BMW Updates – New ROM Support and Added Features

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COBB Tuning is excited to announce another update for the BMW platform.  Vehicles with updated ROM IDs from BMW can now take advantage of the power, control, and convenience of the Accessport that other BMW enthusiasts have been enjoying.  Note that the same vehicles are backed but support has been added to several ROMs that may have been updated through a dealer visit.  The Accessport will ship with pre-loaded performance maps to get new users up and running with the push of a button.  The maps specify the appropriate fuel grade required for each map to perform properly.  Maps with “Aggressive” should only be used with 93 octane or better.  Other maps can be used with 91 octane or better.  The BMW Accessports come with all of the same features released on previous versions including performance monitoring,  live data monitoring and data logging of several ECU monitors, as well as DTC scanning and clearing.

BMW owners with vehicles having 98G1B and 98H1B can also take advantage of the recently released v201 maps. These Stage2 and up v201 maps were developed to address fault code logic (DTCs) issues.  These maps come pre-loaded on the Accessport and can be downloaded from the Maps Section of the COBB website.  If you already have a BMW Accessport you can also get these maps though a firmware update.

Accessport New Features

Users will now be able to customize the Accessport Start-Up Screen and restore OTS maps in the event that one is accidentally deleted.  If you already have a AP3-BMW-001 or AP3-BMW-002 Accessport you can also get all of these new features through a firmware update.

Customizable Start-Up Screen – This feature can be seen below.  Check out this link for details and instructions on how to customize your own Accessport Start-Up Screen!

Restore OTS maps – This feature allows the user to restore all Off The Shelf (OTS) maps even if they have been deleted.  By using this feature you no longer need to uninstall and re-install the Accessport after a firmware update in order to get new maps.  It also prevents the need to visit the website to download maps directly.  This feature can be found under the Tune section.

Restore OTS Maps

0 responses to “BMW Updates – New ROM Support and Added Features”

    • Ricardo, we do not currently have any COBB Custom Features prioritized for the BMW platform.


      • Marshall, thanks for your prompt reply. If this feature is not currently being worked on could you please confirm that is is something that could be done in the future? What are the chances of rolling out an E85 sensor?

        • It is certainly possible we may prioritize some time towards adding features to the existing BMW platform. Unfortunately I have no ETA for that type of work. Sorry for the ambiguity.


  1. I have a 2009 135i with COBB accessport, COBB charge pipe, catless DPs. I have been reading about a PPK flash you can get from BMW to make car pop and burble when lifting throttle. Is this something I must get from dealer or is COBB familiar with this?

    • The Cobb tune is a much more sophisticated tune than the BMW PPK which from what I recall being told only changes 3 tables.

      No pops and burbles, though and neither do I have them on the PPK2 tune I have on my 335is. Try deleting some insulation (not all!) in your muffler to change the tone and get more rasp.

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