bought stage1 packet, stage 2, and inter cooler kit. i need to know what map is the correct for all this performance accesorios because my car doesn’t work well now.

    • Hi Carlos,

      Please let me know the year and model of your car and the exact list of parts installed. Then I can give the best recommendation.

      • Hi Adam, subaru sti 2.5 2019
        Stage 1 +
        Accesport, intake, airbox
        Stage 2
        Downpipe, titanium cat-back , heatshield, cobb badge.
        Black cobb inter cooler kit

        • Hi Carlos,

          We do not have a map file for that configuration of parts. On 2015+ WRX STI’s a fuel system upgrade is required in order to take advantage of both the intake and downpipe. Unfortunately, the airflow increases from both of those parts are not able to be supported by the stock fuel injectors and other fuel system components. You have three options in this scenario: 1) Have the car custom tuned by a Protuner in its current configuration 2) Purchase the fuel system components to complete our Stage 3 Power Package and use the Stage 3 OTS Map, or 3) Reinstall the stock intake OR stock downpipe and use the appropriate OTS map file for that configuration.

          I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any additional questions!


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