Öhlins Racing has been an integrated part of the motorsport industry as well as the motorcycle and automotive industry for 40 years. Their focus has always been on high quality products, service and support, all the way from the MotoGP circuits to the local national racing events in over 50 distributing countries.

Their philosophy has always been to supply the aftermarket, OEM partners and teams with high-end suspension technology and they are all dedicated to exceed their customer’s expectations throughout the world.

Öhlins aftermarket customers ride on factory racing technology with just small or even no modifications. Their goal is to offer the same level of service and support throughout the organization, no matter if it is a racing team or a passionate enthusiast rider or driver in search of a better functioning suspension unit for their motorcycle, car or mountain bike.

Remaining in the forefront of advanced suspension technology makes them work even harder to find the next chapter of suspension technology.

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