Mazdaspeed3 vs Mazdaspeed6

We corner weighed our Mazdaspeed3 and a customer’s Mazdaspeed6 recently. Both are obviously completely different cars targeted at different markets, so the comparison isn’t to show the fact that the MS3 is lighter than the MS6. This is simply to give a baseline comparison for those interested. At the end of the day, Mazda cars always handle amazingly well and are (in my opinion) superbly engineered. I only hope Mazda decides to continue the Mazdaspeed line of vehicles as they move to the new generations of both the Mazda3 and Mazda6. Nearly everyone I’ve met from Mazda in the US was a real enthusiasts so I’m confident they’ll want it to happen as much as I do. Enough babbling…on to data!






8 responses to “Mazdaspeed3 vs Mazdaspeed6”

  1. Cool, a Mazdaspeed6. Why, pray tell, would you have someone’s Mazdaspeed6 in your possession? More development? That would be great if that were true =)

  2. Interesting how Mazda claims that the Mazdaspeed3 weighs 3209.93 lbs (1456kg).
    That about a 127 lbs difference… I see how the one you’re using has aftermarket rims, and maybe some other weight reduction mods?

  3. Just bought a Mazdaspeed6. I’m anxious for the AccessPort and SRI (mostly the AP since the MS3 intake will fit already) to be made available. 😉

  4. Thank you for the tidbit about our Speed 3s. I appreciate your efforts and y’all at Cobb sharing this fun stuff with us

  5. We need the AP for our Mazdaspeed6. We are waiting. Please. Just the people from the forums are about 400 to willing to buy it because we trust COBB.

  6. Please make available the Cobb MS6 CAI. I am waiting to buy this and the AP. You come highly recommended.

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