Gen2 Raptor and 3.5L HO F-150 Map Updates

With combined hundreds of thousands of miles now on our shop trucks, employee trucks, and analyzing customer data logs we have observed room for improvement in our Gen2 Raptor Off The Shelf (OTS) Map assortment.  There are two main components to this update for supported Ford F-150s (3.5L HO) and Gen2 Raptors; v200 updates for existing OTS files and all new Performance Tow maps.

Updated calibrations for ALL existing OTS

In addition to the new Performance Tow maps, our Ford team has also made extensive effort to further improve existing performance (Stage 1 and Stage 2) Off The Shelf maps.  A smoother and more refined boost curve provides more linear power delivery at wide open throttle.  Compensations have been further refined to safely maintain power and torque gains in adverse conditions including high ambient air temperatures, high charge air temperatures, and low barometric pressures.

  • Stage1 87 OCT or 91 RON v200.ptm

  • Stage1 91 OCT or 95 RON v200.ptm

  • Stage1 93 OCT or 98 RON v200.ptm

  • Stage2 87 OCT or 91 RON v200.ptm

  • Stage2 91 OCT or 95 RON v200.ptm

  • Stage2 93 OCT or 98 RON v200.ptm

 CLICK HERE for all dyno charts and Map Notes

Performance Tow Maps (91 and 93 octane variants)

While the debate is still out regarding the Raptor’s intent to tow, we have seen a number of customers that do indeed use their trucks for towing or hauling heavier loads.  The introduction of Performance Tow maps creates the ability to do just that while also enjoying increased power and torque.  Compared to existing performance maps, these will utilize a slightly less aggressive boost curve and less ignition timing.  This keeps the initial torque hit in check as to reduce strain on the drivetrain while loaded.  Torque requests have been slightly reduced in both Normal and Tow modes, Sport mode will ramp in slightly quicker.  The Performance Tow maps are available in both 91 octane and 93 octane flavor and can safely be used on trucks ranging from stock to our typical “Stage 2” configuration (intake + intercooler).

  • Performance Tow 91 OCT or 95 RON v200

  • Performance Tow 93 OCT or 98 RON v200

 CLICK HERE for all dyno charts and Map Notes

How do you get these updates?

Great question!  There are two ways to access these updated v200 map files and new Performance Tow maps.  One is to download them directly from the Maps section of our website and loading them onto the Accessport using Accessport Manager.  The other is to perform a simple firmware update again using our Accessport Manager software.


Don’t have an Accessport yet but want all of this awesomeness?  We have two Accessport options for Ford Gen2 Raptors.

Accessport for F-150 EcoBoost (3.5L HO) and Gen2 Raptor

Accessport with TCM Flashing for F-150 EcoBoost (3.5L HO) and Gen2 Raptor

3 responses to “Gen2 Raptor and 3.5L HO F-150 Map Updates”

  1. Are you working on a towing map for the tcm also? These appear to be ecm maps only. You would run Performance tow map on ecm and simulatedstock on tcm Asia stands, correct?

    • Hey Nathan, the new ECU maps can be used with any of the existing TCM maps. When towing, we always just recommend entering into the factory “Tow” drive mode.


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