2022-2023 WRX CVT (SPT) Stage 2 Maps and Packages

For those who prefer an automatic transmission, Subaru’s WRX SPT is hard to beat as a do-everything daily driver.  Subaru vastly improved CVT programming in the VB WRX compared to previous generation (VA) cars.  These updates provide the ability to seamlessly switch between modes which provide different feel dependent on driver preference.  The simulated gear changes in Sport and Sport# maintain a sporty feel in the automatic car and Intellegent mode delivers smooth and comfortable power delivery for every day driving.  We released Accessport tuning with Stage 1 Off The Shelf Maps back in November.  Those maps produce great power gains without sacrificing any drivability or negatively impacting the aforementioned CVT behavior.  Today, we are very excited to release our Stage 2 Off The Shelf Maps for both 91 and 93 octane fuel.  COBB OTS maps are aimed at reliably increasing power output with the use of COBB Stage 2 Power Packages.

New Stage 2 Map Files

The following map files are now available for 2022 and 2023 Subaru WRX CVT.

  • Stage2 91 v220.ptm

  • Stage2 93 v220.ptm

They can be accessed in two ways.  First, is to simply perform a Firmware Update using Accessport Manager.  Newest versions of firmware will include these Stage 2 maps by default.  The second option is a bit more manual, you can download them from the Maps Section of the COBB website.  Simply configure your vehicle and select the file you wish to download. Note : you will still need Accessport Manager to transfer the file over to your Accessport.

Stage 2 Dyno Results

Below you will see two dyno charts – the first displaying power output compared to stock for both Stage 1 and Stage 2 maps using 93 octane fuel.  The second graph shows Stage 2 compared to the factory tune.  For more specific information about fuel and Subaru WRX parts compatibility, please see our Map Notes Page.

For more specific information about COBB Off The Shelf (OTS) Maps, visit the Map Notes Page.

VB WRX Stage 2 Power Packages

The COBB Stage 2 Power Package is the most complete and compliant upgrade solution for the VB WRX.  It is available in two flavors, the only difference being intercooler color – black or silver.  The combination of our bolt on upgrades and a supporting COBB Off The Shelf (OTS) Map takes the guesswork out of safely extracting power from your WRX with SPT transmission.  For more information on COBB Off The Shelf Maps, visit our Map Notes Page.

  • Accessport AP3-SUB-006
  • Aluminum Intake Tube
  • Aluminum Charge Pipe
  • High Flow Intake Filter
  • Top Mount Intercooler (Black or Silver)

Subaru Stage 2 Power Package Black WRX 2022-2023

Subaru Stage 2 Power Package Silver WRX 6 2022-2023


VB WRX Stage 2 Power Package Components

Aluminum Intake Tube

The COBB Intake Tube for your 2022+ Subaru WRX maximizes airflow potential while retaining the factory airbox. Since Subaru chose to integrate a hydrocarbon trap into the factory airbox it must remain as it is a federally mandated emissions component. This intake tube is designed to fit between the factory airbox and turbocharger inlet.
The 3″ mandrel bent aluminum construction means that airflow is unrestricted as it is summoned from the airbox to turbocharger inlet. A wrinkle black powder coated finish both protects the tubing and provides a classy aesthetic. Black 5-ply silicone couplers are held in place with included clamps for a leak free installation.

COBB High Flow Filter

COBB High Flow Filters are designed to permit very high flow rates, minimize restriction, maximize filtration and provide a long life filter. It uses a proprietary single layer polyester construction with a precision molded rubber base.

Intake Tube + High Flow Filter Package

This kit is aimed at maximizing airflow of your WRX’s intake system while retaining the factory airbox and hydrocarbon trap. It includes our High Flow Filter and the Aluminum Intake Tube for the 2022-2023 WRX.

Aluminum Charge Pipe Kit

This COBB Charge Pipe fits a wide range of turbocharged FA24 powered Subarus including the 2022+ WRX, 2019+ Ascent, and 2020+ Outback XT/Wilderness. It is constructed of 6061 aluminum tubing that transitions from 2.5″ at the lower portion to 2.75″ at the intercooler connection. An integrated billet transition smoothly takes diameter from 2.5″ to 2.75″ to allow for increased flow while maintaining clearance for larger aftermarket radiators. A wrinkle black powder coat finish gives an upgraded yet subtle appearance under the hood. The integrated billet turbo adapter utilizes a machined and anodized clip with ball detent to secure the charge pipe to the turbocharger housing and 5-ply silicone coupler at the opposite end makes for a straight forward and leak free installation.
Tuning is NOT required to safely install this part, but utilizing it in conjunction with the rest of our Stage 2 Power Package and OTS Calibration for the 2022+ WRX will maximize it’s potential.


Looking for more?

We offer many other upgrades for your VB WRX!  Make your WRX yours with our selection of upgrades.


Coolant Overflow Tank

The OEM Coolant Overflow Tank does its job well enough but the cheap plastic material is ugly and can potentially crack over time, especially when exposed to extreme heat via hard driving or extreme climate. Its shape is also clumsy and obtrusive. Enter the COBB Coolant Overflow for your VB WRX!

Constructed of welded aluminum and carrying a capacity of 1.1L, the COBB Overflow offers more capacity than the OEM tank. Internal and external anodizing of the tank ensures a long lasting finish. Internally welded fill and vent tubes provide a leak-free construction. The fill tube extends to the bottom of the reservoir to prevent air ingestion as coolant level expands and contracts. The vent tube exits through the bottom of the tank and can be routed out the bottom of your car with included silicone tubing. An integrated dip stick is anodized red and allows for quick reference of coolant level.

The main reservoir cap is a snug fitting injection molded plastic. A blue anodized billet cap finishes off the included fill tube for windshield washer fluid.

The COBB Coolant Overflow is a sharp solution to an otherwise bland component of your VB WRX’s engine bay.


3″ Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust

The COBB Tuning catback exhaust is heralded often for its quality, performance, and subtlety. Engineered to be a vehicle specific unit, the catback exhaust uses the highest quality stainless steel piping and a muffler designed for direct and efficient flow of exhaust to achieve the highest performance while still retaining a stock like appearance and sound level.

The entire system is constructed of 304 stainless steel and is meticulously TIG welded for outstanding appearance and durability.

At the front, a high quality cast flange is machined to accept the factory donut gasket for leak-free installation. From there, 3″ stainless steel tubing runs all of the way back to another 3″ cast flange where it meets the y-pipe. A flex section in this pipe adds compliance to the system.

The y-pipe in this exhaust system consists of a 3″ tube that is divided into twin 2.5″ tubes by way of an all new cast split section. This cast section improves durability and longevity when compared to other welded splits. All three connections of the y-pipe section are made with high quality cast flanges which resist distortion and allow for a leak-free installation.

As with the rest of the system, the muffler sections connect to the y-pipe section using high quality cast flanges. The heart of this exhaust system are two all new bespoke COBB designed mufflers. These new muffler sections feature a single 2.5″ inlet and dual 2.5″ outlets that accept slip-on 3.5″ dual wall, slash cut tips with laser etched COBB logos.


Multi-layer steel (MLS) gaskets are included for all connections to ensure a secure, leak-free installation.

All of these features add up to a premier cat-back exhaust for your VB Subaru WRX. The exhaust note is crisp and noticeable over stock without introducing unwanted drone in cabin.

Subaru WRX Lift Kit

Take your Subaru to the next level with the COBB 1.5″ Lift Kit. Increase ground clearance and give your compatible Subaru a taller stance and tough presence without having to add multi-link spacers. This lift kit is the highest quality true bolt-on lift you’ve been looking for. Lift kits provide better road visibility, a smoother drive, and better resale value. The increased ground clearance is ideal for avoiding road obstacles, improving the off-road experience for those who like to drive their Subaru through the rough country. Also the taller stance allows for the ability to upgrade to larger tires, further improving the off-road performance and experience.



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  1. I have an Ascent with al the upgrades made for the 22 wrx like the perrin turbo inlet, turbo smart bov, iag aos, cobb chare pipe, cobb intercooler, and moded air box, i was wandering if i can download the stage to map for the 22 wrx on my ascent

    • Hey there! We only currently offer Stage 1 calibrations for the Ascent, so custom tuning for additional parts would have to be done through one of our Protuners.


  2. Buenas tardes, tengo una queja para los usuarios que tenemos caja manual no sacan nada solo para las transacciones ctv y amd no sacan nada

    • The same packages are available for both manual transmission and SPT transmission cars!


  3. How about the Australian Outback XT (Made in Japan)? I know the American OBXT (Made in US) is in the works but because of the competing WRX Wagon they don’t sell in the US, they’ve absolutely butchered the top end horsepower on our OBXTs despite the powertrain being the exact same.

    • It’s not something we have looked at yet, but with enough demand we can certainly see if it’s possible!


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