V2 Accessport – official End of Life

The time has finally come. The V2 Accessport was a game-changing device in the DIY tuning community when it was introduced over a decade ago, but its days are now officially over. Starting on 1/1/19, all further support of any kind for the V2 Accessport will cease.

What does that mean exactly?

  • The V2 to V3 Trade-in Program ends 12/31/2018.
  • New requests for Accesstuner will no longer be offered to V2 users. Currently installed software versions will remain active for current users.
  • Future versions of APM may be incompatible.
  • Future Windows compatibility is not guaranteed and if Microsoft releases an update that breaks software, there will be no fix on our end.
  • V2 Accessport service and repairs have already ceased prior to this announcement.
  • ECUs that have been bricked while using a V2 can still be recovered by our Repairs Department, but the V2 will not be serviced.

Last Chance

Find the right Accessport for your car here

Please contact Customer Support if you have any questions:
Phone – 866-922-3059
Email[email protected]

50 responses to “V2 Accessport – official End of Life”

    • Hey there,

      You purchase the V3 Accessport at full retail price. Once you receive it, uninstall the V2, and ship the V2 to us we will refund 50% of the Accessport cost (Example: $650 Subaru Accessport would receive a $325 refund). Shipping will depend on the speed you choose. You can add items to your cart on our website to get a shipping quote.


  1. Will the refunds be processed for any V3 Accessport purchased prior to 1/1/19?

    Between the holidays and shipping times there is no way I could get my V2 back to you before 12/31/18.

    • No problem, as long as the purchase of the V3 is made before the 1st, we will give you some time to send the V2 in for the rebate. Typically there is a 30 day window.


  2. I have the v2 and would like to do the trade in but I’ve had it so long that I no longer have the box, receipt or any paperwork for it. Can I still use it for trade in?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      You don’t need any of that! As long as it’s working and uninstalled you can use it for the trade-in.


  3. Hi Cobb i just recived my V3 for V2 upgrade program and I read that a shipping label is included?
    I didn´t recived one.
    Best Regards
    Jesper Widerberg

    The COBB V3 Trade-in is a terrific option for loyal COBB customers to upgrade to the new hardware at a significant discount. Simply purchase a new V3 and send your old, unmarried V2 back with the included shipping label. Once verified, we’ll refund 50% of the purchase price to your credit card or Paypal account.

    • Hi Jesper,

      That is extended only to those in the Continental US. If this is you and you still did not receive one, please give us a call at 866-922-3059 and we can help!


    • Hi Jesper,

      Sorry for the confusion! We are only able to provide return-shipping labels to addresses within the United States.


  4. Hi Raymond,

    It would work the same way. You’ll get the payment method refunded half the total amount of the v3.


  5. What address do I use to return the Cobb Accessport V2 for the trade in program? I just received my V3 yesterday I want to get this back to you folks here as soon as possible. Thank you.

    • Hi Edward,

      Unfortunately, after 6 years, this program ended and will not be returning. Sorry for the bad news.


  6. Hello, I’m from Russia, especially for the site do not follow, found out that version 3, how can I exchange?

      • Clearly, you just abandoned your users and cannot be changed or unlocked. I just spent $ 250 for nothing.

        • I understand that it can be frustrating, but the V2 is a decade and a half old. Support has to end at some point.

          • I understand, but not everyone is following your site. Help to change the version, I’ll send you my own.

  7. Crap! I had no idea there was a trade in going on!

    My V2b is totally sad and having a lot of issues trying to connect, and I literally just finished the training for the Mazdaspeed software today. I wish I had known before the deadline was up – I’d totally have traded in. My V2b can’t get the firmware update to be able to use anything newer than windows 7. 🙁

  8. Well, damn. I mean, after a “decade and a half”, you’d think you would give your loyal customers more than a 7 week heads up, that a product was going obsolete. I don’t remember receiving an email reminding me of any discontinuation. Only way of knowing, was to stumble across this blog entry on the website when looking to trade in my v2 haha. I’ve been seeing a trend lately of companies just straight up abandoning a whole sect of loyal customers. Sad to see really. Can’t say I’m surprised tho. Guess I own another expensive brick now lol. Thanks

    • Hey Stephen,

      We made a handful of announcements last year regarding the phase-out of V2 Accessport support, ending the 6-year long trade-in program was simply another step in that process. I’m not sure many (or any) other companies would offer customers an opportunity to upgrade their product at 50% off for 6 years. Don’t fret, your V2 Accessport hasn’t suddenly become a “brick” and is still able to do all of the things it could initially.


  9. Yes that’s correct I’ll contact you.
    Also I have do have ATR how can I switch which AP it uses since I’ve changed APs

  10. Is the software for a V2 available for purchase? I have a series 1 RX8, which I’ve heard the V3 will not work on.

  11. I still have a V2. Is there any way I could get any credit? Even like 25% towards the purchase of a new V3 for my MazdaSpeed?

  12. Do you guys by chance have any archived maps for the v2? As well as the “golden” version of Accessport manager?

    • Hi Dalton,

      The only maps available are those that are on the website. The only version of AP Manager is also on the website. Sorry for the bad news.


  13. Are you guys going to drop the V3 too? I would like to buy a new V3 but if the V3 platform is going to end too then it would be nice to know.

  14. Are unmarried V2’s completely useless now? (Just trying to determine if mine can be sold or if it’s just trash now)

    • We do not recommend the continued use of V2s. While they may still function, they likely do not have updated map files and should any issues arise we do not have components on hand to repair them.


  15. Hi I have a Cobb Accessport V2 which I would like to unmarry so I can purchase a V3. My problem is I have lost the cable used for the V2.

    What workaround do I have to be able to move forward with a V3? I still would like to save my stock map which is on the V2.

    • Hey there! We no longer offer cables for the V2 but you don’t necessarily NEED to uninstall it before using a V3. A V3 Accessport would simply be able to install over the current V2 installation and would even correctly ID the car and pull the appropriate stock file to be used during Uninstall. The ONLY potential issue would be if you do not have a copy of a custom tune on your computer. If you need to retrieve that file from the V2, you will need a computer running Windows 7 and an older version of Accessport Manager.

      Hopefully that helps! If you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out!


  16. I have such a dilemma. My V2 screen died and I have the option to buy a used V2 that is no longer supported, or buy a new V3 from a company that doesn’t stand by their own product. I really hate the idea of giving you any money since you won’t stand by your products. If buy a V3 and then you come out with V4 and make the V3 obsolete and stop supporting that one and I have to upgrade again. I simply have no trust in your company.

    • Hey there, sorry to hear your V2 Accessport screen is no longer functioning and even more so that you do not have trust in us. We offered a very generous trade-in program for 5 years after the V3 Accessports were launched. I cannot imagine any other hardware company offering trade-ins for that long. At this point, I would definitely recommend moving to a V3 Accessport as support for those units will continue for years to come. Hint, there is no current work on a replacement for the V3. Picking up a used V2 may very well land you in the exact same spot.


  17. I think COBB should bring back some kind of trade-in program for the V2. I still have one but would like a newer one if I could get a discount.

  18. Would love to know if I could upgrade my v2 on my XT to a V3 with the discounted rate.
    I’ve been using Cobb for years, on different Subarus.

    • Hey there! We no longer offer a trade-in program for the V2 to V3 Accessports but keep an eye on our website for the occasional sale.


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