Nissan GT-R AccessPORT Gets Boost by Gear & Throttle Position!

COBB Tuning is proud to announce new updates to Nissan GT-R AccessPORT firmware and Off-the-Shelf (OTS) maps that allow gear and throttle position dependent boost control! This new “throttle and gear wastegate multiplier” effectively allows the user to limit boost onset for a given throttle position. These new features will help users prevent mid-corner snap oversteer from boost onset, even though the car is at part-throttle.

This throttle position-dependent traction control will allow drivers to apply power more smoothly, reducing sudden loss of traction due to rapid turbo spool for more effective throttle modulation. This is particularly effective for part-throttle modulation during cornering.

Both firmware and OTS calibrations have been updated to utilize this new feature. Users with older firmware and maps must update their AccessPORT and calibrations to install this new feature. Vehicles with Protuned maps must be updated by your tuner.

Gear and Throttle Wastegate Multiplier:

The gear and throttle wastegate multiplier is a gear and throttle position-dependent boost control strategy that behaves like traction control. However, instead of using the brakes and other conventional drivetrain-based methods to limit wheel spin, the ECU alters wastegate duty cycle to limit turbo spool. This in turn limits toque and power output effectively limiting low-end torque and wheel spin.

The COBB Tuning OTS maps are designed to limit full boost at part throttle for better power modulation at half throttle. However, these new tables allow for both gear AND throttle dependent boost control so that boost can be limited both by gear selection and throttle position to suit the user’s driving style.


New Base Maps

Refined boost control based on gear and throttle position (control over tire traction in lower gears).

  • Maps are available with this firmware update or can alternatively be downloaded from the GT-R AccessPORT Map Database.
  • Version 2.01 map updates available for all Supported GT-Rs:
    • ADM 2009-10 GT-R
    • East Asia 2009-10 GT-R
    • EDM 2009-10 GT-R
    • Gulf Spec 2009 GT-R
    • JDM 2008-10 GT-R
    • South Africa 2009-10 GT-R
    • USDM 2009-11 GT-R

AccessTuner PRO

To obtain AccessTUNER PRO visit the GT-R AccessTUNER Pro Product Page


New Features: Added Gear and TPS boost table multiplier.

  • Gear And Throttle wastegate multiplier Boost Table)
  • This new table allows tuners to run different boost pressures in different gears (control tire traction in lower gears).

New Tuning Guide

  • v2.01
  • Added documentation for “Gear and Throttle wastegate multiplier

New Vehicle Support:

  • ADM 2010 GT-R
  • East Asia 2010 GT-R
  • EDM 2010 GT-R
  • JDM 2010 GT-R
  • South Africa 2010 GT-R
  • USDM 2010 GT-R
  • USDM 2011 GT-R

Pass-Through Tuning

Improved tuner workflow by by-passing the necessity to use AP Manager (Connect the AP to PC via usb cable and AP to car via OBD cable). Allow the AP to boot to main menu (AP must be in main menu in order for any pass-through tuning to work, AP will show a busy-screen when in Pass-Through Mode.

Flash Map

Pass-Through tuning removes the necessity of having to use AP Manager to transfer maps during tuning. This allows tuners to connect their AccessPORT to the PC and car simultaneously and allow for map flashing and map transfer without having to use additional tools outside of tuner.

Important Notes

Please make sure your AccessPORT is updated to version for compatibility with new OTS maps and new Pro Tuner software. Instructions for updating your firmware can be found on the Nissan GT-R AccessPORT Firmware Page.

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