MPI for USDM 2019+ VW and Audi!

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In 2019 our VW/Audi team proudly released Multi-Port Injection custom tuning support via the Accessport for the 2014-2018 model year cars. Now we are just as proud to expand that support for the updated OEM ECU found in the 2019+ model year cars.

Vehicles included in the update (USDM Models):
VW Golf GTI/R 2019+
VW Jetta GLI 2019+
Audi A3 Quattro 2019+
Audi S3 2019+

What is MPI?

If you want more power, you need more fuel but eventually, your stock injectors simply run out of flow. The answer to that conundrum is Dual Injection, or what VW/Audi folks commonly refer to as MPI (Multi-Port Injection). The V3 Accessport and AccesstunerPro software that our approved ProTuner network use for custom tuning now hold that power! Check out this video if you are still a little stumped about what MPI actually is.

How to get MPI

Now that you get the general idea of the value of MPI …your next question might be, “how do I get it on my car?“. If so, the short answer is that there are three general steps.

Step 1: Find a COBB Approved VW ProTuner!

The process of adding a dual injection system to a car that doesn’t already have it naturally requires custom tuning. So if you don’t already have a favorite COBB certified VW ProTuner/Shop, time to find one. You can use our dealer locator page to see who is in your area: CLICK HERE

Step 2: Update your Accessport!

By the time you read this, new Accessport and AccesstunerPro updates will be live. (Make sure your Accessport is up to date by using Accessport Manager)

Step 3: Get the Hardware!

On the software/ECU Tuning side of things, if you have an Accessport, you have everything you and your ProTuner need to tune a MK7 with an MPI system installed. But the hardware side of that equation is up to you. So now that you have a new tuning best buddy, have a friendly chat to determine which of the various MPI kits available on the aftermarket are best for your goals. There are a few different combinations of turbos, injectors, rails, and MPI adaptation kits that you can choose from to apply dual-injection to your car. Each have pros/cons and suit different power levels.

So choose wisely…bolt it all in…strap the car on the dyno…and watch your ProTuner make all the power!

Ed car track1 crop whie space MPI Rail crop
MK7 R by Equilibrium Tuning with MPI calibration via the COBB Accessport V3


“Yeah…HA HA HA HA!”
dyno MPI whie space time slip MPI crop 2

Please contact our support team with any questions
Phone : 866-922-3059

Chris Johnson on July 29, 2020 says:

Will you release MPI for WM MK7 and MK7.5 soon to?

    Adam Hill
    Adam Hill on July 29, 2020 says:

    Hi Chris,

    WM MPI is still TBD.