ALL NEW COBB SF Intake for 2015-2021 Subaru WRX

While Subaru may have already moved on to the VB WRX, we are making sure that our VA WRX family isn’t left behind.  After taking in feedback from our customers, dealers, and Protuners about our original Big SF Intake for the VA WRX, we wanted to make a few design tweaks to our introductory level intake for those cars.  During development of our premium intake offering, the Redline Carbon Fiber Intake, we took the opportunity to integrate certain changes to make them more consistent and reliable without sacrificing performance.  After the overwhelming success of that intake and positive feedback of its design, we wanted to apply some of those changes back down to the non-carbon fiber offering.  Introducing the all new SF Intake for 2015-2021 Subaru WRX (6MT and CVT).

Replacing the factory intake and airbox with the COBB SF Intake will reduce pre-turbo restrictions. When a restriction is removed, it allows the engine to be more efficient while also enabling it to make more power!  Even better, the intake itself is covered by CARB EO D-660-110 and is legal in all 50 states.

COBB SF Intake System for 2015-2021 Subaru WRX


The airbox is constructed of black powder coated aluminum. A slot in the front of the airbox accepts air directed through the factory air scoop. Air is filtered through a larger pre-oiled filter and routed to the velocity stack MAF housing. The wire-reinforced black silicone couplers are sealed on either end with clamps for a leak-free install.


Velocity Stack MAF Housing

This intake system utilizes several unique features in an effort to maintain optimal flow for performance while minimizing turbulence. A custom conical air-filter element, CFD-designed velocity stack and unique air flow straightener grid are designed to smooth the incoming air flow as it passes the Mass Air Flow sensor for precise readings. The one piece high temperature plastic composite design saves weight and reduces heat transfer.

Calibration Support

The SF Intake System is compatible with COBB Off The Shelf Maps. Look for maps denoted with “+SF” in your Accessport firmware or on the Maps section of our website. For a complete list of maps for your car, head over to the Maps Section of our website.

The following maps are covered by CARB EO D-660-109 and are available in Accessport Firmware.

Forget how to update your Accessport? LOOK HERE.

  • Stage1+SF 91 v400
  • Stage1+SF 91 v400 LWG
  • Stage1+SF 91 v400 HWG
  • Stage1+SF 93 v400
  • Stage1+SF 93 v400 LWG
  • Stage1+SF 93 v400 HWG
  • Stage1+SF 91 v400
  • Stage1+SF 91 v400 LWG
  • Stage1+SF 91 v400 HWG
  • Stage1+SF Economy Mode v400
  • Stage1+SF Valet Mode v400

The following maps have passed third party emissions testing and are available for download from while we await EO coverage from CARB.

  • NexGen Stage2+SF 91 v401
  • NexGen Stage2+SF 91 v401 HWG
  • NexGen Stage2+SF 91 v401 LWG
  • NexGen Stage2+SF 93 v401
  • NexGen Stage2+SF 93 v401 HWG
  • NexGen Stage2+SF 93 v401 LWG
  • NexGen Stage2+SF Economy Mode v401
  • NexGen Stage2+SF Valet Mode v401

For specific information related to COBB Off The Shelf Maps, please see our Map Notes Page.

Stage Power Packages

Our bespoke Stage Power Packages are also available with the new SF Intake System.  Our tried and true Stage 1+ Power Package combines the Accessport and SF Intake and for those looking to take their build a bit further, our NexGen Stage2 Power Package is available with either a Black or Silver Top Mount Intercooler upgrade.


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12 responses to “ALL NEW COBB SF Intake for 2015-2021 Subaru WRX”

  1. Hi,does this require a tune.I know you probably get this question all the time, just unsure if I need a tune or if I can run factory tune.Thank you for all your help,it’s a 2021 WRX btw.

    • Hey Vinny, the SF Intake here for your 2021 WRX does require tuning. It should be used with COBB Off The Shelf maps designated with a “+SF”.


  2. Is Cobb going to make the SF intake for the VB 22+ WRX? I presume the accessport would be updated with mapping for it if that’s the case.

    • We are, indeed, working on an intake upgrade for the VB WRX. And yes, any new COBB components that require tuning will have a supporting OTS map available within Accessport firmware.


  3. Hi, if you already have the BigSF, can it be upgraded to incorporate the revised Velocity Stack MAF housing? And is there an OTS tune for the SF for Australia? Thanks in advance.

    • There is not a way to adapt the MAF housing to the older Big SF Intake as the piping is completely different. If you choose to make the switch over, we do offer supporting OTS Maps. The 745120 “SF Intake” uses the same MAF scaling as our “Redline” intake. It actually looks like we need to create a “+SF” variant of those to alleviate any confusion, but for now a “+Redline” version of the OTS maps can be used.


  4. Where can I find install instructions for this newest version? Stage 1 kit for my 2020 WRX just arrived. I’m having trouble finding instructions for this newest model.

  5. I was curious to know if there would be any benefit to completely sealing the housing so that the only air coming in is through the stock front snorkel?

    any power gains?

    I have the SF intake

    • That is not something we have directly experimented with and likely would not result in measurable direct power gains. That said, our Redline Carbon Fiber intake is able to be completely sealed and does tend to be a bit more consistent as far as intake temperatures go.


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