COBB Tuning Flash Kit for Subaru BRZ & Toyota GR86

Time to turn up the twins!

Blue Subaru BRZ

Update 3/13/2024: Now available for vehicles equipped with the automatic transmission

The second generation of Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 vehicles truly capitalize on what made the first offspring of Toyota and Subaru’s partnership great: a vehicle that captured the true driving feel of an enthusiast and enhanced their connection to the road. With all the improvements that round two brought, even a new 2.4L packed with more power, it still wasn’t enough for diehards that were used to seeing turbocharged engine options from the manufacturer level and from aftermarket companies. Despite that, the BRZ and GR86 are absolute monsters on the track or curvy roads where they can flex their stuff so obviously tuning and engine safety becomes critical when every second counts.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve put our own COBB Tuning special sauce into the mix by creating off-the-shelf tunes that not only give you that extra edge but we’ve also developed and added in some COBB Custom Features to help the BRZ/GR86 perform the best and consistently live up to repeated “spirited” driving sessions.

Supported vehicles:

2022 Subaru BRZ MT USDM
2022 Subaru BRZ AT USDM
2023 Subaru BRZ MT USDM
2023 Subaru BRZ AT USDM

2022 Toyota GR86 MT USDM
2022 Toyota GR86 AT USDM
2023 Toyota GR86 MT USDM
2023 Toyota GR86 AT USDM

What is the COBB Tuning Flash Kit?

In order to bring these maps to fruition, we took a bit of a different approach than normal and leaned on our sister company, EcuTek, which had already provided the backend tuning software for shops and tuners to create their own calibrations. By using their software as a foundation, we were able to save countless hours and reinvest that time into crafting bespoke safeties and features.

COBB Flash Kit

Maps and Power Gains

With the COBB Tuning Flash Kit, you’ll get four map to choose from that include our COBB Custom Features that are exclusive to these maps:

Stage1 91 v100
Stage1 93 v100
Anti-Theft Mode
Valet Mode

Looking at that dyno chart, you may have noticed something different than our typical charts that we show off, very minimal gains. During our development, we came across something quite perplexing. Throughout a singular session on our dyno, a completely stock vehicle showed substantial gains that can only be explained by reduced frictional losses in the vehicle as the temperature of drivetrain fluids temperature climbed.  When we say substantial, we mean a 15-20 hp/tq bump. This was performed with coolant fully warmed up before starting and replicated many times over. Perhaps this is why manufacturers are pumping out vehicles utilizing low viscosity oils. Here is one of our development vehicles where the engine temp was warmed up to standard operational, but the car had not been driven around very much leaving the transmission and differential fluid cooled down compared to after a few pulls where the temperature of those two fluids have increased substantially. Once again, this is from the same car, on the stock calibration in both pulls, during a single dyno session:

As you can see, in the later portion of the powerband, there is a significant deviation showing implied increases as a result.

White Subaru BRZ

COBB Custom Features

COBB Traction Control

During our initial development, we actually created a very advanced form of traction control using custom tables, EcuTek has since added that as the standard traction control strategy for RaceROM, but despite that, we were able to further refine and improve that iteration.

COBB Traction control is a track-oriented feature, while the stock traction control system is a safety feature. Stock traction control is more intrusive and limits wheel spin more, erring on the side of safety over performance. COBB traction control allows an appropriate amount of wheel spin for high performance driving without any engine output reduction, then only reduces engine output when wheelspin is more severe, utilizing a 3-tier progressive system. Throttle closure is not used by the COBB system. Disabling stock traction control and enabling COBB custom traction control provided best acceleration results in testing on a closed course, through allowing an optimized level of wheelspin during aggressive acceleration events. This traction control system is fully independent of the factory traction control system and is independent of the factory stability control system.

Subaru BRZ Traction Control COBB


COBB Engine Safety Measures

Based on extensive vehicle development not just on the dyno and road, but also on track, we have developed a custom strategy to reduce the more significant knock found on the stock tune and the competitor product we tested when the vehicle is driven aggressively for more than a few seconds at a time. This allows the vehicle to maintain more consistent power delivery during aggressive driving, beyond a short dyno run, and with far less knock occurring.

COBB Oil Temperature Safety

This features limits RPM when oil temperature is excessively cold, or hot, for aggressive driving. While most users won’t encounter the cold temperature safety since they’ll be mindful of their engines on their own, we found these vehicles can overheat their oil quickly during aggressive driving, before the user may notice. Overheated oil causes a reduction in oil pressure, and breaks the oil down, which both lead to a loss of engine protection. By limiting engine revs progressively as the oil overheats, we alert the driver to the overheat condition, and help you protect your engine.

COBB Water/Coolant Temperature Safety

This feature works just like the oil temperature safety, but is based on coolant temperature. While coolant is far less likely to overheat on these cars than oil, if you have a good oil cooler in place, you may find water cooling is the next weakest link during motorsport or high-stress activities. This feature will limit the engine rev limit progressively if coolant temperature gets concerningly high.

Valet Mode

Valet mode is a selectable map slot incorporated into the calibration files that we provide that allow a customer to easily and quickly limit a vehicle’s speed and RPM in order to prevent abuse by drivers other than the owner of the vehicle. With Valet Mode enabled, the vehicle has a rev limit of 3500 RPM and speed is limited to 62 MPH

Map Slots

Map slot 1: Performance calibration. All features enabled except COBB custom traction control defaults to off until enabled via Ecutek Connect phone app.
Map slot 2: Performance calibration. All features enabled except Flat Foot Shift. COBB custom traction control defaults to off until enabled via Ecutek Connect phone app.
Map slot 3: Valet Mode. 3500 RPM, 60 MPH limits.

For additional details and specs regarding these maps, follow this link to our BRZ/GR86 map notes


The COBB Flash Kit for the 2022-2023 Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 vehicles (COBBECUT001) allows you to flash and tune without worry as our device and all calibrations come with coverage via an executive order from CARB (D-660-175). This means you don't need to duck and dodge the fuzz or even need to uninstall before going in for any smog checks. We've got you completely covered at full power, no secondary neutered calibration.

Shift Knobs

To help you really put that power to the ground and feel connected to the driving experience, we've released some brand new Shift Knobs for the entire Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 lineup. You'll have your choice of preferred shape, either going for the standard knob profile or our new and exciting tall variant, both adding additional weight over the stock knob (242 grams & 328 grams respectively) to really help you churn through the gears with intent. Each Shift Knob comes with both red and black trim rings that you can swap out at your leisure! Follow the links below to grab your shift knob today!

Subaru BRZ Shift Knob - Short Weighted - 242 grams
Subaru BRZ Shift Knob Short Weighted
Subaru BRZ Shift Knob - Tall Weighted - 328 grams

Subaru BRZ Tall Weighted Shift Knob

Titanium Catback

Arguably one of the first modifications most owners perform that increase the driver feedback and feel is the exhaust. Nothing quite gets the blood pumping and makes the driver push the accelerator even further than hearing the exhaust note bouncing off the walls or terrain around you as you carve through a canyon road, audible ecstasy.

Subaru BRZ Catback

That's why we decided to develop the end-all be-all exhaust upgrade for your Subaru BRZ or Toyota GR86! Made form Grade 1 Titanium tubing, this titanium cat-back exhaust is un-matched in build quality, style, and performance. The entire system uses slip-fit connections, allowing for a wide range of adjustment and complemented with blued titanium tips to add a distinct touch and flare for the aftermarket enthusiast.

If you're ready have your vehicle sounding it's best, follow this link here to purchase, now with a new lower price: TITANIUM CAT-BACK EXHAUST SUBARU BRZ, SCION FR-S, TOYOTA GR86:


After watching that video, follow this link to purchase the COBB Tuning Flash Kit for 2022+ Subaru BRZ & Toyota GR86 today


17 responses to “COBB Tuning Flash Kit for Subaru BRZ & Toyota GR86”

  1. Do these tunes modify the throttle mapping or feature any other changes that might improve throttle response? The GR86’s touchy, inconsistent throttle is far and away its biggest flaw for me and the only reason I’m interested in tuning.

    • We definitely recognize that complaint and a few of us had that opinion internally as well. That said, there is also a relatively high demand for MORE sensitivity down low. At the end of the day, we decide to leave the throttle mapping stock.


  2. I think you are missing the number one complaint of GR86 owners. The first 5% of pedal yields 50% throttle and then throttle hang. I have been driving manual trans cars for 40+ years and drive my BMW 3 Series (N/A) with shifts smoother than an automatic. When I drive my ’24 GR86 it’s like I have never driven a stick in my life.I don’t understand how Toyota has not addressed this glaring fault but a stand alone product to erase these problems and provide a linear throttle is greatly needed.

  3. Any chance we will see rev hang tuning become a feature?

    I honestly think the power level is fine on my car. I just want this built in rev hang in the throttle body to be removed

    good work so far

    • Hey there! We are not currently working on any changes to our calibrations but I will relay this to the team should there be any updates for the future. Thanks for the feedback!


  4. A linear throttle is so important. I understand that those who don’t know anything like a sensitive throttle cuz they think that means their car is fast, but it just makes it difficult to be smooth and makes no more power. That would be a well valued improvement and one that could convince people to buy the unit considering the HP/TQ “gains” give no reason to buy the unit..

    • That is not something we have tested nor something we can recommend. If you wanted to try it, you would have to disconnect the Pedal Monster while flashing the ECU with the COBB Flash Kit.


  5. Linear throttle is literally the only thing I came here hoping to find… If you guys change your stance on this and actually implement a linear throttle pedal, I will order this immediately.

  6. Hi There, i was wondering if you guys have any tunes that regard the automatic transmission. aside from the downshifts being denied. I feel like the overall shifting is a bit slow.

    • We do not offer anything specific to that. Some of the ECU values do have an impact on how the TCM operates the transmission but nothing in regards to actual shift speed.


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