Nissan GT-R September Updates


Cooler Weather.  Cool new features.  Most notably, September marks the release of a new Inspection/Maintenance Readiness reader (read-only).  New vehicle support has been added.  Highly desired Accesstuner improvements have also been delivered.  If you’ve been considering Flex Fuel or COBB Traction Control as part of your GT-R’s arsenal, wait no longer!  Next level enhancements to these great features are here.

Firmware Updates

The GT-R is a versatile platform.  It’s a quick daily driver that benefits from tons of aftermarket support.  It’s not uncommon to see 800+ horsepower daily driven GT-Rs.  With the new I/M Readiness Reader feature you can easily determine the readiness test status of your vehicle.  To do this, simply select “Troubleshooting” from the main menu and then select “I/M Readiness”.  This will then show the number of DTCs present and any monitors that are “not ready”.  This feature is available though a firmware update and works whether the Accessport is installed or uninstalled and on ANY vehicle with an OBDII port!

screenshot1 screenshot2


New vehicle support added to the NIS-007 and NIS-008 V3 Accessports include the 2016 USDM Nismo GT-R, the 2015 EDM GT-R, and the 2015 Gulf Spec GT-R.  In addition to being supported, these vehicles are also compatible with Accesstuner Race and Accesstuner Pro with enhanced Flex Fuel and COBB Traction Control features.

Accesstuner Updates

New Ethanol content Modification tables have been added to the Accesstuner Flex Fuel capabilities.   These include:

flex fuel

and can be used to overcome a common issue in Flex Fuel equipped vehicles seen here:


The graph above shows how the Ethanol RAW% (white) value can become erratic.  This is due to the mechanics of the sensor where fuel pressure inconsistencies (fuel pump cavitation), typically when cranking or at high load, cause an irregular reading.  This can be observed regardless of the sensor location and is common in many Flex Fuel equipped GT-Rs.  Instead of ethanol% (yellow) following this reading and reducing fuel, ignition, and boost due to the perceived ethanol content drop, table adjustments have been introduced to force the ECU to use an earlier reading.  This reading is captured based on the threshold set by the tuner (shown above where blue intersects red).  Once load drops below this threshold, ethanol% then follows ethanol%RAW (shown where the dip in yellow meets white as red falls).  This demonstration shows that tuning with these new tables provides an elegant way to counteract sensor jitter and false readings.

Additions to COBB Traction Control have also been made.  There is now a background ceiling to the Target Slip User Multiplier table.  This is present in both Accesstuner Race and Accesstuner Pro and will prevent any invalid values from being input and keep the feature working as intended.

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) descriptions have also been added to Accesstuner.  The DTC descriptions are shown in the “Advanced Engine Parameters” dialog box.  Extended descriptions that include common reasons for failure are shown by placing the mouse over the DTC for certain codes.



These features are available with a simple Accesstuner update.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the GT-R platform!

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