SEMA 2015 : Daily Video Updates!

SEMA Day 4!  It’s a wrap!

SEMA 2015 has come to an end but we had an amazing time!

We end our SEMA coverage with a little Euro love! Thanks for watching and we can’t wait till next year!

SEMA Day 3!  Welcome to Tuner talk!

Day 3 of SEMA 2015 was awesome!  Today we get a chance to speak with two of our Protuners that make it all possible!  Get a little insight on their backgrounds and approaches to their craft!

SEMA Day 2!  Past, present and future!

SEMA 2015 is amazing with no shortage of vehicles and people to talk to!  Check out day 2 of our coverage!
Our theme today, “The past, present and future!”  We get into some history with Pete Brock, check out today’s trends with Adam Hatch, and look to the future with Jay of Local Motors.


After many travel delays, we spent our first day catching up and as promised, here’s our Day 1 Coverage!

The theme for today: Ford, Ford, Ford!

Today we cover our COBB SEMA Build, we take a look back in time with a ’62 Ford Econoline Pickup with just a little extra power!, go over Fiesta ST Build and wrap it up with a little treat over at Ford Out Front!

The SEMA Show is the biggest aftermarket auto show on the planet!  Every year it draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The SEMA Show draws more than 60,000 domestic and international buyers, features nearly 2,000 newly introduced parts, tools and components as well as provides attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and more.

Being an industry only expo, you might not have a way to get in on the action.  Don’t worry, COBB is your ticket to what’s exciting at SEMA!






2 responses to “SEMA 2015 : Daily Video Updates!”

  1. Very disappointed that after all the promises and doublespeak you didn’t release Flexfuel for the ’15 WRX. Your tuners are waiting for you to support it, and ECUTECK has been doing it for over a year. I have no idea why it’s so hard to add some factoring and a ECA to the system. I have a E85 Protune map and love it, but hate the uncertainty and risk of running E85 and/or mixing with 93.

    • Hey Marc, sorry you were disappointed, I’m not sure who/what promised this to you. We are indeed working on Flex Fuel for the Subaru platform and announced it to our Protuning network at SEMA. We understand we are a bit late to the game with Subaru Flex Fuel however we hope our elegant solution makes it worth the wait in the end. I promise you, it is more advanced than any other option currently available for the Subaru platform.


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