New Nissan GT-R AccessPORT High-Power OTS Maps for the Big SF Intake

The COBB Tuning Big SF Intake is a 3-inch inner diameter (ID) intake designed to open the door to high-power builds in your future, yet work effortlessly with an otherwise stock GT-R. The Big SF Intake kit future-proofs your intake, so you won’t need to upgrade this component later if you decide to go down the path of major modifications. Furthermore, it installs as easily as our regular SF Intake, without any cutting or trimming of bodywork.

Now it’s easy to take the first step through that open door to more power! We have just released our AccessPORT Off-The-Shelf High-Power (HP) calibrations for the Big SF Intake for Stage1 and Stage2 cars. These HP maps close the gap between our standard GT-R Off-The-Shelf maps and a full custom tune performed by a professional tuner. The Stage2 Beta HP maps, on their highest boost setting, have generated 30HP and 45TQ peak over the standard Stage2 Off-The-Shelf maps and show gains of up to 45HP at 5670RPM!


With great power comes even greater responsibility, and these maps are no exception. While these maps make more power, they do so by utilizing the stock fuel system to its absolute limit, and in some cases the demand placed on the fuel system may exceed its capacity to deliver adequate fuel to run safely.

Data logging vehicle performance is an absolute requirement when using these maps to ensure that the mechanical systems of your GT-R are up to the task of supporting these Beta HP maps. Instructions on how and what parameters to data log are explained in this GT-R Beta HP Data Logging Instructions document as well as how to evaluate performance to determine if these maps are safe to use on your GT-R.

These impressive new Beta HP Off-The-Shelf maps for the COBB Big SF Intake can be downloaded from the special Nissan GT-R HP Map Database, which reminds you of the special attention required to ensure your vehicle can take advantage of these maps while maintaining adequate safety margin.

How to Get the Latest Updates
Firmware – Please visit the Step-By-Step AccessPORT Firmware Update Instructions page to guide you through the firmware update process.
Maps – Please visit the Step-By-Step AccessPORT Map Download and Install Instructions page to guide you through finding maps, downloading them to your computer, transferring them to your AccessPORT and flashing a new map to your ECU.

4 responses to “New Nissan GT-R AccessPORT High-Power OTS Maps for the Big SF Intake”

  1. Hi!

    I bought à gtr 2009 and i order immediately after a accessport nis-006,i putted à big cold air intake and mid pipe
    90 mm catless with 94,i tryed your Map stage 2 and i was not very happy with that,than i bought a Ecutek,and
    I saw a big difference with,my question is can you do a better tune with cobb than Ecutek and how much?
    And how can i have anti lag.
    Cause i want retry à cobb with à good tune for me.


  2. Good day,, I just recently bought an cobb accessport , in reference to your comment about getting more out of the pre loaded tune for a stage 2,, is that something you guys do ? who do I need to contact about that ?

    • Hi there! If you are interested in power beyond the scope of our Off The Shelf Maps you would need to contact one of our Authorized Protuners (CLICK HERE). They will be able to provide a custom tune for your specific vehicle configuration and fuel type.

      [email protected]

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