World Market Mk7 Golf R Support

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Volkswagen is an international brand and the Golf is the core of the VW tuning community worldwide. So we’re incredibly proud and excited to announce the release of Accessport support for the World Market Mk7 Golf R!

Supported Vehicles:

2014 – 2017 World Market VW Golf R Manual Transmission
2014 – 2017 World Market VW Golf R DSG Transmission

Accessport Features and OTS Maps

accessport_v3_volkswagen_003 accessport_v3_extra_08 accessport_v3_extra_01
AP3-VLK-003: $675 AP3-VLK-003-DSG: $1,075 DSG Tuning Upgrade: $400
Stage1 Off-The-Shelf Maps

The Accessport is now available internationally with the same part number and price as the previously released USDM version. The base price starts at $675 for ECU tuning functionality only. For an additional $400, the Accessport will include DSG tuning functionality as well. DSG tuning can be purchased up front and come pre-installed on the unit or obtained at a later date for the same total price. Once purchased, a simple update is easily applied to upgrade from ECU only functionality to add DSG tuning to the Accessport remotely with no need to send in the device.

Upon initial release, the Accessport will include Stage1 maps for 95 or 98 RON fuel as well as Anti-Theft and Valet non-performance maps. The maps have been specifically developed and tested with World Market vehicles both in-house at COBB HQ and overseas with the assistance of international business partners, not simply copied over from our USDM offerings. They are applicable for completely stock vehicles as well as cars with the COBB Tuning SF Intake System and/or an upgraded Cat-Back Exhaust.

Custom Accessport Features

Features included with OTS maps upon release:

Power Gains

98 Octane percentage gains

Stage1 98 Dyno Chart

95 Octane percentage gains

Stage1 95 Dyno Chart

CLICK HERE for full Map Notes

DSG Tuning

Full DSG OTS Map support is available in four different flavors!

  • COBB Aggressive v101
    Torque limits removed. Gear display. Shift delay in manual removed. Forced upshifts disabled. Forced downshifts in manual disabled. Aggressive shift point change RPM above 2k mostly. Sport mode remains in 5th until 6200+. WOT shift points optimized for tuned is38 cars.
  • COBB Sport v101
    Torque limits removed. Gear display. Shift delay in manual removed. Forced upshifts disabled. Forced downshifts in manual disabled. Sport shift point change, about 4-500rpm higher than stock. WOT shift points optimized for is38 cars.
  • COBB OEM+ v101
    Torque limits removed. Gear display. Shift delay in manual removed.
  • Simulated Stock
    Stock-like DSG behavior. Does not uninstall Accessport.

Stock Turbo: Axle Torque Per Gear Mapped for Maximum Acceleration

The shift points at full throttle have been selected based on achieving the maximum torque to the wheels based on dyno results.

Stage Packages

WM MK7 R Stage1 Package WM MK7 R Stage1+ Package
Stage1 Power Package: $700
Stage1 Power Package with DSG Tuning: $1,100
Stage1+ Power Package: $1,050
Stage1+ Power Package with DSG Tuning: $1,450

Hard Parts

MK7 Drop In Filter MK7 Intake MK7 AMS FMIC




MK7 Golf R DP MK7 Golf R turbo blanket MK7 Golf R Boost Tap

VOLKSWAGEN GESI CATTED 3″ DOWNPIPE GOLF R (MK7): $1,400     Note: LHD Fitment Only



CLICK HERE to see all WM MK7 Golf R Products including fuel system, suspension, and various accessories.

Accesstuner Pro

Are you already prepared to push the car further than what the Stage1 tune supports? No problem, World Market Accessport support also means World Market custom tuning with authorized COBB Protuners!

Click Here to go to our Dealer Locator and find a Protuner to work some magic on your Volkswagen.


Support Contact-

Phone  866-922-3059

Email:  [email protected]

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