New HCT Intake Upgrades for EcoBoost Raptors and F150s

Gen3 Raptor Carbon HCT Intake

Today we are releasing brand new intakes for the Gen3 Raptors as well as updating the lineup for the 2018-2020 Gen2 Raptors and 3.5L F-150 vehicles! We carried over the offerings of both the standard wrinkle black piping with injection molded lid in addition to the absolutely breathtaking full carbon fiber variant. We have no doubt that these new intakes will not only clean up the look of the engine bay, but give you the performance and sound that you crave when pushing that EcoBoost engine!

Despite looking very close to the previous iteration, these new intakes incorporate OEM-grade hydrocarbon traps into the tubing without restricting any airflow. What is a HyrdoCarbon trap you might ask, here’s a video showing just that along with some behind the scenes during some of the development of these new Ford truck intakes:

By retaining a level of hydrocarbon trap in the system, we were able to have that intake emissions tested at SEMA Garage and receive a SEMA Certificate of Compliance showing passing emissions results.

12/21/2023 UPDATE

The intakes below are all covered under C.A.R.B. Executive Order D-660-180 and are legal for use in all 50 States, even you folks in California!


If you’re ready to upgrade that truck with the latest and greatest, follow the links below to find your respective intake and hear those turbos breathe!

2018-2020 3.5L F150 & Gen2 Raptor Carbon Fiber Redline Intake with HCT
2021-2023 Gen3 Raptor Carbon Fiber Redline Intake with HCT

2018-2020 3.5L F150 & Gen2 Raptor Intake with HCT
2021-2023 Gen3 Raptor Intake with HCT

And if you need any more information, here’s a specific highlight video on the new Ford Truck Intakes w/ HCT here:


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    • Hey there! We do not offer Accessport tuning support for the 2015 EcoBoost trucks but some of our bolt-on hard parts may still fit.


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