2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Support Now Available

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Giddy-upgrade your 2018 Mustang EcoBoost from pedestrian to equestrian!  COBB is excited to announce support with the Accessport and full Stage 1, Stage 1 +Stage 2 and Stage 3 Power Packages that maximize the potential for your 2018 Mustang EcoBoost!  The appropriate Off The Shelf maps are included with these packages and receive a bump in power over the previous model years.  Custom ECU tuning is available through a Protuner and COBB Custom Features will be available soon.  Each of the COBB Staged Power Packages available are detailed below.


Stage 1 Power Package


 6M1X01_main AP3-FOR-003_extra_15


The Stage 1 Power Package combines the world’s best selling, most flexible ECU upgrade solution along with a high flow intake panel filter.  The Accessport and panel filter make for the easiest of installs which can be done in minutes with basic hand tools.  Once the filter is in place, simply flash the Stage 1 map for your octane fuel and be on your way!  The Stage 1 Off The Shelf map calibration offers decent gains and allows datalogging/monitoring.



Hardware Requirements: Stage 1


Stage 1 + Power Package

The Stage 1 + Power Package comes with the same great Accessport but takes things a step further with an upgraded intake system.  Although Power gains are very similar to the Stage 1 Package (the same Stage 1 Off The Shelf map is used), this intake offers incredible sound enhancements and looks great under the hood.  It also lays the foundation to take full advantage of additional modifications down the upgrade path.


FOR003001P_main (1) 7M1100_gallery_01


 Stage 2 Power Package


6M1X02_main mustang-FMIC-sqaure


The Stage 2 Power Package for the Mustang EcoBoost is the best second level for the Ecoboost powered vehicle. During exhaustive testing, the COBB engineers found that heat, not necessarily airflow, was the biggest restriction to power on the platform.  As such, they married a larger COBB Front Mount Intercooler to our 3″ mandrel bent aluminum intake kit. This setup cools temps as much as 100 degrees and produces significant power.  Everything is tuned right out of the box with the Accessport and Stage 2 Off the Shelf maps!



Hardware Requirements: Stage 2


Stage 3 Power Package

FOR0030030_main mustang-TBE-square


The Stage 3 Power Package is the most comprehensive upgrade available for your Mustang EcoBoost.  In addition to the COBB FMIC and Intake from the Stage 2 Package, it also includes the full COBB Turboback Exhaust.  The turboback exhaust includes the COBB 3″ Downpipe and mates to the COBB 3″ Cat-Back creating a full 3″ exhaust from the EcoBoost’s turbocharger all the way through the COBB stamped mufflers.  The complete package keeps air cool providing consistent power delivery and reduces back pressure allowing more power to be made.  This all works with the Accessport Stage 3 Off The Shelf Map!



Hardware Requirements: Stage 3


Turboback Exhaust Sound Check

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  1. Just wanted to thank y’all at COBB, for work on the top speed limiter on the 2018 ecoboost. It was simple to down load and load on my car. The fun factor is up a few notches.
    Thanks again
    Wayne Chapman, a very happy customer. ✌️

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