SEMA 2019

People look forward to SEMA every year for a long list of different reasons. Business connections, shiny new tech, helpful seminars, tire-shredding burnouts, gorgeous custom car builds, the bro-est of trucks, and of course…Vegas!

For COBB, SEMA is a chance to seek inspiration from the enthusiast community as a whole, make a few new friends to help the company grow, and to show thanks to our awesome network of tuners and dealers that support the brand.

COBB Party

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For a few years now we’ve hosted a small party around the middle of SEMA week to say thanks to the outstanding individuals and businesses that make up the global COBB family. It’s a great opportunity simply to hang out and improve relationships but we also take the chance each year to review and discuss what COBB did over the previous year and show off some teasers for what we have planned in the coming months.

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We managed to find a handful of pretty rides representing COBB scattered around the show.


IMG_2066 whie space IMG_2044


IMG_1894 whie space IMG_1904



IMG_2010 whie space IMG_1987 whie space IMG_1978


IMG_1971 whie space IMG_1995




IMG_1908 whie space IMG_1919


IMG_1954 whie space IMG_1946

Bonus Cars


IMG_2022 whie space IMG_2024



IMG_1939 whie space IMG_1936



IMG_2027 whie space IMG_1966


IMG_2035 whie space IMG_1964 whie space IMG_2034


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20191106_151441 whie space 20191106_111230 whie space 20191106_152614

20191106_114620 crop

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