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Work on our Green Speed mission has been ongoing behind the scenes for multiple years, and the product of that work is now coming to light.  We take the role of being good stewards of the environment as well as our customers’ safety seriously.  As we continue to put effort towards being a leader in the aftermarket industry by developing and delivering responsible hard parts, packages, and tuning solutions across all of our supported platforms, you are going to see some changes to calibration (OTS Maps) availability and upgrade path progression on some of our platforms.  This is a large undertaking and there will continue to be several ongoing initiatives, some of which we’ll share a bit about below.

California Air Resources Board Executive Orders (CARB EO) and Emission Status on Products and OTS Maps

As mentioned above, this is not a new initiative for us.  While the aftermarket industry has seen the need to adapt a bit more significantly in recent years, we received our first CARB Executive Order (EO) in 2009 covering our Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, and Infiniti intake systems.  Over the past 6-7 years, we’ve ramped up our efforts with testing, partnered with SEMA Garage, and have an increasingly high volume of applications in process for products and calibrations to be covered by a CARB EO.  To date, we’ve amassed nearly 30 CARB EOs covering numerous Accessports, Stage Power Packages, Calibrations, and bolt-on modifications.  

Emissions compliance will continue to be a very important component in the development of both new products and calibrations (OTS Maps).  We introduced an Emissions section to all Product and Map pages in January 2021.  The Emissions section of these pages highlights the Emissions status of that product or OTS Map for customers.  If an EO from CARB has been issued for a particular product or Map, we provide the EO number and provide an external link to that Executive Order (EO) right from the product tor Map page.  We also provide details if that particular product is in the Executive Order (EO) application process, still in Emissions testing, or does not require an Executive Order (EO).

California Shipping Restrictions / OTS Map Download Restrictions

On January 28th we began to restrict product and Power Package shipments to California addresses if the product or Power Package requires an Executive Order (EO), but we don’t yet have an issued Executive Order (EO).  Once an EO is issued for specific products or Power Packages, they are immediately updated in our system, and those products are then available to ship to a California address.  On March 1st we began to restrict California customers from downloading OTS Maps that require an Executive Order (EO) but we don’t yet have an issued Executive Order (EO).  Once an EO is issued for OTS Maps / Calibrations, they are immediately updated in our system, and those Maps are available for California customers to download from the website and added to applicable Accessport Firmware.

Accessports – Preloaded Maps, Firmware, What Maps are Available, and Where

On March 1st, in addition to California OTS Map website download restrictions, we made an update to OTS Maps that are preloaded into Accessport firmware.  If an Accessport does have an Executive Order (EO) issued for OTS Maps / Calibrations, we’ve removed all OTS Maps from those Accessports and firmware that do not yet have an issued Executive Order (EO).  Some additional OTS Maps (not preloaded on the Accessport) will continue to be available for download on our website.  In situations that an Off-The-Shelf Map is not currently available for your car’s configuration, our Protuner network is still available for custom tuning.

Migration to GESi Catted Downpipes and Related OTS Map Updates

One of the first modifications generally made to a turbocharged car is an upgraded downpipe.  For over a decade, COBB downpipes have been the status quo when it comes time to upgrade supported Subarus, Mazdas, Mitsubishis, Fords, and more.  Featuring quality stainless tubing and CAD-designed cast bellmouths, our downpipes are the best fitting and most proven on the market.  Over the past couple of years, we set out to make the best downpipes available even better.  Our most popular downpipes are receiving updates to improve overall fitment, ease installation, maximize durability, and the inclusion of our proprietary GESi cat.  While some versions have already received these updates, we are continuing to work towards transitioning all of our exhaust components (Downpipes, J-Pipes, etc.).

In March 2021, we’ve removed all OTS Maps from Accessports, Firmware, and our website that contained disabled DTCs and toggles.  These OTS Maps are no longer offered and are no longer available. We did release improved OTS Maps, and we have re-enabled all superfluous trouble codes including those related to catalytic converter efficiency. When used in conjunction with our new GESi catted downpipes and Stage Power Packages, users can expect DTC-free operation of their vehicle.  Some platforms and/or vehicles are waiting for inventory and an “official” release of our new GESi Downpipes or J-Pipes.  The improved OTS Maps associated with these releases will not be available until inventory is shipping to Dealers and Customers.  Click here for the full breakdown and a list of updated exhaust components. 


COBB will continue to lead the way with our Authorized Dealer Network partners, aftermarket industry manufacturers, and our incredibly loyal customer base.  We will continue developing and delivering responsible hard parts, packages, and tuning solutions across all of our supported existing and future enthusiast platforms.

36 responses to “Project Green Speed”

  1. Is COBB going to find a way to retrofit their E85 sensor kit to use a different analog input or communicate over CAN? Or are all your customers screwed?

    • Hi Daniel, we are working on multiple avenues to bring Flex Fuel capability back to supported Subaru vehicles. It is possible that we will be able to offer a retrofit kit for those existing kits, but we will not be certain until we are further along in the development process.


  2. I am currently doing a 2005 Subaru STI swap into an Impreza RS and I am going to be using a Borg Warner Fullrace 7163 turbo kit will the access port be able to tune it as I am retaining all emissions equipment will running higher boost make the check engine light come on

    • Hi Thomas,

      You would be able to tune for that just fine. There is no CEL threshold for a boost level.


  3. There is a lot of miss information out there and I have stumbled across a lot of it. I have a 2007 outback XT five speed that I was planning on buying a Cobb downpipe for and an access port. As long as it’s a catted downpipe and I have all of my emissions equipment installed and working will an aftermarket tuner be able to use the access port to install his tune on my car? I know I could just go with Cobbs off the shelf tune but this particular tuner is very good at mapping the AVCS and I just trust his tuning ability over the OTS.
    Thanks in advance for responding.

    • Hi Jacob,

      Depending on the catalyst used in the downpipe, you may get a CEL. If that is the case, it will not be able to be turned off.


  4. So with your new software update and I am asking about Cobb downpipe. Does the Cobb downpipe have the correct catalyst material to not throw a code? I have a stock 2004 FXT

    • The COBB GESi Catted Downpipe available for your vehicle can be used without concern of causing a CEL due to catalyst efficiency. That said, we no longer offer an OTS file for that configuration so you would need to have the car custom tuned to safely account for the increase in airflow/performance.


  5. Hello! I was wondering if there will be an alternative to flex fuel, I am not sure if this is 100% correct, but I did hear you guys are working on an alternative that will be released this year, is that true?

    • Hi Justin,

      We’re definitely working on a solution. Still TBD whether it will work or when it will be released.


  6. So I recently bought a completely stock ‘05 WRX. 1 owner, unmolested. I am looking to get a intake, down pipe with a cat and exhaust with a cat and an access port. Would a tuner still touch my car if I get those bolt ons with the cat? If not, I might as well sell the car.

    • Hi Roberto,

      You would likely get a CEL depending on what aftermarket downpipe you use. Everyone would still be able to tune it. You could make plenty of power on the stock downpipe though. I’d recommend getting with a tuner and seeing what they recommend.


  7. which parts are the ones that can be used and be able to make my car pass the emissions I have a 2017 wrx

    • Hi Edson,

      All of the parts and maps we offer will pass. Simply configure your vehicle at the tp of the page and it will show you all the parts available.


  8. I have a COBB GESI Downpipe on my 2019 STI and it would throw a CEL every 25 or 30 miles so my tuner needed to use features that will not longer be available. I purchased this specific Downpipe to stay compliant, but apparently cannot. What is the recourse in this case?

  9. Really disappointing to see the reduction of support from Cobb here… I just struggle to comprehend how industrial and corporate greenhouse emissions run rampant, yet individual consumers continue to pay the price. Yeah, transportation as a whole is a large part of emissions, but geez, changing out an exhaust on a consumer car has such an insignificant impact overall. Just hate to see it… wishing Cobb the best, and hopefully more support from legislation in the future.
    I was looking forward to modifying my car yet again, and making it an individualized product that is unique and fun. Perhaps those days are over…

  10. That’s what happens when people vote for these green religious zealots. We no longer have separation of church and state… the church of Green must be bowed down to.

  11. If I use a COBB catted down pipe will that still offer performance benefit and will it generate an error code

    • Hi Andrew,

      You would need a custom tune to go along with it. Depending on which DP you use, you may have a CEL.


  12. Will I have access again to my accesstuner to update my maps? Will I need to reinstall TGVs to be able to do a LWG map as I recently started to overboost and I have the P0244 code. Trying to avoid that as last time I had tgv work, I needed over 2k in additional work to fix several fuel leaks that popped up after and were not covered by the warranty on the original work.

    Additionally thinking of moving to the 335i xdrive platform in the future. Will there be stage 2 support again in the future for that car or will it be limited to the stage 1 and 1+ maps?

    • Hi Joe,

      If you currently have Accesstuner, you will still have it. If you update Accesstuner, it will update to the current version. This current version will not have the capability to toggle off CELs. So, if you load your current map and try to resave it in the current version, you will have CELs if you have no TGVs present.

      For the 335, the current maps offered are likely all that will be. It doesn’t look (for now at least) that there is a path towards making a CARB legal map that includes downpipes.


  13. This is extremely disappointing. I had bought an Access Port with the intention of running flex fuel and changing out the inefficient and damaged exhaust on my car. I run a catted J pipe and it passes e-check, but now I am unsure I’m going to be able to do simple things like adjust fuel regulation after I add my new fuel pump. What will happen to people like me? I can’t even finish my mod list because no tuner can even touch my car because of the restrictions COBB has put on the AP software. I feel like I’ve been betrayed and stabbed in the back by our government officials and COBB as a whole. I purchased a product with legal authority with the intention of keeping my car running, and now all of a sudden I can’t even apply new maps to my car without ripping every single modification I’ve done to my car off. This just seems like it’s the way of life in America now. No one is looking out for you, everyone wants your money, and government regulators continue to ignore industrial pollution, while hurting people like me that are trying to do borderline basic repairs. It seems like no one is listening and our government literally couldn’t care less, as long as it makes the administration look good. God I hate this country.

    • Hey Tyler,

      We definitely understand your frustration with the changes we have made to our software and the situation you’re now having to deal with. At the end of the day, the laws are what they are and while they are in place we are going to abide by them. Moving forward, the only real limitations are going to be specific to the removal of factory emissions devices. Your Accessport is still able to allow for tuning of almost all other common bolt-on upgrades, even outside the scope of our defined upgrade path and power packages. I’m also happy to let you know that we WILL be bringing Flex Fuel back for a majority of supported Subarus this year. If you have any questions specific to your car’s configuration and/or how to get it into a configuration that is tunable using our software, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


  14. Are you guys still on track to deliver the new Flex Fuel kit this year as suggested above? Any specific updates? I have a 2010 WRX hatchback with an IAG500 long block which I’m looking forward to using with flex-fuel and can’t wait to get started.

    • We are in the final phase of our initial re-release of Flex Fuel for our Subaru platform. While 2010 WRX support is not going to be included in the initial rollout, we still hope to make it available this year.


  15. 2024 update, I’m running an catted downpipe 400cell on 2019 subaru wrx sti stage 2 etune by cobb.. I replaced all new 02sensor oem still get P0420.. I hear if weld an 2nd catalytic converter behind 02sensor this will fixed P0420??!!! Help me

    • Hey Robert! The 2019+ STIs use a different method to determine catalyst efficiency. We are not aware of any currently available downpipes that are actually capable of consistently satisfying the on-car efficiency test. If you were to add a second catalyst, you would want it to be in front of the Rear O2 Sensor for it to have any impact on those tests.


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