Nissan GT-R – Upcoming Release Preview

Our GT-R team has been working on feature enhancements and has added some new stuff to go along with it!  As outlined in the video, the main benefits coming down the pipeline are

  • Bank balancing via the Accessport
  • Rescalable clutch torque table
  • Large injector characterization tables
  • Updated Boost off the line (BOTL)
  • COBB Staging Control (Feature first for the GT-R platform)

With the new COBB Staging Control feature you are able to pre-stage the car at the drag strip, enable launch control/boost off the line, and then ‘creep’ forward to deep stage via the cruise control resume button on the steering wheel.  All while staying in launch mode.  This will be most beneficial to anyone drag racing high horsepower vehicles, especially those with a higher BOTL target, and even more especially under pro-tree situations.  We will be beta testing a few of the features at TX2k to further refine usability and functionality.  We hope to see you there!


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