Nissan GT-R September Updates

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This is a good one.  New hard parts and packages, new vehicle support, new Transmission Control Module (TCM) Off The Shelf maps, and new Stage 1, 1+, 2, and 3 maps that all make more power than their predecessors!  All maps are available through an Accessport Firmware Update or can be downloaded directly from the COBB website.  If you’re using a COBB Off The Shelf map and/or want to improve the drive-ability of your GT-R, this release is for you!

Off The Shelf (OTS) maps previously available only in Beta form are now fully released as version 7.01.  Each dyno chart below shows the difference between stock (green), the prior v6.00 OTS map (blue), and the new v7.01 map (red).  Note the modification requirements have changed for the Stage 2 and 3 maps.  New Power Packages are available to correspond with the new requirements.


Stage 1+ Power Package

nissan-stage1plus (1)

Stage 1 + Big SF 

  • Intake Requirements: COBB Tuning Big SF Intake System
  • Exhaust Requirements: Stock exhaust or upgraded cat-back exhaust



The Stage 1 + Package includes the Accessport and Big SF Intake system.  This is everything you need to run the Stage1+Big SF Off The Shelf map!



Stage 2 Power Package

nissan-stage2 (1) Stage 2

  • Intake Requirements: COBB Tuning Big SF Intake System
  • Exhaust Requirements: COBB Tuning Y-Pipe

Take your R35 GT-R to the next level of performance with the COBB GT-R Stage 2 Power Package!  Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations.  Reduce airflow restrictions with our Big SF Intake System and 3.5″ Intermediate (Y) pipe.   Note that all Stage 2 maps now require the COBB Big SF Intake System.  There is no longer a designated Stage 2 map for use with the factory intakes.


Stage 3 Power Package

nissan-stage3 (1) Stage 3

The Stage 3 Package is for the GT-R owner that wants the most comprehensive bolt-on kit out there.  It includes the Accessport, Big SF Intake System, COBB 1000cc Injectors, Upgraded AEM 320lph Fuel Pumps, COBB Y-Pipe, COBB Catted Downpipes, and, new to the Stage 3 map requirements, the Alpha Performance Front Mount Intercooler!

Stock_v700 Stage 3_v600 Stage 3


TCM Optimized Shifting OTS Maps

If you’ve ever driven a GT-R in automatic mode you know the shifting profile leaves plenty to be desired.  While quickly up-shifting to 6th gear at neighborhood speeds may be ideal for conserving fuel, it leaves the car feeling sluggish and unresponsive.  Accelerating the vehicle from this high gear and low speed results in several clunky downshifts.  What if you could flash an Off The Shelf map for your TCM that imitated how you’d drive the car if it were a true manual?  You no longer have to ask with the new release of COBB Optimized Shifting Off The Shelf maps!  Check out the video below for a quick demonstration.

New Vehicle Support

This release includes TSB ROM support for the 2010 and 2011 USDM GT-R.  Visit the TSB ROM FAQ page for more details.  Support for the 2017 USDM GT-R and the 2017 JDM GT-R is also now available!  The full lineup of OTS maps above is also released for these vehicles.


Shelby Thomas on September 9, 2016 says:

I flashed the optimized TCM OTS map on my ’09 USDM GT-R. I was wondering how or if the optimized shift changes depending if the transmission is in “R”, “Normal” or “Snow” modes? I like the more aggressive up/down shift points but there are times I would prefer a more relaxed, fuel efficient shift schedule. Can I just put the trans in “Snow” mode to get this without having to flash back and forth between TCM maps? Thanks.

    Marshall on September 14, 2016 says:

    Hey Shelby,

    The Optimized Shifting changes are only applicable in Normal mode. Both “R” and “Snow” will retain their factory shifting characteristics. With custom tuning, those other modes can be altered. For your question, yes – switching to Snow would be a simple solution.


      Andrzej Kmiecik on November 8, 2016 says:

      I recently bought a 2013 GT-R Black edition, I didnt know there is a snow mode. where is it?

        Marshall on November 9, 2016 says:

        Nissan re-labeled the transmission toggle to say “Save” instead of “Snow” with the change to DBA. This “Snow/Save” mode is best used in snowy/slippery surfaces as the gear changes are less harsh.