Updating Your Accessport

With all the updates of late, we wanted to remind everyone just how easy it is to update your Accessport Firmware or map files (or both!) to enjoy new features or calibration changes!  The first step is to download and install Accessport Manager on your Mac or PC.  Once done, it’s all plug and play from there!  Simply connect your Accessport to your computer’s USB port, fire up the software, and get to updatin’!   Depending on the update, you may need to reflash your vehicle with a new map file once the updates have been applied to the Accessport.

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  1. Trying to update the firmware and keep getting an error saying to use another usb port or cable. Ive tried every port on my laptop and im using the ap cord but have also tried another cable. Everything worked fine on original setup a few months back. I can still import maps and export logs. Just wont update. Any ideas?

    • Hey Steven, what is the Accessport part number and firmware version? Are you getting an error when you try to update the Accessport? It may be best to give us a call at 1-866-922-3059 so our Support Team can help diagnose what may be going on.


  2. I am experiencing a similar issue to the above, I have tried multiple ports cables and various adapters.
    details below

    AP3-MAZ-002 v1.7.2.0-11420
    Vehicle Name: WM 2007-2008 MAZDASPEED3 / Axela / MPS
    Vehicle ID: MAZD_AU_MS3_07 (Installed)

    • Hey Adam, sorry to hear about the troubles! Have you also tried on a different computer? That firmware version is older and may be from before we made USB protocol changes.


    • As a follow-up, try removing all files from the Accessport (save them to your computer first) and giving the Update another shot. Sometimes if the memory is close to full an update will fail.


  3. Hi. I seem to be having a problem updating to the latest firmware.
    Everything connects fine and I can upload and export files fine. But when I click check for updates, it says Im using the latest firmware. But I’m not. Mine is v1.7.3.0-17749. Where the latest one shown in the window, is v1.7.3.1-16510
    Also, all of my maps are still v504 maps.

    • Hi Daryn,

      I’m sorry for the issues. It sounds like you may actually be on the current firmware. To know for sure, we’d need to know what Accessport part number you have. As for the maps, we’d also need to know what vehicle you have. A firmware update itself will not make visible the new maps if your Accessport is installed. You would need to use the Tune > Restore OTS Maps function and it will then show the newer map versions downloaded in firmware. If you give us a call at 866-922-3059 we’ll be happy to help walk you through it!


  4. Hi! As others in this thread I’m having the exact same problem of not being able to update my Accesport FOR0110977 AP3-FOR-001. Message showing is ” An error ocurred while updating the Accesport. Trying a different USB port and USB cable may help the update complete succesfully”.

    • Hey Javier, sorry to hear you’re having issues updating! If you’re continuing to have issues, shoot an email over to our support team at [email protected] with the Accessport info you’ve provided here as well as the current firmware version on the Accessport.


  5. I registered my AP V3 to a subaru 2016 wrx firmware is v1.7.3.1-17011. I uninstalled from the 2016 to install it in the 2018 wrx but it said could not recognized that car. Do I have to update the firmware or what can I do for it to recognize the 2018 subaru wrx?

    • Hi Viet,

      Yes. If you update to the current firmware, it should recognize the 2018 model WRX (assuming it is a USDM car).


    • Hi Ethan,

      I’m sorry to hear about your Accessport. As it turns out, t=we discontinued support for the v2 a couple of years ago. We no longer have any parts to service failed units. Sorry for the bad news.


  6. What is the differance to the mk 7 gti accesport update that is 400 ddollars and the normal one with transmission that is 1000?

    • Hi Asher,

      The $400 update is only an update. You’ll need an existing Accessport that is ECU only to purchase the $400 DSG update. With that added, it would be the same as the $1k Accessport that comes with both.


    • Hey Victor,

      Updating the Accessport should only take a few minutes. In some cases where the current firmware is quite old, it may take a bit longer. If it seems to be stuck on that screen, your best bet is to disconnect/reconnect the Accessport and let Accessport Manager attempt to complete the update.


  7. Hello I just bought the Accessport on 1/23/2022 and I plug my Accessport into my laptop but nothing shows up to where I can update it . Do I need to download a app into my laptop to update my Accessport ?

  8. Hi there. Same issue. Can view maps and AP info. But will not update. Just says error try another USB. Have installed several times. No good. Please help.

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