CAN Gateway for Subaru

COMING SOON, an all new Flex Fuel solution for Subaru.


  • Supports plug and play integration with a vehicle’s CAN bus, providing a seamless solution for reading and reacting to sensor data from multiple sources that can then be utilized by the ECU for tuning.
  • Allows for adding aftermarket sensor data, including flex fuel, without interfering with existing OE sensor inputs.
  • Billet aluminum, CNC machined case tested to OE level environmental standards.
  • Utilizes proprietary, modular harnesses with motorsport grade, weather-sealed connections to vehicle and sensors. 
  • Compatible with a wide range of sensors and inputs, to support an expanding list of years, makes, and models.
  • Mounts to a vehicle specific bracket using high grade stainless steel hardware.
  • Capable of supporting up to 6 digital or analog inputs

What the heck is CAN?  Watch our CQC below for a quick explanation!

For those who may not recall, this is not our first CAN Gateway.  Our Nissan GT-R CAN Gateway application was launched back in 2019.  The COBB CAN Gateway allows for seamless integration of Flex Fuel tuning without needing to hijack important OEM sensor inputs.

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  1. to support an expanding list of years, makes, and models. does that mean that’s its going to work with the new 22-later vb wrx? please say yes

  2. Will this help remidy the issue of EPA regulations and loosing alot of flex fuel and tuning support with access ports on the subarus?

    I Purchased the stage one plus package for my 2009 Forester xt with the intentions of getting a flex fuel kit eventualy, it was the whole reason I purchased the Accessport over other brands.

  3. I currently have a pregreen speed flex fuel sensor and tune. My sensors brain died, my car has been stuck in limp mode for months due to this issue. Will this new one be plug and play and my current tune work?

    • You will need to have the car re-tuned with updated software in order to utilize the new flex fuel solution once it is made available.


    • A COBB1 code with our original and NexGen flex fuel kits can indicate a number of different issues including the occasional module failure. This system is completely new with no shared components other than the ethanol content sensors themselves.


  4. I know this was targeted for a mid January release you had said previously, how’s it looking? Can we expect this anytime soon??

    • We’re nearing the completion on the development side and in the midst of emissions testing. It doesn’t look like January is in the cards, we are trending more towards a mid-February release at this point.


  5. Idk if this is relevant to this, but will this allow for GESI downpipes to be tuned without CEL going off. I have a 2021 STI and read around that downpipes throw CEL on and can’t be turned off by tuners.

    • We will not be introducing the ability to toggle off DTCs related to catalyst efficiency. The 2019+ STIs utilize a different manner to determine catalyst efficiency and are more likely to fail the car’s onboard test, causing a DTC. In our experience, there are very few, if any, downpipes available on the market that will not cause a DTC on those cars.


  6. I need to update my non-compliant one when this is released. Will Cobb sell the harness separate from the sensor again?

    • We do not plan to offer that type of kit for this application. The ONLY reusable component is the ethanol sensor itself.


    • The timeline is constantly changing at this point due to emissions testing. We have parts in house and ready to ship as we work through the final stages of compliance. Once that step is complete, a release will be imminent.


    • We’ve been in the emissions lab with multiple cars this week and things are definitely progressing! We are hoping to move into actual certification testing in the next couple of days.


  7. Is your current testing for EPA, not for CARB? And if so, is there a timeline for CARB certification to follow?

    • The emissions testing we are currently working through is to show that a vehicle is still emissions compliant with our flex fuel package and supporting calibration installed. We feel that demonstrating this gives us reasonable basis to sell the product outside of California. We do hope to receive CARB EO coverage for all of our flex fuel components in the future and are working with CARB to develop a process for that as one does not currently exist for aftermarket applications.


  8. Sounds like California won’t see this flex fuel kit, or at least not in the near future. Especially if there isn’t a process for approval… Thanks for the update, I’ll check back not soon. lol

  9. @dwain I’m pretty sure they what they just said was they are working directly with CARB currently. We all know they can get a 49 state legal kit out right now but CARB is always a blocker for 50 state certification so what I read from that comment is they are trying to make it easier to get the certification If parts can clearly be emissions compliant and they are using this product as their first example of this.

  10. It’s looking like a 2024-2025 thing for CA I bet, they slow out here lol can’t wait though, my 2015 WRX wants some corn

  11. Once this system is approved, will the Accesstuner software be re-released (in conjunction with the prerequisite training) for individual users again?

    • We are not currently planning to re-release Accesstuner for end users. If you already have the software, we *may* be able to add the new vehicle definitions for flex fuel tuning in the future.


    • We have received verbal notification of passing results, awaiting formal presentation of documents at this point. Likely mid-May.


  12. Any idea how soon the VB kit will be available after the VA one is? Or will they release simultaneously?
    Any forecast on pricing info for the kit? 🌽🌽🌽

    • We have not even started on flex fuel for VB WRXs. Best case, late 2024 for those cars.


  13. I’m starting to wonder if realistically we see a product released in September. I’m also positive that all VA owners are very excited for the release! Thanks Marshall for keeping us updated.

    • Gateway Flex Fuel for VA WRXs will be released this month. We’ll have a better idea of a timeline for additional vehicles in the next month or two.


  14. Will there be OTS tunes for Stage1+ BIG SF with the new Flex kit or would we have get a custom tune?

    • We do not have plans to offer OTS tunes for the Big SF, so you would need to have the car custom tuned.


  15. Apologies for noob question – fuel pump upgrade, what else is recommended to support this properly?

    • A fuel pump upgrade is not required for use with our OTS files/Power Packages but would be recommended for older cars that may have a tiring in-tank fuel pump.


  16. Getting COBBE & COBB8 check engine codes on a 2018 WRX with no can gateway? Went from Cobb ots 93 tune to pro tune and now it’s throwing these codes.

    • Hey Christian! It sounds like your Protuner may just need to check that all of the Gateway / Flex Fuel toggles are disabled in your calibration.


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