The Underdogs: 2011 Special Episode

The Underdogs from LIC are back on track again for another episode of “The Underdogs” documentary. As we reported a few months ago, the car has undergone some extensive modifications since it raced in the Redline Time Attack in the 2010 season. Now racing in Global Time Attack, this AccessPORT-tuned, 500+whp STI is sporting a new livery, reduced weight and a new driver.

This car is the culmination of LIC’s years of racing and engine development and the tuning expertise of COBB Tuning’s own Tim Bailey. This combination of 35R turbo, Cosworth engine and COBB Tuning AccessPORT are good for over 500whp, all controlled by the stock ECU.

The team plans on continuing racing as much as it can this year in the Global Time Attack series. Also, COBB Tuning would like to extend our best wishes to Noah Levy and his son, Dylan, who have recovered from their liver transplant operation and are both in good health!

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