Subaru 2015-2020 WRX 6MT Map Updates

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Earlier this year, with the release of Accessport tuning support for the 2020 Subaru WRX, we launched our first subset of Off The Shelf (OTS) Maps using the 2nd Generation COBB Custom Features (CCFv2) ECU type.  Historically, COBB’s OTS maps have been based upon the standard ROM and did not take advantage of COBB custom features or updates from Subaru that were integrated into the CCFv2 ROMs.

We’re excited to officially release all 2015-2020 Subaru WRX 6MT OTS Maps using a CCFv2 ECU definition file.  The following v360 files have all been updated to take advantage of CCFv2 features such as Per-Gear Boost and Ignition Control, MAF Simple, IAT alternate source, and Closed Loop Fueling which provide a much more consistent and reliable calibration.  This ECU type also includes the latest Subaru ECU logic/calibration for the DIT WRX, including battery life improvements for 2015-2017 WRX.  Since their initial release at v350, 2020 WRX maps receive minor updates to boost control, boost limit, ignition timing air temp correction, and fueling.  Other changes of note are the addition of High (HWG) and Low (LWG) Wastegate files.  These can be used on cars that either fall short or overshoot target boost, respectively.

  • Stage1 91 v360 HWG.ptm

  • Stage1 91 v360 LWG.ptm

  • Stage1 91 v360.ptm

  • Stage1 93 v360 HWG.ptm

  • Stage1 93 v360 LWG.ptm

  • Stage1 93 v360.ptm

  • Stage1 Economy Mode v360.ptm

  • Stage1 Valet Mode v360.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF 91 v360 HWG.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF 91 v360 LWG.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF 91 v360.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF 93 v360 HWG.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF 93 v360 LWG.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF 93 v360.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF Economy Mode v360.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF Valet Mode v360.ptm

  • Stage2 91 v360 HWG.ptm

  • Stage2 91 v360 LWG.ptm

  • Stage2 91 v360.ptm

  • Stage2 93 v360 HWG.ptm

  • Stage2 93 v360 LWG.ptm

  • Stage2 93 v360.ptm

  • Stage2 Economy Mode v360.ptm

  • Stage2 Valet Mode v360.ptm

  • Stage2+BigSF 91 v360 HWG.ptm

  • Stage2+BigSF 91 v360 LWG.ptm

  • Stage2+BigSF 91 v360.ptm

  • Stage2+BigSF 93 v360 HWG.ptm

  • Stage2+BigSF 93 v360 LWG.ptm

  • Stage2+BigSF 93 v360.ptm

  • Stage2+BigSF Economy Mode v360.ptm

  • Stage2+BigSF Valet Mode v360.ptm

To access these map files, simply update Accessport Firmware using Accessport Manager (to firmware version or newer) or download them from

Once firmware has been updated, select Tune on the Accessport and then choose Restore OTS Maps as shown below.

How To Restore OTS Maps

WRX CCFv2 OTS Blog Section

Map files are available for cars using either 91 or 93 octane fuel.  Stage 1 and Stage 1+BigSF map produces peak gains of +14% HP / +13% TQ over stock and maximum gains of +98% HP / +98%TQ over stock when using 93 octane fuel. Stage 2 and Stage2+BigSF produce peak gains of +19%HP / +40% TQ over stock and maximum gains of +110% HP / +110% TQ over stock when using 93 octane fuel.  Due to the significant power drop observed at redline on the stock calibration, percent gains are drastically different than previously published.  With OTS Maps carrying power out all of the way to redline, the differential at 6800 RPM is over 100% for both horsepower and torque.  As you can see in the graphs below, this is obviously an extreme condition.

*For a complete explanation of each Off The Shelf Map for the 2015-2020 WRX 6MT, visit our Map Notes Page.

2015-2020 WRX Stock V Stage 1 v360

2015-2020 WRX Stock V Stage 2 v360

Big SF Intake System for 2015+ WRX


Cars utilizing a Stage1+BigSF or Stage2+BigSF map with the COBB Big SF Intake System can expect to see 10-12 HP in addition non-SF dyno charts seen above.  Intakes are often accused of being simple noise makers and not making much of a difference in power, but that is not the case here!  Replacing the factory intake with the COBB Big SF Intake greatly reduces pre-turbo restrictions, allowing the engine to be more efficient and make a bit more power.  Interested in other mods? See our complete list of WRX aftermarket parts.

Please contact our support team with any questions

Phone: 866-922-3059

Nhat Vo on June 18, 2020 says:

Do I have to remove delete 2nd restrictor pill to run the Stage 2 Big SF? I have been running Stage 2 Big SF v302 for a while now. What are the advantages of v306 over v302?

Thank you
– Nhat

David KIRK on June 20, 2020 says:

Map notes for 2018 WRX 6MT ADM show in the Revision Notes at the bottom that v351 is the latest, but I only see v303 when I enter my car details. I updated my Accessport to firmware version and chose Tune | Restore OTS Maps, but v303 are the only ones present. The article in the blog actually talks about v360 being the latest and greatest and yes, mentions some improvements for my ride.

    Marshall on June 22, 2020 says:

    Hey David,

    We have not added the CCFv2 ECU type for ADM WRXs yet so unfortunately these updates are not available for you. The v303 map you have is current for your car, it looks like we may have made a mistake adding the v350 and v351 updates to the ADM Map Notes Page. I apologize for the confusion.


      David KIRK on August 6, 2020 says:

      Hi Marshall,
      Please add the CCFv2 features to ADM vehicles. We’d like to see ADM & USDM updates coming out simultaneously; is there that much difference between the two versions that it can’t just be made part of the normal production process to produce both versions at the same time? We feel a little neglected always being last to get updates, and only after begging and pleading… “Thank you for your consideration.”

Robert Ernest on June 22, 2020 says:

Are these updates also coming to the CVT?

    Marshall on June 22, 2020 says:

    Hey Robert, we’re aiming to release these same updates for USDM 2015-2020 CVT WRXs here in the next week or two.


Mariano Hernandez on July 7, 2020 says:

Hello, I’m running “2015 Subaru WRX MT USDM Stage 1+BigSF Map, Performance, Stock Throttle, Normal Wastegate, 91 OCT/95 RON, v3.01” and when upgrdading to “2015 Subaru WRX MT USDM Stage 1+BigSF Map, Performance, Stock Throttle, Normal Wastegate, 91 OCT/95 RON, v3.60” I get a warning that says this map doesn’t match my car. I have a 2015 WRX Manual with BigSF so I don’t get why I am getting this warning. Could you help me?

    Marshall on July 7, 2020 says:

    Hey there, the reason you’re seeing that error is due to the difference in ECU type moving from the old map to the CCFv2 version. This is expected behavior and you will be able to flash to that map once in-car.


      Mariano Hernandez on July 7, 2020 says:

      thanks Marshall!

Albert Tsai on July 18, 2020 says:

This looks like a good update, just wondering when we can expect ADM support for this update?


    Marshall on July 29, 2020 says:

    Our Subaru team some large projects for the USDM market right now but we’re hoping to add the CCFv2 features to supported ADM vehicles in the future. No ETA right now, though.


      Ned Jerrett on September 7, 2020 says:

      Hi Marshall,

      My wife has been super happy with your current ADM HW stage 1 tune and has made both our experiences in the 2015 WRX much more enjoyable.

      I would like to get the latest 361 updates in as well to better manage the engine characteristics as it seems to be little rough on the highway producing what it would feel like if you had an unbalanced tire however all monitoring stats are normal and without issue.

      Looking forward to the update and a possible ETA

Ryan Clark on July 21, 2020 says:

Awesome work y’all! I just placed my order for a Stage 1+ Big SF package and cannot wait to get it. Will my access port come with these updates or I do need to update the firmware when I received it?

    Adam Hill
    Adam Hill on July 27, 2020 says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Firmware is typically updated before shipping but it’s always a good idea to double-check.


James Maxwell on August 8, 2020 says:

My currently loaded map is “Post-recall 2”. When I try to put a “Post-recall 3 CCF Gen2” map on the AP, I get a warning about the map not matching the vehicle. Note: This is on a 2015 WRX USDM MT going from v301 to latest (v361).

Is there any reason to be concerned?

    Marshall on August 10, 2020 says:

    Hey James, this is expected. The AP is just letting you know of the ECU definition change but should allow you to move forward with that change since they are within the same vehicle offering. Feel free to reach out if it gives you any trouble!


Johnpatrick Hicks on August 8, 2020 says:

Hello, What about the Mishimoto Intake OTS Maps that were available? Will there be any update for that intake system? Stage 2

    Marshall on August 10, 2020 says:

    Hi there, we do not intend to offer OTS support for non-COBB intakes.