Product Release : Subaru BPV Adapters & Intercooler Piping, Volkswagen COBB Knob & Boost Tap


We are proud to announce some exciting new parts for supported Subarus and Volkswagens!

Subaru FMIC BPV Adapters

Want to keep your bypass valve but have a new intercooler kit with a different connection? Use the COBB BPV Adapter to fit a standard Subaru flange BPV to a 1″ universal tube connection.  This adapter can be used to mount a standard Subaru BPV to a 1″ universal tube connection on the intercooler piping. The plate is threaded to accept included hardware.  There are two versions of these adapters.  The first is compatible with STI style bypass valves where the second is compatible with GR WRX and Legacy GT fitment bypass valves.

Subaru BPV Adapter for FMIC – WRX 2002-2007, STI 2004-2017


Subaru BPV Adapter for FMIC WRX 2008-2014, LGT 2005-2009


Subaru Front Mount Intercooler Hot Pipes STI 2008-2014



These are the pipes that connect the turbocharger compressor outlet to the passenger side of the COBB FMIC Core. Available separately for those who may be putting together a custom turbocharger configuration. These pipes are compatible with the COBB SF Intake and Airbox.

Subaru Front Mount Intercooler Cold Pipes STI 2008-2014



These are the pipes that connect the throttle body to the driver’s side end tank on the COBB Front Mount Intercooler Core. A perfect solution for customers using a rotated turbocharger setup but would still like to retain the COBB intercooler core and piping.

 Volkswagen COBB Knob


The COBB Knob is designed to keep those extended shifting sessions exhilarating. The billet aluminum base is anodized in your choice of red or black to help set the mood and is internally threaded to provide a tight fit onto the shifter shaft that won’t come loose in the most frenzied of gear changes. The satin black or white delrin knob feels incredible and has a perfectly round contour to fit right in the palm of your hand. The package is complete with a COBB logo boldly laser etched into the base to let everyone know whose knob you hold. The knob weighs in at a lightweight 117 grams, encouraging fast, smooth thrusts into every gear. Spin on a COBB Knob and go for a ride!

The included set-screws lock the threaded adapter onto the factory shifter. The COBB Knob then securely threads onto the adapter.

Volkswagen Boost Tap



Utilize the COBB Boost Tap for your 2010-2014 VW GTI to cleanly gain access to a boost reference. This installs between the PCV hose and intake manifold and allows for up to two nipples for boost reference. Includes required hardware for installation as well as a set screw for capping the unused port in cases where only one reference is needed.

Kyle Kovalik on July 21, 2016 says:

What’s the ETA on aftermarket parts for the 2016 GLI models. And if Cobb will even support the GLI’s?

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Thank you,

    Marshall on July 21, 2016 says:

    We are not currently working on Jetta support however it is something we hope to offer in the future. Unfortunately, I do not have a timeline for that right now. Sorry for the bad news!