COBB Tuning – “Lift Off” Pilot Episode

COBB has filmed a pilot episode for a new YouTube series called “Lift Off” and we need your feedback.

“Lift Off” invites known individuals from all aspects of the automotive¬†enthusiast community to COBB for some light-hearted, roundtable shop-talk, just like when you and your friends are wrenching on a car at home.

We’re looking for constructive feedback regarding what you think of the show as a whole, what works and what doesn’t.¬† We want to know if you enjoy it, would you watch more, and if not, what might change your mind?

Enjoy the show and make sure to leave your comments below!


Brady Karren on March 29, 2018 says:

I thought this was cool. Laid back and entertaining. I think it would be cool to send out and email when the next installment is realeased.

    Adam Hill
    Adam Hill on March 30, 2018 says:

    Thanks, we appreciate the feedback!