Honda Shift Knobs and Fk8 Type R Table Additions

Our initial release of Accessport tuning for the Honda platform has been overwhelmingly positive.  Both end users and Protuners have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback of the Accessport, included Off The Shelf Maps, and Accesstuner Pro functionality for the FK8 Type R which we released in December of 2023.  We haven’t just been sitting back, though.  Our Honda development and COBB Hard Parts teams have been hard at work.

Today we are happy to release our tried-and-true COBB Knobs for the FK8 and FL5 Civic Type R. Aside from the Accessport, the COBB Knob is one of the longest standing pieces of our catalog and it only made sense to whip some up for the Type-R.  These bad boys are machined from billet stainless steel and medical grade delrin which combine for a nice weight and comfortable grip.  A perfect complement to the Honda shifter.

Our software team has also been hard at work adding nearly 100 new tables to our Accesstuner Pro software suite, used by authorized COBB Protuners to create custom calibrations for supported vehicles.  Accesstuner Pro and Accessport firmware also now features 16 new monitors/gauges.

COBB Knobs for Honda

Introducing our COBB Knobs for both the FK8 and FL5 Honda Civic Type R.  We are offering two flavors, both standard and tall, for the FK8 and a standard option for the FL5.  All are constructed of a machined stainless steel core that sits inside of a perfectly matched piece of machined delrin.  The stainless steel cores create a noticeable increase in heft compared to the factory knob.  Both standard versions come in at 264 grams, the tall at 332 grams – a nice increase from the factory knob’s 179 grams. Aesthetics are important in a knob too, everyone has different preferences.  That’s why we offer the Honda COBB Knobs with either black or white delrin.  Each comes with both a black and red anodized aluminum trim ring that you can easily swap to match your car’s interior.

COBB Weighted Knob for FK8 Type R

COBB Tall Weighted Knob for FK8 Type R


COBB Weighted Knob for FL5 Type R

FK8 Type R Accesstuner Pro Table Additions

The quality of a tune is often a product of both a calibrator’s tuning experience, depth of knowledge, and power of the tools they are using.  Our Honda development team has hopped right on requests from our Honda Protuners to define and test functionality of additional factory tables.  We’re excited to release nearly 100 new tables to help Protuners better control Boost Control, Fueling, and Torque management.

Boost Control Tables

  • MAP Sensor Offset *MY19+

  • MAP Sensor Scalar *MY19+

  • Boost Limits

    • Air Charge Reduction Factor Minimum (Rich Burn Limit)

    • EGT Air Charge Limit

    • EGT AIr CHarge Limit (VTEC)

    • COT Limit Max Ratio Hysteresis *MY19+

    • COT Max Ratio Limit *MY19+

    • Turbo Max Ratio (Temp) (High COT) *MY19+

  • Turbo

    • Turbo Modeling (new Turbo sub-group)

      • Compressor Power Maximum

      • Compressor Power Minimum

      • Factor for Reducing Maximum Filling

      • Maximum Air Charge (Stuck Wastegate)

      • Min Pressure After Air Filter

  • Wastegate (new Boost Control Tables sub-group)

    • MAP Sensor Offset

    • MAP Sensor Scalar

      • Feed Forward Wastegate Position (Wastegate sub-group)

        • Desired Position Boost Pressure Actuator

        • Exhaust Gas Temperature Threshold for Boost Pressure Control

        • Function Pressure Ratio (Compressor)

        • Square Root

        • Wastegate Actuator Maximum Position

        • Wastegate Position (Fuel Cut)

        • Wastegate Position (Low Speed)

        • Wastegate Position Desired (Calibration Mode)

        • Wastegate Position Desired (Part Load)

        • Wastegate Special Position – Engine Speed Threshold

        • Wastegate Special Position – Exh. Mass Flow (Fuel Cut)

        • Wastegate Special Position – Exh. Mass Flow Threshold

        • Wastegate Special Position – Vehicle Speed Threshold

      • Modeled Wastegate Restriction (Wastegate sub-group)

        • Square Root Exhaust Gas Temperature before Turbine

        • Turbine Pressure Ratio

        • Turbine Pressure Ratio (VTEC)

        • Turbine Pressure Ratio/Mass Flow Quotient

        • Turbine Pressure Ratio/Mass Flow Quotient (VTEC)

        • Turbine Standardized Mass Flow

        • Wastegate Mass Flow

      • Wastegate Boost Error (Wastegate sub-group)

        • Turbo PID D-Term Correction Factor

        • Turbo PID D-Term Gain

        • Turbo PID D-Term Maximum

        • Turbo PID D-Term Minimum

        • Turbo PID D-Term Time Constant

        • Turbo PID I-Term Freeze Threshold – Filtered/Unfiltered Boost Pressure Diff.

        • Turbo PID I-Term Maximum

        • Turbo PID I-Term Minimum

        • Turbo PID I-Term Time Constant

        • Turbo PID I-Term Time Constant 2

        • Turbo PID P-Term Correction Factor

        • Turbo PID P-Term Gain

Fueling Tables

  • Fuel Scalar Stoichiometric Setpoint *MY19+

  • Fuel Injector

    • CVO Adaptation Maximum Pressure

    • CVO Adaptation Minimum Pressure

    • CVO Adaptation Pressure Priority – Temperature Step 1

    • CVO Adaptation Pressure Priority – Temperature Step 2

    • CVO Control Maximum Pressure

    • CVO Control Minimum Pressure

    • Injector Latency – Pressure Dependent

    • Injector Slope

    • Linear HDEV Main Characteristics

    • Linear HDEV Main Characteristics (Inverse)

    • Minimum Injection Time

    • Minimum Rail Pressure – Compression Stroke Injection

    • Minimum Rail Pressure – GDI Abort

      • Injector Drive Current Controls (new Fuel Injector sub-group)

        • Injector Profile 0/1/2 (Injector Drive Current Controls sub-groups)

          • Booster Current Lower Limit

          • Booster Current Upper Limit

          • Booster Time Maximum

          • DCDC Charge Current Lower Limit

          • DCDC Charge Current Upper Limit

          • Holding Current Lower Limit

          • Holding Current Upper Limit

          • Pickup Current Lower Limit

          • Pickup Current Upper Limit

          • Pickup Phase End – After SOI

  • Fuel Pressure

    • Fuel Pressure Maximum

    • Fuel Pressure Minimum

    • Fuel Pressure Start Setpoint

      • Configuration (HPFP)

        • MFV Holding Current Minimum

        • MSV Feed Forward Control

Torque Tables

  • Torque Modeling

    • Charge Exchange Loss

    • Charge Exchange Loss (VTEC)

    • Engine Torque Standardized Limit

    • Ignition Efficiency

    • Lambada Efficiency

    • Optimum Engine Torque

    • Optimum Ignition Angle

    • Optimum Ignition Angle – Lambada Offset

    • Optimum Ignition Angle – Temperature Offset

    • Torque Loss – Drag

    • Torque Loss- Friction

  • Torque Throttle Sensitivity (new Torque Tables sub-group)

    • Throttle Translation (Comfort)

    • Throttle Translation (Normal)

    • Throttle Translation (R Mode)

FK8 Type R Monitor Additions

In addition to the new tables available for calibration adjustments, a batch of new monitors are also now available to view live or data log both in Honda Accesstuner Pro and on the Accessport.

  • Air Mass Flow Actual

  • Air Mass Flow Desired – Compressor

  • Exhaust Gas Mass Flow Upstream Turbo

  • Exhaust Manifold Pressure

  • Torque Percent Estimated

  • Torque Percent Optimum

  • Torque Percent Requested

  • Torque Spark Efficiency

  • Turbo Compressor Efficiency

  • Turbo Compressor Pressure Ratio

  • Turbo Compressor Pressure Ratio (Desired Outlet/Modeled Inlet)

  • Turbo PID I-Term

  • Turbo PID PD-Term

  • Turbo Power Ratio (Des. Comp./Avail. Turb.)

  • Turbo Pre-Turbine Reduced Mass Flow

  • Turbo Turbine Mas Flow Usage Rate

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